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Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Pope does not fear God 09 26 2015

This Pope does not fear God 09 26 2015

Anyone who believes in God also fears hell! Hell being the damnation God sends you to for leading a horrific life. This Pope does not even believe in hell! Another word for someone like that is Psycho! And we saw that during his first speech before congress! The rolling eyes and the voice of a Spanish hag is what I saw.

If you don't fear hell because you don't believe in it then you also do not believe in God! It also means that you don't believe you should be accountable for any of your actions in life! Don't worry this Pope covered that too! He doesn't believe anyone should ever be executed!!! That is how a mentally defective person thinks! It is also that same Ugly Divine Right the United States of America fought the Revolutionary War over!

To not fear hell and therefore not believe in God what is that? That isn't religion at all is it!

So at the very least what does the idea of hell serve to do? Help a young person develop a human soul which is comprised of human reason and human conscience. So we just wave our hand and wash that idea away? A human conscience something that prevents you from engaging in criminal behavior? This Pope doesn't really understand how poverty is created does he? He speaks out against it but doesn't understand how it was created! It is created by people who do not believe in hell.

It was a national shame to see him speaking before congress! What about equal time speaking before congress? How about a head of the Jewish religion being allowed to? Oh wait they already populate the media and some are billionaire casino operators. What about a Protestant? Next Obama will invite the Queen of England to come over hear and lecture us!

I have not been following what the Pope said while he was over here. But I would sure like to read the verbatim transcripts because I would have a lot more commentary on it! You would think some monk somewhere would have taken them down and published them on a Catholic website.

Oh on Poverty. The other day I looked in a Magazine and saw a film festival was sponsored by a Catholic Church. So indeed the Pope could have had that money spent to feed people but he didn't. He took an expensive trip to the United States?

So John Boehner weeps as he sits behind the Pope who is giving his speech, who doesn't believe in God, and then resigns from Congress the very next day!

If you don't fear God you don't believe in God. Isn't it great to have to explain a persons own belief system to them? None of us should ever be put to that test! People who don't even know what they are saying! They don't think that you do either do they! It is the child's game of “You can't see me!”

I have a big problem with someone like this getting a Charitable Deduction for his organizations activities!  That is big big money that could have been allocated by the United States Government to feed and house the poor!  So indeed the Pope is the cause of poverty! Big Big money for an organization that just declared it doesn't believe in God!

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