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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Man of the Cloth What does it mean 12 10 2013

Man of the Cloth What does it mean 12 10 2013

Based on my personal experience "HE" could write and she couldn't.  And what he wrote made her superstitious.  So she labeled him with an insult with feminine connotations.  And did they consider what they wrote on as actually being cloth?  I seem remember hearing that as a relevant meaning to the word origin of cloth.
What you basically have is the theme of the movie Misery!
He being intelligent and able to write by comparison to her would seem like that which is the source of life, intelligence being the source of life (also in occult connotation of the descending holy spirit!) Hence she considered it the "spun thread of life,” and also sought to make sure that it was Celibate?  So that she could control the “thread of life” by contribution or lack of contribution to the church coffers.  Clotho being the figure from Greek mythology who “spun the thread of life,” Spun having the same connotation as modern day “spin” and she could not stand listening to stories and having to think the morals?  A buddy of mine in way back in High School told me that he also had the semen come out of his penis in a string form once too!  No lie, females!  It’s the personal kind of thing High School guys talk about on their way to go fishing or when they are going to buy beer (I don't believe anyone should drink today) or something like that. In the Greek myth it, that thread of life, was measured by Lachesis and cut by Atropos. I will have to look those names up!  Will likely be even more interesting and consistent! Lachesis sounds a lot like the latin word for rotten milk products they sell. So indeed a contrast of positive to negative or haves to have not’s is being made!  Atropos sounds a lot like Atrophy it means your balls stop growing and died.  ( Don't fret if they did I hear they can give you fake ones like those fake breasts!  If a woman can have fake breasts galore you can have fake nuts too!) So we have a comparison of the good stuff to two what might be called Yowsabouts?
The word Clergy coming from drawing lots has a different Satanic connotation doesn’t it?  It means you are about to do something bad and have to draw straws to see who does it because no one wants to volunteer!  No one wants to volunteer to be Celibate!!!  What red blooded man would?
“Man of the cloth,” it would appear to fall into the same insult category as “Son of Man!”  No one wants to do it because no one wants to be bound by celibacy to keep her happy?  No one wants to be her Voodoo Doll?  But someone has to do it or they all face her wrath?  Hence the sacrificial nature of religion!  And Jesus Christ was about the last man that I can think of that gave a population intelligent fire and brimstone speeches about the consequences of bad decisions!  She couldn’t stand to think in responsible terms so he was crucified for giving her “A terrible dream” It really means he made her think responsible and sobering thoughts by his philosophies.  Again he could write and she couldn’t?
It is revealing the nature of a lesser race among us throughout history!  And lets be fair and call the human being the best race and not label the intelligent human beings Gods in order to defeat rule by intelligence!

And does it not appear that there are indeed some Catholic Priests who should not be because they are not men of the Clothe!  Basically that means if you are trying to measure and cut someone else Clothe meaning sexually molesting them, that you should not be a Catholic Priest, in fact you should be executed in my humble opinion!  As in the story of lots seed having substance because it was lost on the ground here to Clothos seed to has substance!  When you have one person to measure it and another to cut it that means it has great worth, value and substance.  So by comparison where does that place the processors versus the producer?  Rotten fermented and atrophied?  And indeed that string type seed does look like it was spun.  I asked a Doctor once when I was young and he said it might be caused by heat.  I think some type of infection might cause it too, I remember it itching.  Or it could be a reaction to foods like spicy foods.  It is actually a bit scary because you have to pull it out like a string to get it out!  (Also had lime green stuff come out that way once in High School too, doctor didn't know how to answer that.)

 I never believed in Catholic Priest Celibacy and it took me a very long time to figure out why "They" wanted them to be that way!

I have been around a long time!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Clergy meaning drawing straws, as in, you whack off to that woman so she becomes pretty again and it keeps the peace!  Roman women were known to put in eye drops to lure men into believing that they were horny for them because their eyes were dilated!  And what else do we know about Roman Women, they had Castrated and Unic'd servants serving them!  Can you put two and two together?  That horrific empire and the religion that followed was all caused by miserable women!

I can see the Al Qaeda reading this in their rocky mountain hideouts and laughing their asses off!

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