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Monday, September 7, 2015

Proposing Restricted Ownership Laws 09 07 2015

Proposing Restricted Ownership Laws 09 07 2015

They could be called anti-horror laws.  Because they would be designed to preclude the miserable from creating more miserable.

No-one with a birth defect should be allowed to own (profit from in any way) from a company whose products cause birth defects.  That also is inclusive of those who have a defect to the gene that regulates serotonin.

Why not?  You could end up with retards taking control of the nation and world and eliminating the principles of freedom.

Why would you ever want to Encourage tobacco to be profitable?  Why?

Why incentivize and support that?  The Devils Advocate would say "because if you didn't a foreign nation would and make that money."  Are you telling me we can't put a limit on that too?

Why give it the Corporate tax break?

Why create employment to support that which is only going to cause human sickness and misery.  Are you telling me that you couldn't create that same employment by having that person weed a farm field of organic carrots or potatoes?

Why allow it to grow by creating employment?  Why?  Why make a beast?

The lowest men among us should have been able to figure this out and stop it!!

There are some operations that should not be allowed to hire employees.  And nor should they subject their own family members to consumption of harmful items.

Alcohol and tobacco operations should be treated like the poor and homeless are.  Don't do anything good for them and wait for them to die!

They want to take away our Constitutional right to have guns.  Do you ever hear one of them say they want to take away tobacco and mental retardation causing alcohol businesses?  What kind of an odd Constitution would this current lineup of freaks write today?  It is sickening!  It is like being at a MoveOn event.  "Let's ask the adult retard what kind of Government it wants."  What does it say?  It wants plenty of weed and No guns.  Have you ever worked with a marijuana user?  They are completely miserable!  They hate people!  Bad attitude.  Apathetically disrespectful to everyone.  Nervous.  Snap tempered.  Emotionally disturbed.  Incoherent thinking.  Why encourage that?

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