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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Every Man Should Pray to the God Allah 12 31 2013 update #1

Why Every Man Should Pray to the God Allah 12 31 2013

It has nothing to do with what is written in the Quaran.  I bought a copy of that this year and lost it after I started to read it.  It seemed to be simple stories with morals.  But I am still looking for that book around the house.

Kabbalah and Schizophrenia 12 31 2013

Kabbalah and Schizophrenia 12 31 2013

So I printed out some stuff from the internet and started to read about the Jewish Occult Kabbalah.  I have also read how Jewish Rabbis that practice Kabbalah also are known to deliver curses and those curses last from one generation to the next; much like how schizophrenia is said to run in families.  You curse because you have been doing it a long time and know it is effective.  Because you know it is effective the implication is that there are human beings that are affected by your curses.  We know that mind to mind connections are indeed made by a father imprinting his son through love.  What I would charge you with is being responsible for the connection that causes men to hear voices in their heads and be labeled under the medical fraud of split (Schizo) mind (phrenic).  But I know that you are not alone in that action because that hatred of men is also consistent with Catholic Priests molesting the sons of men.  So it appears that a tag team of offense and defense has been created under the guise of religion?

And indeed I first learned of Jewish Rabi’s cursing men throughout generations when I read that the Kennedy’s were indeed cursed by Jews.  It has profound implications with what our country has become and how we got here.  So you hold a curse against Kennedy’s family?  Can you tell us why?  You hold a curse against my family line, can you tell me why?  Other than the fact that it is highly profitable for you?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Monopoly Justice 12 30 2013

Monopoly Justice 12 30 2013

It is kind of like when you pick up the chance card that tells you to go directly to jail!

1. A landlord has repeated violations with regard to property upkeep?  All his tenants should get the ownership rights to those properties free and clear!  The bank and the landlord get stuck!  And that landlord is no longer allowed to own rental property!

2. A livestock owner is caught abusing livestock with chains etc?  That farmer is no longer allowed to own livestock nor may the farming rights be transferred to a related party.  I will go so far as to say we can give those cows to India Indian Americans as presents and send them to India with them!  They would be the National heroes of India.  (They worship the cow in India.)

When someone commits a repeated crime relate to business they indeed set the example of what other people in the same industry can too get away with!  And the others will say that they need to do it to in order to remain competitive! It leads to a criminalized society that hires people based on networking!  Networking really being a principle of, "When in Rome do as the Romans do?"  We don't need that fighting and chipping away at our Constitution and Democracy!

Why should someone who engages in a criminal activity related to business be allowed to continue to operate in that business?  Milken was indeed barred from Wall Street for junk bonds.  We can indeed have a broader scope to that concept!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Robin Roberts is Gay 12 30 2013

Robin Roberts is Gay 12 30 2013

She is the anchorwoman for CNN!  And the irony is thicker than a pile of cow dun!  THE GREATEST NEWS STORIES ARE THE ONES THE NEWS MEDIA HAVE BEEN HIDING FROM US!

If you can’t read the instructions you die 12 30 2013

If you can’t read the instructions you die 12 30 2013

Bill Gates believes that the world’s population needs’ to be reduced by 10-15%!
And perhaps the best way to accomplish that would be the principle of “If you can’t read the instructions you die!”
As in:
1.       It said not to point that directly at yourself or anyone else; you didn’t read the instructions and you died.

No instructions needed on the following gift.  You figure out how the pieces of the puzzle form a picture and you put them together that way.   Risk of death extremely low; equivalent of drinking a glass of clean water.

Musky Puzzle
Musky Puzzle by ThomasPaulMurphy
See other Musky Puzzles at zazzle

2.       The label read causes birth defects, cancer and in very fine print, Instant Death, you didn’t read it and died.

Obamacare and Wisconsin 12 30 2013

Obamacare and Wisconsin 12 30 2013

I believe that the Federal Government has the right to expand the Coverage of Medicare in my State even though my state because it is a Federal Program!  And therefore it should not matter what my states Governor believes with regard to the matter!

Quote of the day 12 30 2013

Quote of the day 12 30 2013

"Plants won't grow in your presence and nor will sickness heal."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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How to Recycle Particle Board and Plastic Bottles 12 30 2013

How to Recycle Particle Board   12 30 2013

If someone were to make and sell strips of sheet metal in dimensions of 1 1/4 inches to 2.5 inches with dimensionally placed 1/2 inch holes in them; those strips could be used to laminated strips of particle board together with threaded rods. It would require on a strip of metal per strip of wood, plus one for the end.

Solid table tops could be made that would likely never warp!  Bench tops too could be produced, but likely not ones that bear heavy pounding.

And indeed each individual slat of particle board could be stained a different color!  They could even be painted.
Musky Bumper Sticker
Musky Bumper Sticker by ThomasPaulMurphy
Find additional car stickers online at

The plane structure could then be sanded to the tops of the metal strips to make it uniform!  An indeed the strip board structure would provide a natural well effect for a poured epoxy clear coat or paint coat finish!

Dust and respirator gear would have to be used as it does release gases when cut.

But most of the time everything made up of particle board ends up in the landfill!  These products wouldn't make it there as fast!  And they would also save our worlds forests!  Does the process of cutting down forests only to have products of particle board by on the curb and on their way to the landfill make sense?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Green Bay 33 Chicago 28 12 29 2013 Sports Section commentary and advice

Green Bay 33  Chicago 28         12 29 2013 Sports Section commentary and advice
Green Bay Wins!
I started watching the game before the second half.
1.       Fumble Pile:  there ought to be a rule where a ref taps a player on the shoulder and they are to get off the pile and back 15 feet from it.  That play is over already and the fan wants to see the next play.
2.       One of the Green Bay players did what I would call a monkey walk after a play.  There should be no monkey antics allowed!  These men are being paid millions and we do not need de evolution of the species!  That is just how little 5417 kids act on the playground after they beat someone up.  We’ve had enough of that already.
3.       Then  there was a fumble and the Green Bay player didn’t know to run with the fumble to get the touchdown until someone on the sideline told him to!  (Hmmm?) Named sounded like Boiken.  I didn’t hear a whistle?

Could Subjective Tea Party Health Care End Up Killing Us All 12 29 2013

Could Subjective Tea Party Health Care End Up Killing Us All 12 29 2013
When sickness is left untreated doesn’t it potentiate and mutate to become a stronger disease like the plague?
Whereby those who sought to deny treatment also end up dying from the selfishness?
And is not the same the truth with regard to medical fraud?  In other words claiming people who are not sick really are so that you can sell drugs to treat them; for whatever reason be it money or personal.

The Chinese the Bible and Christmas 12 29 2013

The Chinese the Bible and Christmas   12 29 2013

Was there a motive to the Chinese allowing a Bible radio program to be broadcast in China?

Surname Koch 12 29 2013

Surname Koch  12 29 2013

Somebody who has more resources can do a better job of this than me with regard to the surname.


1. George Herbert Walker Bush's daughter is married to Robert Koch.  I came across that fact after finding out that one of HW's son's had dyslexia!  That Koch is indeed the President of some Wine Institute.  Did anyone try and link the Walker to our Scott?

Yesterday I made a comment on Dyslexia on a facebook page or somewhere like that 12 29 2013

Yesterday I made a comment on Dyslexia on a Facebook page or somewhere like that 12 29 2013

But as I reflect on what I wrote yesterday I realize that it has even broader implications that I need to articulate.  Now I could not find that comment on Facebook when I searched so I will go from memory.

In my entire lifetime I have only known for sure of three families that drank hard liquor and the sons in each of those families had dyslexia!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quotes and Witticisms John Boehner doesn't like Obamacare because 12 28 2013

John Boehner doesn't like Obamacare because 12 28 2013 doesn't cover the cost of drinks at his fathers bar?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Not one single parent objected to torture 12 28 2013

Not one single parent objected to torture 12 28 2013

You would have thought that Family rights groups, mothers and fathers everywhere would have been up in arms about the Administrations use of torture, sexual abuse in the Church, Boy Scouts and Military.  But not one single parent seems to have objected!  Because if they had successfully been able to object we wouldn't be putting up with this.

There was a time in world history when humans and what were termed Gods lived separate from one another.  And that is indeed how an archaeologist in Egypt phrased it on a CNN special about religion a few nights ago.  Something to think about.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Introspection 12 27 2013

Introspection 12 27 2013

What is there here for you anyway?  What makes you happy?

Introspection is, asking yourself those questions.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Dialog of the day 12 27 2013

Dialog of the day 12 27 2013

"How did you first learn you were a homosexual."

"When I was a boy I asked my mother what I was and that is what she told me!"

That should never happen like that.  And that type of thinking is what we are up against when it comes to change for the better and progress! Some how the above amounts to child abuse!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Did anyone notice that Bill Gates has made a list of people he wants to kill? 12 27 2013

Did anyone notice that Bill Gates has made a list of people he wants to kill?  12 27 2013

He wants to eliminate 10 to 15% of the population, is that not the same thing as making a list of people he wants to kill?

Did you ever notice that sometimes when mass gunmen are hauled in they have created lists of people they want to kill?  You all see it in the serial killer movies.  What we as a nation need to do is make a list of people like this!  JFK got the ball rolling when he stated that Ivy League Universities serve no benefit to a democracy.

I think I will indeed make a list of those who have not  benefited our democracy.  With well articulated reasons as to why they have not  benefited our democracy.

And my list does not advocate the same thing that Bill Gates does.  My list would just state what they have done wrong and how it has been detrimental to our democracy.

And didn't our very own NSA make lists of innocent civilians?  How did that reduce our $17 trillion in debt, get 46 million Americans off foods-tamps or increase our competitive stance?

Competitive stance; you hear that buzzword on the Business channels regarding foreign trade? There are some people we should never have tried to compete against because they don't play by the rules of human rights in our Constitution!  It is like my Tax Accounting professor telling of a wrestler who grabbed men by the nuts; he said he turned to face him when he started to squeeze and blew him a kiss, and that was what allowed him to get out of the hold quickly.  My point is he should have never had to have competed with that!

And that is indeed the job of the 4th estate or press, to write about those who are harming our country and why.  And that is indeed exactly what I have done in this blog.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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The Challenge of Proving Someone is Satanic Minded 12 27 2013

The Challenge of Proving Someone is Satanic Minded 12 27 2013

This can be thought of in terms of it is also very hard to tell if someone is a homosexual or lesbian!  You wouldn't know it even though their cognitive frame work is very different!

And this builds off the philosophy of the Devils greatest trick is the ability to hide its own identity!  All of world history will one day be reinterpreted from that perspective!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Scouts Honor 12 27 2013

Scouts Honor 12 27 2013

Per the Boy Scouts motto of honor how come I can not go to the Eagle Scout or Boy Scout websites and get a complete list of Eagle Scouts in the United States?

Is not shame the opposite of honor?

And that principle should be applied to EVERY group in the United States, whether it be a sorority or a Corporate roster or Government employees working under the same heading.

That was an Eagle Scout that just increased the cause of the gun control lobby by that shooting in Arapaho.

About six of the Scouts in my tribe were drug dealers, and their parents were tribe leaders.

But more to the point the Boy Scouts of America has decided to allow openly gay boys into the Scouts.  How do you know if a boy is gay or not?  His mother told him he was?  The Boy Scouts were said to be modeled after the Nazi  Wandervoegel ("Wandering Birds").  And it has been stated that they believed in Pederasty! That indeed means gay sex between boys!  To me that and the promotion of that would seem to be defined as Odd Behavior whereby the proponents of it could be rounded up and medicated!  And what is the marriage vow, "Until death do us part!"

There were 2,000 reported cases of sex abuse in the Boy Scouts.  That number is understated as I know of seeing one Polish/Dutch boy in the sleeping bag of another.  How does that conform to Scouts Honor? And who do you tell when it is the troop leaders son whose sleeping bag it is that the younger boy is inThat pederasty change them; and not for the better!  And it might even create a very hard to define hidden mental defect in the abuse victims!  Some day all men might have to undergo a lie detector test to determine if both 1. This has happened to them. 2. They are of satanic mindset!

If you are 18 and an Eagle Scout why can't we just get to see who you are?  We also might need a concept that protects our future called, "That boy was the size of a man and posed a threat in the same way that someone the size of a man would."

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Commentary on: "British girls have almost worst drinking habits in Western world" by Laura Donnelly for The Telegraph

My Commentary on: "British girls have almost worst drinking habits in Western world" by Laura Donnelly for The Telegraph

No legitimate Queen or Prince would allow this to
happen! And after that they are preyed
upon by lesbians, pimps and what you have over there called GROOMERS! ~Wealthy reed holes!
Now I know I have written some bad things about the English,
but English women are about the most attractive in the world! You should consider your bodies to be temples
and never drink at all. It creates birth
defects in your children you won’t be able to handle!
And what example have; Harry, William and the Duchess served
concerning this? To lead with integrity
first you have to have integrity. I was
reading that last night Queen Victoria imposed a strong moral code. I believe that needs to be updated. And those that pass the pretty young English
girls around from mount to mount should have their wealthy repatriated as they

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Terrible Dream versus a Dream of Freedom 12 25 2013

Draft Article: Terrible Dream versus a Dream of Freedom 12 25 2013

It is very interesting in that Jesus Christ was Crucified because he gave Procula a terrible dream whereas the Pharo promoted someone that was able to tell him the meaning of his dream?

Now I have to research the last part of that sentence.  But two monumental times in history were based on the outcome of a dream?  Very interesting and poignant!

In both cases a mind to mind connection is stated to have been made.  And it would indeed be of great service to compare and contrast the two. That might even be a good written essay test question for a theology major?

Draft concept article subject to revision and further articulation!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Relevant Search Term 12 25 2013

Relevant Search Term 12 25 2013

"Indestructible Ear Buds"

That is what I am looking for!  I believe there might be an opportunity for a Milwaukee Based Manufacturer to market a pair under that term!   Their week spots tend to be the pieces of plastic laminated at the bud.  Where the cord exits the buds and where the cord comes to the plug of the cord.  As well as the entire cord itself being subject to the wire crimping in briefcases.  Also the strength of the plastic in the bud itself.

Now once those 4 issues are addressed and the product made indestructible I believe there would be a market for them.
Cherry Watch
Cherry Watch by ThomasPaulMurphy
Check out Cherry Watches online at zazzle
Who wants to throw out 4 pairs of those a year?  Not me.  Last year there were 57 million tons of electronic waste!  Causing things like frogs missing legs but does not affect humans one bit they would tell us so they could keep on doing as they want to!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Proof Schizophrenia is medical fraud created by religious leaders 12 24 2013

Proof Schizophrenia is medical fraud created by religious leaders.
“And he was instantly healed.”  That is a recurring theme of the healing that is said to take place in the Bible!  And some of those who are healed are said to be Demoniacs!  It means demonically possessed.  And Jewish Rabbi’s were the ones who are said to have healed them.  Boy we sure could use people like that is the field of psychiatry today!!!  Think of all the money that could be saved and all the violence that would be prevented!  And indeed some Jewish men are in the field of psychiatry.
Last night I glanced over a encyclopaedic entry of the Jewish Occult practice of Kabbalah.  It was said to be so dangerous that it remained a hidden secret for over 2,500 years!
When I read the stories in the Bible of how men and women were instantly cured from demonic possession I can come up with only one explanation.  The occult practice of Kabbalah and that miracle healing mentioned was a matter of abstaining from demonically possessing those who you demonically possessed in order to make mentally ill.  What do I have to base that on?  Key concepts in the Bible exemplified by the phrase, “And he was instantly healed!”
Jesus was a Jew and part of that Kabbalah practice involved the occult!  In fact it was so bad they kept the ideas secret for over 2,500 years!  What can be so bad as that?  Demonically possessing someone in order to enslave them both mentally and physically; by creating a demoniac!
Some Jewish  Rabbis today believe that everyone should know of the existence of the Kabbalah practice! And I agree whole heartedly with them and that is why I have revealed to you the secrets and the medical fraud that they have created in my blogs!
The nuances of text in the Bible or inferences are after the men were instantly healed in the Bible using phrasing such as, “And he meaning the Disciples of Christ of members of a different temple were already aware of him!”  I will be repeating the following text from the Bible to make this point clear to you with regard to the meaning!
Mark 1: 32-34
“When it was evening, after sunset, they brought to him all who were ill or possessed by demons.  The whole town was gathered at the door.  He cured many who were sick with various diseases, and  drove out many demons, not permitting them to speak because they knew him.”
And that sentence clause in the red italics is the key to this!  It is a reference to either his disciples being the unclean spirits or people from the temple that he confronted with regard to John the Baptist when his “Authority was questioned,” in Matthew 21 23-27!
It would appear that this form of demonic possession is also the cause of psychiatric based illnesses like schizophrenia- and that too is what exposes it as a medical fraud!
Have you ever heard a Catholic Priest or magician speak and notice that his voice has a buzzhole characteristic to it?  Like a wickedness!  Be honest with yourself, if you were sleeping in your bed and heard that voice calling to you from outside your bedroom window in the darkness it would scare you nearly to death!  That would indeed cause toxic renal shock; and hence your inability to metabolize and excrete things like Alcohol and other toxins!  And that shock can indeed be a cause of mental illness!
Some of the Gospels of the Bible are indeed the retelling of the same stories in the same time frame of Jesus’s life from a different disciple’s perspective.  I notice that as I read from Matthew and the to Mark.  As you do this you should think of it as if you are a jury corroborating the evidence between two different witnesses or defendants or plaintiffs!  This is good because as you read from one to the next you flush out and discern the detail!
Here is the innuendo again!
“When it was evening, after sunset, they brought to him all who were ill or possessed by demons.  The whole town was gathered at the door.  He cured many who were sick with various diseases, and  drove out many demons, not permitting them to speak because they knew him.”
Somehow Jesus has control over them!  To me it reads like Hitler controlling pederasty youth or the headmaster in the English based novel/movie Oliver Twist controlling orphan youth to be thieves!  And the name Oliver Twist is indeed a metaphor for the Englishman who sexually molests of boys!
What other proof do we have?
After Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist Jesus lost the his own human soul he had stolen or was indeed traumatized from his own soul.  Some of the text that alludes to this is that the nature of the Baptism at that time was to hold someone under water until you almost drowned them and they had to fight their way to get away!  But also read the innuendo of what John the Baptist says he will do to Jesus Christ!
Mark 1:7 is what John the Baptist says about Jesus Christ before he baptized Jesus.
“I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals!”
Read the motive and intent there?  John is saying he won’t be able to do it all by himself! Immediately after that in Mark 1:9 Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist!
And here is a lot of imagery that one can or cannot read into in Mark 1 10:11
“On coming out of the water he saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit, like a dove, descending upon him.  And a voice came from the heavens, “You are my beloved son; with you I am well pleased.”
“Torn open” and “well pleased?”  Sound like testimony from happens to a child that has been sexually molested or raped!  And immediately after that Jesus heard a voice in his head!  And not only that Jesus became mentally ill! Read it and interpret it in Mark 1:12
“At once the spirit drove him out into the dessert, and he remained in the desert for forty days, tempted by Satan.   He was among wild beasts, and the angels ministered to him.”  In Matthew we learn that he was prostrated, means bent over, by a devil and then administered to by angels. So we have a

Humor of the day 12 24 2013

Humor of the day 12 24 2013.......

Monday, December 23, 2013

If Hillary Clinton was your buddies mother when you were a boy would you say 12 23 2013

If Hillary Clinton was your buddies mother when you were a boy would you say 12 23 2013

If Hillary Clinton was your buddies mother when you were a boy would you say, "Good God I'm not going over to that house again!"

Somehow she keeps resurfacing in high paying Government jobs.  I just don't buy that argument of Government experience in dealing with people!

Have you ever heard that?  Only I have the qualifications to deal with these people?  Based on what milestone achievement?  How strong you were when your husband was caught cheating on you?  Where I come from that is like a chicken lady.

Sports Psychology 12 23 2013

Sports Psychology 12 23 2013

The other day I read a study that said when a persons team won on the weekend people were happier at work the following workweek.

It would seem to me that a whole industry has been created to keep those who were academic failures happy in life!  The psychological principle being they like to identify with the sports figures and actually believe they are them.

Does anyone remember in grade school when that kid to big for your class didn't make the great play and they took it out on the lesser children who were not even on the team?

The United States was never meant to be the country for a nation not of men!  Let me explain, men behave in a mature and responsible manner and seek to get better at whatever they become through learning; that which is not man has a drink in order to escape from life's problems that he cannot think his way through and also needs a scapegoat in order to make himself feel happy!  And his fellow employees or those that he manages should never, let me repeat, should NEVER have to put up with that behavior!  That fact that it has been noticed as being a reality means that it has gone way too far already!

And what parents would ever raise their children to believe they can play a game all their lives in order to support their family?  A game really should have no consequences because it is a game.

So not only is that mal adjusted high school academic failure mad that he did not make the pro's he is also made because it was his salvation in life that he believed he was that player playing on the field on Sundays game; and they lost!  There are actually people that want to believe so strongly that they are the part of other people in some way!  No that is the worst delusion you could create in a male and it is also a sign that person is not a man at all!  Men think responsibly and you would not notice a behavior change if their team lost!

George Bush Cost to the Economy 12 23 2013

George Bush Cost to the Economy

I just saw George Bush smiling and in the media again so I had to get out my pen.  I think of it as being an analogy to having the desire to play the carnival game called Whack a Mole!
So we likely spent well over $63 billion dollars and employed over 30,000 at the NSA while we have been at War in the Middle East since George Bush took office and then invaded IRAQ ~1991.  Since George Bush took office 79,661 servicemen have been killed in War and the increased price of gas has cost the United States Citizen 4.09 Trillion Dollars over the past 23 years!  That increased cost to the consumer of gas prices would have made us energy independent by now if we had used it to invest in solar electric energy like we should have!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Demon Eye 12 22 2013

If a reality Television show or website wanted to do us all a favor they could post pictures of the demon eye clips!  That demon comes rather quickly and then fades.  Most people never notice it!  I saw it on McCarthy the coach of the Packers just before half time in today's game against the Stealers.  And indeed I saw it pop quickly on Mario Lopez's face in the past week.  And I used to see it ad infinitude on football halftime by Jimmy Johnson!  And I have seen it many decades ago on the face of a leader from North Korea when he was being interviewed.  He also used his middle finger emphatically to adjust the bridge of his glasses.  I saw it on the Nun at Catholic School who was a chain smoker.  I even remember seeing that Demon come out from Barrack Obama when he ended a speech of his in his first term!  I remember when I was young seeing it on Jim Sensenbrenner too.

Maybe its time you all sit down and have a talk with someone that can help you about that and you will have an opportunity to be open and honest about it?

But when I see that demon eye come out on television I immediately think that person has no place on television.  That demon eye demonizes America?

I found the mention of the concept when I was on a celebrity type website looking to see who was gay that we didn't know was.

I have had more than my share of a demon eye looking at me! So much so that I wrote a song about it, meant to be humorous and serious at the same time. And I believe it means that you are a true Jew or blessed one when you see that demon eye! But here is a link to the song.track # 15 Granny Fieldcorns Boy on my Oblivion A Cappella CD here:

I guess you start to see it enough times and you start to build a pretty good "acting type" demon eye yourself; but I don't believe it is the same thing as a real demon eye.

And do you know where else I saw it?  On Sampson the lowland Gorilla at the Milwaukee County Zoo when I was a boy!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Commentary on Article titeled Being right trumps happiness, study finds by Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times

Commentary on Article titled Being right trumps happiness, study finds by Karen Kaplan of the Los Angeles Times,0,5791072.story#axzz2oEGqrCat

I believe that the science of this is because she views her husband as a trusted father figure and imprints from his brain!  And if a woman cannot view her own husband as a trusted father figure she never should have married him!

But the point being is that his brain is 10% larger than hers!  So in effect when she is imprinting from that brain she has to ask questions or debate and argue if you will because she is really unsure!

That study found that when he just agreed with her she became very unhappy!  Also he became very unhappy from adopting the concept for the study that he would agree with everything that she said.

This has great implications in households where the woman dominate!  For example what kind of son will be raised in such a household where the men are forced to agree with everything she says?   I already know the answer to that from observation!  And those son's are the most unhappy people you would ever meet.  In fact that was on my article docket on the upper left of this screen to write, "What momma told you that?"

It also tells us that women like to argue because they really don't know the answers.  And hence the codependency in the male female relationship comes from that.  Sometimes in order to make them happy you have to prove them wrong through argument.  And when that indeed happens it can indeed be a growing and development stage or point in their lives for them!

And brain imprinting is indeed a scientifically proven mind to mind connection!  What has not been proven the world over is the mind to mind connection whereby there is an intrusion into men's minds!

What am I getting at?  That female becomes unhappy because she cannot validate her belief from what her man is thinking because he is agreeing to everything she say's.  What does this tell us about the female and the female minded?  That they seek to make a mind to mind imprinting connection with there husband!  So indeed we do have the motive of unhappy people in our society demonizing the minds of men!  They need to, just like a fatherless son needs to in order to be happy.

It is only a matter of time before it will be proven that people who hear voices in their heads are indeed targeted by those who need to tap into a mans mind, for the above reasons.

Russian photography regarding the life's energy body of a person can indeed prove this!  For example if a man who has just heard a percussion of voices or an unholy grail of them where to be photographed as he submerged himself in water as John the Baptist who was murdered by the Sanhedrin as all of the prophets in the Bible were per the Gospel of Matthew....If his body energy were to be photographed as he entered the water you would see that it would either increase as the voices in his head that displaced his own energy soul left him or it would decrease as the energy from the origin of those voices left him!  It works!

And that study needs to be commissioned to happen sooner rather than later.

I am going to add a file tag in this article of "How to prove that schizophrenia is a medical fraud."

Now who might else demonize a man for his brain? Someone that cannot form their own memories or learning because they have a defective hippo campus.  The hippo campus being responsible for memory and learning!  What you are also going to find is that the people who fit this archetype will also have other physical symptoms that allude to it, such as speech defects but also dyslexia!  And the whole other list of characteristics that are on the gradient scale towards what a fetal alcohol syndrome child looks like or the problems that they have!  In High School we did indeed do a gene trait to see what common traits were and who had them.  It was just a checklist like eye color and stuff about fingernails, stuff like that.

And for some of us we are naturally happy because we have done the right things in our lives!  What is very odd though is if you do the right thing in your life and are harmed by doing it there are a great many people who will play on that and use it as a weakness to try to make you feel unhappy?

Also with regard to the title of this.  Have you ever met someone that would go to the great length of lying to you about everything so that you would no longer feel that you are right and therefore be happy?  A sales tactic is indeed to betray the self esteem in an ever so slight in order to establish unhappiness and therefore the idea that happiness will come by buying something while at the same time the salesman is holding his price higher than it needs to be.  As for me I won't buy a car from you if you are disrespectful in any manner like that to me!  It doesn't work with me and it never has!

The rest of this is all that same type of rambling you don't like.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Helpful Hints on Dental Hygiene and Snow Removal 12 21 2013

Dental Hygiene 12 21 2013

Proper mouth hygiene plays a more important role in your overall health than most people realize.  I use a water pick.  But I also add something to that water pick water so that my mouth becomes more clean.  And I have tried using various mouthwashes.  I don’t like to use many of them because they are alcohol based. 

Bill Gates 12 21 2013

Bill Gates 12 21 2013

Bill Gates recent commentary is indeed the best justification the world has ever had for wealth redistribution!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 12 21 2013 at:

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wood type glues and airborn bacteria 12 21 2013

Wood type glues and airborne bacteria 12 21 2013

Livestock are treated with countless antibiotics to make them larger for a better sale price.

But my question is, with all of the bacteria and sickness that must be in livestock is there a risk of catching a bacterial or viral infection from breathing the fumes of wood type glues produced from them?

And I know what a Specialty Chemist or businessman would say, that it is entirely impossible!+

Friday, December 20, 2013

Were the English Bred with Monkey's 12 20 2013

Were the English Bred with Monkey's 12 20 2013

Seeing that both the Irish and the United States have had a lot of trouble with England in world history leads me to ask questions.  England was founded by the Roman Empire.  Prior to the Roman Empire or during and after they were a druid island.  Druid means worship of the monkey!

So why does one worship a monkey and what extremes does one go to when they do worship a monkey?  Would one go so far as to try and breed a monkey human crossbreed?  Do you ever notice that archeologists always have plenty of trouble trying to figure out when this part of the human race evolved versus another?  Could the answer be that a monkey/ human crossbreed was made at some point along the way?

Personal Note 12 20 2013

Personal Note 12 20 2013

Yesterday I was fishing at the Lakefront.  It was windy and cold.  But the best thing about it was the health benefits I received from that fresh air blowing in off the Lake!

How Barrack should have framed the Discussion about Obamacare 12 2013

How Barrack should have framed the Discussion about Obamacare 12 2013

It was the Republican Tea Party that created the scare as a matter of fraud.  Those Tea Party Insurance companies sent out cancellation policies in a last ditch effort to thwart Obamacare through fear!

It centered around Obamacare eliminating the clause where you could not get health insurance if you had a preexisting condition!  What does that really mean?  It means those sick men who work in the Investment Business can harass you and deride you until it equates to personal trauma and resultant mental illness! And that when you leave that job you could not get another one because you could not get health insurance!  Hence you were indeed prevented from working in the United States economy!  While at the same time the wealth in this country was controlled as you were ostracized from working in the Investment Industry!

The Bible and Celibacy 12 20 2013

The Bible and Celibacy 12 20 2013

Celibacy is a curse!

The closest I can come to a biblical reference is that "Man cannot serve two masters!"

Look at the context of that sentence.  The word "Masters" is used!  That means that who ever wrote that viewed man and something that answers to a Master!  That implies all men are to be a form of people that are to be enslaved!

But also Leviticus a man is supposed to be put to death if he sleeps with another man.

So a man is not supposed to sleep with man nor beast per the Bible.  But for some reason the Catholic Faith also say's he cannot sleep with a woman if he is a religious leader?

Matthew 6:24
Luke 16:13

Jesus Christ was indeed a Lord!  He indeed referred to himself as that!  Lord means the same thing as God!  Also Englishmen title themselves as Lords today even though the ones that are do not seem deserving of the title!  This is indeed the Nation that worshiped the monkey mocking the concept of what a Lord or God actually was in the Bible!  It is like after the Roman empire did away with men they all called themsleves Lords and Church/State Gods in order to mock the nature of man and confuse the concept in future history!  England also burnt all the Irish Books!  Irish books were indeed written and based in the language of the vernacular!  That is indeed the language the common people and uncommon people use in everyday common conversations!

Question of the day

Do little girls who are rape grow up to believe they are no different than men as a way of mal- development in coping with that trauma.  And perhaps we can add a whole new category to psychology and also a more accurate psychiatry called "The Origins of the Warped Personality" or Personality Warping Causes and Treatment.

For if they viewed themselves as different then men the personal trauma would be more than their congruent selves could accommodate!!!  And indeed perhaps Gays and Lesbians are the real divided minds or Schizophrenics in our society!  Right?  For some reason that sexual identity was split from them in childhood?  That is a definite personality split isn't it?  Your body is one way and your mind a different way!!!!

The Lesbian that wants to perfect the works of men that she participated in ruining because the act of perfecting them makes her feel superior?  And dominant to men.  And she needs to take that high place in our society rather than admit that what was done to her as a little girl was wrong.  And that might indeed be incest in some form or statutory rape!

And isn't that participation in ruining also indicative of a species lesser species such as wolves where the females really don't want to consider themselves different than the males?  All of the wolves in a pack do indeed share in having a scapegoat wolf that they abuse!  But if a little girl is sexually abused while at the same time she is participant in a pack behavior of demonization she would not come to view herself as being sexually abused and in fact she would seek to become the Alpha leader!  Hence participation in demonization as if it were a hunt forms a bond to the male of the race as if she was one of them!  She bonds to the male because their ins't a female human role model to bond to!  And because their is not a female role model to bond to in her human life it also means that their could not have been a true man of integrity role model to have bonded to!

Indeed as I stated yesterday father and son brain imprinting is a valid and scientifically proven construct in psychology!  There is a definite mind to mind connection formed and the brainwaves because a peaceful same as the son watches the father work.  But what if you son was born with brain damage!  The first part of the brain to go is always the  memory!  Therefore the first part to go in relation to fetal alcohol syndrome is your memory and ability to learn!  But what if their was just mild damage that scarred a child's ability to imprint to the mind of their father?  Or worse yet, what if their was no true males mind in that home?  That deadbeat father ran out!  That son is therefore imprinting to a female brain that is 10% less in size than what his fathers would have been!

So if he has no one to imprint to then the psychological principle of forced mind to mind connection comes into play!  And that would be demonic possession!  Now a family like that can never really change because they cannot break out of the cycle!

The Eugenicists did not want to openly prove the concept of a mind imprint against a persons will! 

So indeed if you have a lesser species that force imprinted their children on the minds of real men, then that young girl would be a party to that demonization process!  It would indeed help her cope with her own negative personal circumstances in life!

I see where Romney and Bin Laden have negative views on Women!  But I would say it is not all women!  And I would say that the archetype of woman listed above should not be allowed to work or control other people in any manner!  I would believe she needs psychiatric treatment!  I will go further and state that person is contradictory and incompatible with the Constitution of the United States Freedom and living here!  And since she is indeed a citizen of someone else's soul; she and also men like her should not be able to vote in democracies!  To the point that she would demonically possess them to see out of their eyes; and even take control of them and turn their imaginations into breaks from reality and acts of horror!  Well that would implicate that she is so horrific that she belongs in prison!  Every person labeled with a split soul in the United States was a victim of hers!

And the Eugenics/psychiatry movement came from FDR!  And here is perhaps the most damming evidence!  FDR's wife was a Lesbian!  He indeed repealed prohibition in order to please his wife who was likely born mentally defective with regard to her own identity because of alcohol!  And he himself was likely no different!  There was another connection between him and China Opium and its effects that I wanted to make.  I also wanted to incorporate the archetype of the person listed above in terms of why Catholic Priests are required to be celibate?  From my memory of all Bible readings and Catholic teachings I have not officially heard a valid reason!  But the clergy does indeed mean to draw straws or that is the origin of the word.  So indeed one man was chosen so that they woman who did not have her own soul could have someone to demonically possess?  So that she could bond with the mind of a man and not have to see through his eyes's as he had sex with women?  Because that wold make her feel like less of a man because she has the same anatomy as the woman he is having sex with?

So a person hears voices in their heads?  Am I the only one who can make a list of who the usual suspects could be?  Am I the only one that believes it could be the result of a brain imprinting not out of love but out of abandonment and or evil!  The monkey shaves his body gets a job in the Tea Party and hence the term monkey suit is coined and we have 17 trillion in debt from this bad breed of white collar workers!  I did mention one time that after the supreme court said that you could not sterilize blue collar workers without sterilizing white collar criminals the United States ended up in WWII!  And what is that like?  That is like quick stepping into the war to dodge a bullet?

Scott Walker being a Lutheran I just have to add one comment with regard to that religious belief!  A Lutheran could kill every single human being on the planet earth and as long as at the moment they are dying they ask to be saved they will be?  Come on?  Who are you trying to fool!  That is not religion!  The Protestant religions are all the Kings Religion!  If there ever were an invasion religion force to the United States that would be it!  And indeed what was FDR's principle of Government?  Grasping at straws to make a decision!  Try anything he said!  What kind of mind speaks like that?  One that does not have a congruent hippo campus able to learn and remember and project the meaning of that learning into how things will affect the future.  In a sentence it is a mind defined as not having a human conscience and human reason and therefore it is not human!  And his wife Eleanor was a Lesbian.

And after reading about Scott Walker at Marquette college I have to make the following observation with regard to student government and also college students that take those same principles into political careers with them!  It is also highly applicable to FDR's necessitated limited liability and industrial corporate America concept and the repeal of alcohol.  Here it is,

"He has a bite of his morning graham cracker and decides to go with what he was thinking about but not finally decided on upon before he went out drinking the prior evening."  I want to say something about the woman  Mayor Barret listed as most influential too, Angela Diamante, but I can't seem to figure out how to frame a paragraph to fit that. 

And I also want to write about how JFK alluded to completely outlawing gambling and Jack Ruby was involved in expanding the mobs criminal activity in Texas, as to the motivation for the killing of Kennedy!  Kennedy did indeed mention gambling in relation to his Catholic faith!  And I wanted to make some point about Gambling and the U.S. Constitution.  And it was going to be a stronger point than gambling is addictive and a person is unable to stop because they are not at LIBERTY to do so because it is addictive and hence their guaranteed right to LIBERTY has been violated.  But a lot of people would claim that type of justification or defense does not make any sense!  Don't you just love it?  You prove something and everyone wants to deny that you did!  And they deny by saying it doesn't make sense when in reality it does.  So they are either confused or completely not confused but want to set an example of confusion as to the idea so that others follow in confusion and they get their spoiled way!!! A lot of that has been going on in the United States for far too long!

By the way, I completely alienated all  (most all) of my friends a long time ago.

And I tend to ramble in my writing, I do it because I like to!  And it is also a sign of a highly congruent hippo campus function!  Can you see how those with one might be targets for a wolf pack of the archetype of an unproven science above, imprinting not based on human love but on pack or Shrewdness?  A 'SHREWDNESS' IS INDEED THE NAME GIVEN TO A GROUP OF APES!  Think of that as you think of the Origin of England being a land of the druid and the druids worshiping the money and the great conflicts the men of the United States had with Great Britain/England!  Of course you might define all of this writing to be of invalid reference and therefore a sign of mental illness. Which brings up another point with regard to the absence of good writers in our society today!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Stuck in a rut defined 12 20 2013

Stuck in a rut defined 12 20 2013
Stuck in a rut can be defined as what happens when you are focusing on the details of project or just in the spirit of the work; in the relaxed working mind when that lesser mind wants to get in on it!  And that is where the ideas that keep you stuck in a rut come from!  The lesser mind cannot create its own works because it doesn’t have that higher thinking capability- so it is bound to those that do!  It also seeks to attain wealth and be in domination of those that do. 
Perhaps the earliest historical evidence of this, at least that I can find, is that the slave master that owned Joseph who was a son of Judas sold into slavery, was that that slave master saw that God was with Joseph!  Interesting implications about those who would seek to control the employment of other people!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Governmental Concept 12 19 2013

New Governmental Concept 12 19 2013

Holding Government officers liable for what they are paid to govern!  For example if the USDA is expected to regulate chicken so that citizens do not get salmonella and die,,,and people get slamonella and die then that Government official can be tried for a degree of the crime?

Question of the day 12 19 2013

Question of the day 12 19 2013

"What did your mother tell you when you asked her why she was so unhappy?"

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Malcolm Wright 12 19 2013

Malcolm Wright 12 19 2013
If he is hearing voices it means that he is being demonically possessed!
Mind to mind communication is a scientifically proven reality!  It is how a son sits by his father and learns as he watches him work; their brain waves end up being the exact same!  That is called brain imprinting.
It is very interesting that science can subjectively prove one mind to mind type of connection and not another!
Demonic possession on the other hand is a mind to mind connection that isn’t based on love!  Those voices he is hearing are not of himself.  And indeed they are displacing his consciousness!  Just as the loving fathers mind imprints his son and displaces what he is thinking!
In the future we are going to find out and prove the latter of these two types of mind imprints!
The one based in love has been proven but for some reason the one based on evil has not; demonic possession or brain imprinting against a person’s will.  Who would taunt someone at the funeral of a loved one as is the case in the newspaper today.
And what facilitates the displacement of human consciousness?  Drugs and alcohol!  Why and how?  They cause oxidative cell death to the hippocampus area of the brain responsible for recalling memories and learning!  So it makes it that much easier for a person to be demonically possessed when they are both; distracted by voices and cannot remember right from wrong because their hippocampus has been compromised through alcohol poisoning (or other drugs).
If you read the Gospel of Mark 5 verse you will see that Jesus Christ, our Lord who was the basis for all modern religion, himself knew the true nature of demonic possession!  And when they are referring to swine they are referring to people; it is a metaphor!

Short Story of the day 12 19 2013

Short Story of the day 12 19 2013

Four special education boys saw your son playing alone at the sandbox,

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Karl Pierson and Gun Control 12 18 2013 Updated with other good snippets

Karl Pierson 12 18 2013

Reviewing what happened there.  After he injured that teenage girl he turned the gun on himself and killed himself.

That fact that mothers can't stand about gun violence is that 1/3 of the cases of gun deaths are suicide with a gun.  That is what the gun control movement is all about.  These kids want to be everything everyone else is; the son of a another father gets a gun and he has to have one too!  One gets a pair $100 tennis shoes and the next has to have them too.  One of their parents buys them a car and the other has to have his father buy him one too.  One grows up buying a slaughter video game and the next has to have one too.  One drinks a Dinkleacker beer and then the next young fellow wants to have the same brain memory learning poison, also capable of causing what is called Alcohol Psychosis.  But you never hear that mentioned in any of these teenage boy shootings!  Alcohol can atrophy teenage brain growth of the hippocampus by as much as 10%!!!  To put that in perspective when you compare a mans brain size to a females you find out that the mans is 10% larger!!!  One wants this the other has to have it too!  You get it, but guns are different!  Those fathers did not even have the responsibility to have and teach how to safely use guns.

We need guns for many reasons.  In Wisconsin Bears have pulled people away from their homes and eaten them!  Wolves will do the same.  And you can't put out a poisoned salt lick like I read in a published reader comment in a local newspaper.

And this is an Eagle Scout and not a victim of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts.

This is a reality check!!!  And I am getting to the main point!

Would not that girl who was a victim of Pierson's violence been better off if Karl just stayed home and shot himself that day?  I know it sounds horrible.  But that person was violent to another person!  And it makes you wonder if him or others like them were indeed violent all their lives?  And alcohol makes it a lot worse!

When society reads those statistics we are led to assume that everyone of those persons was a good person to start with!  I can tell you without a doubt it isn't true!

There was a time in United States history when everyone was required to own a gun!  Why?  Has to be for the above reason.

Now I remember watching the Hulk Hogan show and hearing him tell about how he got so made that he put a gun to his head and was about to kill himself.  This was indeed a man who was billed as a role model to little boys nationwide!  So what is the point?  Our networked society has given us fraudulent and false role models and it is coming back to haunt us!

It would have been better if he had just killed himself first!  I just view that as reality.  And you can't intervene with someone like that!!! He was an Eagle Scout!  (And should not have been!) Have I known of Eagle Scouts that should have never been Eagle Scouts?  Every single Eagle Scout I ever met I have come to the conclusion should have never been an Eagle Scout!  The son of our troop leader at the Catholic School gave me alcohol while out on a camp.  Then they were all doing pot.  They surrounded me and made me do it too!  I faked the inhale as best I could.  And then they tried to rape me!  It took off running fast and got away!  And that new word for me pederasty seems to be very prevalent in this concept!  It was indeed the basis of Nazi Germany.  And FDR based the Boy Scouts off of the pederasty German bird scouts or something like that!  FDR was indeed the President that took us to War in WWII after saying we were neutral and giving Great Britain are long time enemy aid for years beforehand!  He also believed in Eugenics and his brother Theodore said that he tried everything that he could to graft Nazi Eugenics on the USA.  These are not coincidental events that all occurred at the same time!  Charles Van Hise the President of the University of Wisconsin Madison believed that the large man would ultimately prevail in the future or survive better than the small one.  The Hulk is quintessential example of one such man and he put a loaded gun to his own head!  FDR also believed in a concept called surrender of individuality as a key tenet of his New Deal.  But what does every kid that went to grade school know about the kid that is the biggest in class?  He is also likely the dumbest and meanest.  Now we have been told that alcohols influence on fetal alcohol syndrome is that those babies are smaller.  But that isn't really true!  Those children are more built like apes; they are a lot stronger than the other children!  Why, because their bones are not as long they can build muscle quicker because they have more leverage!  A monkey is supposed to be how many times stronger than a human!  Now we know that they are strong.  But what if some were indeed bigger than the other children instead of smaller as science has told us?  Well that is exactly the way it is isn't it?  The biggest kid in class is usaully the dumbest and meanest?  And that meanness is also a sign of brain defect.

And of the gays?  Is it really normalized because men were victims of pederasty and then participated in it when they were young.  They don't want to live with that shame so they are the ones who say it is normal?  It has to do with a defect related to what ones own personal identity is!!! And please just suspend your disbelief for a second.....  wouldn't you believe that a defect related to ones own personal identity might be caused by something like alcohol?  Alcohol known to negatively effect the hippo campus and indeed be the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere?  The hippo campus being responsible for memory and learning.

I wonder if there are any parents out that who would have the belief, "Before someone else's child tries to push drugs on mine and create something that looks like a zomby, maybe it would be best if somehow that child was never around mine?"   Don't lie to yourself and tell yourself they don't!

We already know that those who attempt to commit suicide are also a danger to others!  And interestingly enough those that deal drugs to other people but don't take them themselves don't view themselves as a danger to themselves; so here we have them being a danger to other people but not themselves?  We don't intervene adequately with them because they are not a known danger to themselves?  Well there is some implication to that which needs to be elucidated.  But we have people that are ruining other peoples lives left and right and somehow they have not been brought to justice!

Now Hillary is being interviewed by Barbara Walters and I don't believe either of them have a clue!  Indeed on the Barbara Walters View show they stated that men have pederasty type sex with one another and don't consider themselves homosexuals!  And that is indeed what happened in Nazi Germany!  So that news about it occurring in the U.S. from Walters is indeed very disturbing!

So we get the gun control push from the same mothers that want to legalize pot?  Drugs have absolutely no place in the United States of American and those that believe in them are incompatible with our Constitution!

And that is all to this article.  Sure I could have made it better.  Sure I could have proof read it too.  But it is what it is.  If you have ever read the Constitution you will see that it is written in a similar matter and punctuation.

So what would the proper neo righteous decision with regard to this really be!  For those ones who say, "We must take action and we must take it now!"  Well that would be to confiscate the guns of every Eagle Scout in the history of the United States.  I believe there was one in my neighborhood who was arrested for having 16 hard drives full of boys being raped and tortured in what the judge said was the worst images she ever saw in her life!

And one more thing!

Driving through the Bayshore Mall is like 12 18 2013

Driving through the Bayshore Mall is like 12 18 2013

Driving through the Bayshore Mall is like driving through a China shop.

And there is no way to drop off and pick up a handicap person if they are going to lunch there.  You will have cars behind you honking and a plumber in a go cart riding two feet off your back bumper.

When I was a boy we went to lunch in the heart of Chicago.  There was a restaurant there and it had its own parking lot directly underneath it.

The Chinese (~Japanese?)put offset stepping stones to the doorway to their house so that when they come home from work they have to concentrate on not slipping, it puts their work day behind them.

And that is indeed the principle I see behind this parking lot, you are no longer thinking of what you thought before you came to shop but...are likely to buy more that you don't need because your mind has been put off guard???  And I think of this after I heard on the radio that in the year 2012 there was over 57 million tons of electronic waste!

And maybe it is indeed called the Bayshore town center.

As long as I am talking business here are a few more observations on local establishments.  All it takes for a restaurant or hospital to go bad is one person wiping everything down with a snot nosed rag!  The germs just incubate and spread!

Also the other day I was at a grocery store, I bought a T Bone steak and had it for lunch for the cost of 3 dollars 50 cents.  Someone in the car with me said we ought to eat at the fast food restaurant.  I said we have just bought two T bone steaks for 7 dollars it would cost me ten dollars for a double cheeseburger fries and a high fructose corn syrup drink I don't really want.  So we came home and made the steaks on the griddle under the broiler and they were tuff, but I spiced em just right and that other person was chewing the meat off the bone.  But getting on the issue of the Soda.  I wonder if you commissioned a team of scientists to find a better culture medium than high fructose corn syrup caramelized flavoring and Carbon culture the strep bacteria in... if they could!  Could you find a better cause of osteoporosis than the phosphoric acid and those other ingredients?  And I do wonder if the carbon dioxide might help cause some calcium recombinant factor in kidney stone formation.  If it causes hiccups isn't that a sign that it is aggravating some nerve in the throat or neck?  And could soda be made with a different gas, I don't know what it would be, but I wonder.  Kidney stones are indeed Calcium Oxylate but does indeed the carbon molecule in the carbon dioxide serve as a focal gathering atom for the kidney stone formation.  And I have probably already researched all of this and know the answers but it is my way of keeping asking questions when I know something isn't the way it should be and nothing is being done about it?

And as I listen to the televised singing contest I think, If you find the good person you have found the good singer.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Private Schools Two Bad things about them 12 18 2013

Private Schools Two Bad things about them 12 18 2013

1. Any costs for teachers pensions can be blanked out when the School goes bankrupt!  Bankruptcy can occur through mismanagement and lawsuit (Catholic Schools).  And related party business transactions and squandering of proceeds from school treasury.  And sure they will guarantee the teachers they will never have to worry about their pensions, but it isn't true!  They will make something up like we had to pay the fellow mowing the lawn a million dollars a year and that was a reasonable rate.  Or we had to donate to a certain charity as a matter of goodness through the years.  Or we were held responsible in a lawsuit when it wasn't our fault and all that money is gone.  Or this one actually happened with the Whitefish Bay High School, the mutual fund that invested our pension money went bust.

2. In-accountability to the public sector when bad things happen at the school to your children.  What will happen is you are going to get the used car salesman spiel and sold with a speech that you are being a customer who is unsatisfied when they have no reason to be so.  That is the new American way isn't it!  It is really denying you of your Constitutional rights because they stand in the way of making money and cannot responsibly do the jobs they were hired to do.

So what happens?  Everyone see's the bad things that happen behind close doors at Catholic Schools by Priests and somehow there is then the drive to make all schools private?????

Your idea of work is 12 18 2013

Your idea of work is 12 18 2013

Your idea of work is to wait until someone gets very focused and is concentrating on what they are doing; and the bothering them!

That has a predatory nature to it doesn't it?  Anyone know anyone like this?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Does this make sense 12 18 2013

Does this make sense 12 18 2013

Chinese Americans part of U.S. Corporate Management lobbying to have goods from their U.S. Corporations made in China?

Life to you 12 18 2013

Life to you 12 18 2013

"Life to you is about your woman,

Inventions Needed New Funnel and Funneling Technology 12 18 2013

Inventions Needed New Funnel and Funneling Technology 12 18 2013

When pouring thicker viscosity liquids the simple funnel tends to clog by the process that I will define as being "Hydraulic Corking!"

Gubernatorial Power 12 18 2013

Gubernatorial Power 12 18 2013

Recently a man living in Whitefish Bay WI was charged with dealing drugs out of three restaurants from a prominent national restaurant chain.  Some of the employees were found to be participant and involved.  That news has been out there awhile, but recently a news reader told me that the franchise came in and fired every single employee at that restaurant!  I applaud the decision because food from that place was making me sick, and much sicker than one would think from just eating the food if it was prepared the way it should be.

Now that is an action of integrity.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Practical Question 12 17 2013

Practical Question 12 17 2013

How do you feel that Jesus was a savior in your life?

And I mean in your everyday modern life!  How has he kept you and 46 million other Americans from living in poverty and on food stamps!

The key to the answer as to why Jesus is called our savior has to do with what he believed in and what he fought against!

How many of you feel that his death has made your modern life better?

Maybe he was our Savior because he ended the process of subjective crucifixion of innocent men?  Now what is a modern day corollary to that?

Read this:

Muddy Waters Postage Stamp
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And indeed I consider Jesus my savior because his teachings made me a good person and kept me from having a miserable life of crime and corruption!

Lie Detectors 12 17 2013

Lie Detectors 12 17 2013

No United States Citizen should ever be hooked up to a lie detector testing device unless the person or persons asking them questions are also hooked up to identical devices and the results are only published together.

How can this be relevant?  When someone asks the interviewer to clarify the question and they cannot because it reveals an unconstitutional evidence gathering procedure that means through the non-independence of the Observer and what is being Observed; they are a party to the crime being charged with!

Now that would be integrity!  It would also reveal bias, discrimination, prejudice, jealousy and envy of the interviewer that were not known before!  Hence it will weed out corruption!

What we have found out is that some of our Government staffing in key national security positions; have been filled through the networking spoil system!  That tower of national debt in the amount of $17 trillion dollars should not be considered our greatest national achievement!
Musky Mug
Musky Mug by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Thomas Paul Murphy

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Symbolism of the Great Pyramids 12 17 2013

Symbolism of the Great Pyramids 12 17 2013

Some lead fishing weights are made that way!

So indeed the Pyramids can be thought of as weights?  But weights for what?  To keep down what?

To keep someone they viewed as a great soul here on earth?  The symbolism being that is a soul we need to keep on earth?

Musky Mug
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Speed Boat Captain RB Rough is Here!

This song is PURE Cigar Box Guitar in two minutes and thirty one seconds.  As I listen to it, it reminds my of a Cigarette Boat Skipping along on the sea!  The sound of the gasoline being fed into the engine and the air braking the speed of the boat when it hits the water and the throttle is pulled back again!  It is pure adrenalin! The musical instrument is a guitar that I made out of a on old cigar box and a piece of wood and everything in this song is coming out of that cigar box in one single recording!  As for the title of the song I named it after the protagonist in my novel "The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper"  He indeed is a speed boat racer!  I hope that you love it as much as I enjoyed creating it!  This is the kind of song that you can play on LOOP function while you sit up high in your SUV and drive around and feel as if you are a conqueror!!!!  Try it!

The cover is an image taken from Lake Wisconsin.

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Where the United States Went Wrong 12 17 2013

 Where the United States Went Wrong  12 17 2013

Integrity in leadership encourages work and work creates revenue.  Revenue is then used to meet the needs of assuring proper educators are hired and infrastructure needs are met.


Perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life!   A Travel accessory bag.  Big enough to hold a cell phone, wallet (So his back doesn't get crooked and ache), Keys, and other personal items!!!

Musky Travel Accessory Bag
Musky Travel Accessory Bag by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Inventions Needed 12 16 2013

Inventions Needed 12 16 2013

If they can make a machine called a "giraffe" that climbs a tree and cuts the limbs off as it climbs then they can also make a small saw mill that can make a stack of boards with one pass!  And it could be compact, the size of a 12" planer.

Look for my new CIGAR BOX GUITAR HIGH ADRENALIN CD Single "Speed Boat Captain RB Rough" Song to be out REAL SOON!

Look for my new CIGAR BOX GUITAR HIGH ADRENALIN CD Single "Speed Boat Captain RB Rough" Song to be out REAL SOON!

Single CD Track Notes!!!!!

This song is PURE Cigar Box Guitar in two minutes and thirty one seconds.  As I listen to it, it reminds my of a Cigarette Boat Skipping along on the sea!  The sound of the gasoline being fed into the engine and the air braking the speed of the boat when it hits the water and the throttle is pulled back again!  It is pure adrenalin! The musical instrument is a guitar that I made out of a on old cigar box and a piece of wood and everything in this song is coming out of that cigar box in one single recording!  As for the title of the song I named it after the protagonist in my novel "The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper"  He indeed is a speed boat racer!  I hope that you love it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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