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Friday, September 18, 2015

Schizophrenic you are the best form of Gun Control in the history of the world!!!! 09 18 2015

Schizophrenic you are the best form of Gun Control in the history of the world!!!!  09 18 2015


Because every time you fire your gun at the range "they" cannot fire theirs!  (They can if they want to but that isn't the point.)  The point is that your concentration ruins "activity" for them.

Their minds work differently.  They operate on direct real time imprinting! (SPONGE!)  Which means they can't do anything while you are doing it because their minds eye is always with yours!

In effect you could likely stop a World War!  How?  You don't have to do anything but go to the range, concentrate, aim and fire!  All those who are dependent minded to you lose complete confidence in themselves as their concentration is focused with you!

The "people of the voice" hate that!  Why?  Because it is something they know that they cannot safely imprint!!  It is where the line of safety is drawn in their minds!  It is "delusion of self gone now" for them!

One more point about the "people of the voice."  They are not as strong as you think they are and they want you to believe!  If they were really strong you would never have to take medicine to silence your mind as to negative things you think about certain people!!!!  In effect it is the tail trying to wag the dog!  It imposes a false reality on the world that is destructive!  They can't help acting so that they do not initiate negative impressions about them, so for that reason those who recognize their misfit behavior and actions should take medicine to negate your higher mind?

But the paradox is that they live by inciting hatred or fury towards them.  That is how they inverse imprint their minds.  But after a while of that the person they imprinted from must be put on medicine?  Why?  Because they don't like the persons who incited fury or hatred of them and never will like them.  So in effect a second person consciousness eventually defeats itself  because it is formed through negativity?  But it attempts to change that reality by putting those people it inverse imprinted on on medicine to negate their higher mind capability.  The mental defect being that at some age they realize they could have done it all on their own had they had tried hard enough?  So that gives them justification to put others on medicine as if those others had attempted to trick them into believing independent and responsible human thought was harder than it was.  So indeed what needed to happen was that they were disciplined from causing fury towards them?  So that doomed world of limited liability and irresponsibility was not allowed to rise to support them?

Perhaps Jesus Christ stated it best,  "You can hate me all you want, but if you hate the Holy Spirit, you are doomed for all eternity."  Jesus was implying that what was going on in their heads (fixation) had nothing to do with his intent even though it was related to him?  One more comment about the Holy Spirit related to this from the Bible where Jesus stated something of the meaning like this, "Even if you had sex with her only in your mind she believes you really did."

And I know very well that some people reading this have no idea what I am talking about.

Do you notice who never succeeds in politics, corporate America or Finance?  It is the person who asks the hard questions!  They don't want someone like that around but that is exactly the type of person who should have those types of careers!  And in effect they are offended most by questions that originate from human conscience!  And questions that originate from human reason confuse them in about the same manner!


Off topic again.  So how did the Irish defeat a race of women?  That is what we are facing today with gay marriage.  But we will never know how the Irish defeated a race of women that they were confronted with because the English burnt all of those books!  Tells you who the race of women is?

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