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Friday, September 25, 2015

Breast Cancer equals BATF~ Breast Alcohol Tobacco Failure 09 25 2015

  Breast Cancer equals BATF~ Breast Alcohol Tobacco Failure 09 25 2015

We already know that both alcohol and tobacco independently cause breast cancer.  The BATF was created to regulate them both.  However that regulation was spit with the FDA.

So people at the BATF have absolutely no conscience that the products they scheduled to regulate cause breast cancer?  Apparently not!  They just defer to the FDA.  But there is not one man at the BATF that has a human conscience concerning it like a man should?  And there has not been one there since the mid 1970's when we first learned this?

So you want to put pink ribbons everywhere for Breast Cancer?  We already know what causes it!  What is the purpose?  You presume to be highly educated, you picked your poison and for some reason we need to establish all kinds of charities and charitable events for you? 

Are you really begging that you should not have been able to consume those products?  I never hear anyone say that.  So what is the point.  It should be labeled "Pity us because we were spoiled and willful?"  I don't!  And there is something else you don't have related to cognition that you don't want anyone to know about either.  How will that get you into trouble?

Just to make a philosophical observation.  You sought these products as a matter of escapism; and you ended up with part of your human body excised from you because of it?  You would have been better off if you had been forced to struggle and peacefully adapt and transform into a mature adult in relation to your problems?  Couldn't do that for some reason could you?  Perhaps the reason being that you were tainted at birth by those very same products?

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