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Sunday, December 8, 2013

George Bush and Saddam Hussein 12 08 2013

George Bush and Saddam Hussein 12 08 2013

What is the difference between Saddam Hussein killing his own people AND the United States killing Saddam's people?

Did the U.S. kill Saddam's people because Saddam was killing them?

Here Saddam, you don't need to kill your own people we will kill your people for you?  Isn't that what the empirical evidence of what happened really is?

When I watched Saddam being hung it did not look real to me!

And what would George Bush say today if he were running for President?  Would he get all cutesy wootsy and say, "Saddam killed his own people but I only tortured them?"  The latter is a much worse crime to me!

And that soldier on sixty minutes tonight should have known that he was being dropped in an hour away from the Taliban that indeed those goat farmers were supplying the Taliban?  He made that the statement we couldn't decide what to do with them?  How come you were not able to question them?  And not only that he slipped up on the part a little bit when he described that man screaming at his side dying?  Something about his interview facial expressions tells me he was not basing that comment on memory but on alibi?

I would say that all snipers in war should have silencer technology on their rifles, but the reason they do not if they do not is because these are grunts to begin with!  Likely have a screw lose to begin with!

I don't know that I buy the bit about the solder going out in the open to make the satellite call for help.  There was only a small team of them that went in.  It doesn't make sense because he would have been a better asset to the other member of the team if he were alive.

And the bit about making a shelf to sit in on the side of the mountain?

Did not goat herders see his breath the first thing in the morning and send a recon team in along with themselves?

So how do you determine if a goat herder is indeed an innocent human being?  Apparently you don't you just consider them innocent because they are with livestock?  And then you call in an airstrike... well they did not call in an airstrike.  They called in two Chinooks without an Apache!  And what happened, those Taliban were waiting for those Chinooks to come in like a hunter waits in his tree stand for what he put out a bucket of corn every day until the first day of hunting season starts at which point he shoots the deer.  How the heck can you fly a Chinook up the side of a mountain and expect not to get blown out of the air?  And those mountains were indeed all covered with greenery.

So the question is how could one determine those goat farmers were a hostile threat?  Proximity to where the Taliban were hiding?  But those soldiers come home and would indeed be prosecuted for that?

Like I said before you can carpet bomb the heck out of a country and that is killing innocent civilians but not the ground army?  First and foremost these people do not have the form of Government that the United States does!  There is a great difference in peoples between nations based on their belief systems!  Does a populace that believes in slave labor and drug dealing really have innocent civilians?  Somehow that fine line is indeed broken during war with carpet bombing.  But indeed George Bush would not even call it a war.  They were indeed termed enemy combatants.  Either we are at War or we are committing genocide and atrocities in something that is the equivalent to war that we semantically label is not a war?  It looks to me that it was the equivalent of War is hell so therefore it is war.  But we don't call it war because we are allied with the governments of the warring countries?  But if they are our allies how come they do not eliminate the threat to the United States?  Once again it is because they do not have the Constitution of the United States!  And indeed today in the United States many people don't really grow up knowing what it means, just like what is war and is not war has been abused by legalese when it was never meant to be subject to legalese?

And nor do I believe that serving in War and surviving grants you special rights to passage in the United States for crimes committed before war.  That is if you indeed believe you joined the army to escape a bad life history?  Or rather were demonically possessed to join by someone that did not like you?  Give him a beer and have him watch a war movie and he will join the Army rather than learn about the United States Constitution and seek to create fairness and end corruption?

And it is indeed like what a Equity Research Analyst once said to me, "What do we do with those dumb jocks?"  I can answer that for you now, we don't entrust them to loan U.S. dollars nor sell us Insurance we don't need nor should they sit in Corporate Offices of management because they are a celebrity figure!  What do we do with them?  They should serve the economy to the best of their ability.  And indeed that is the principle that drives war during times of peace which is against the Constitution; to have an army in times of peace.  It means that you know you are going to cause trouble because you are inept and seek to maintain wealth streams; based on foreign energy?  It did not have to be this way, solar energy was indeed viable.

I view just about every President of the United States that I have read about as a bad work of fiction!

I want to say that if you would not entrust them to work in your factory because they are drunkards that they should not be responsible for platoon members in foreign conflicts.  Some of those who joined up were honest Americans with heart!  They weren't dirt balls, they believed in some concept of America.  And indeed it is a crime that we maintain an Army in times of peace!  We send jobs overseas and defy U.S. employment while at the same time maintaining an army in times of peace?  A bad work of fiction!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And maybe the rule should be, "If you didn't kill would you or members of your platoon have been killed?"  And that is of course if we did indeed have a valid war.  Osama Bin Laden was the son of the Saudi Royal Family, should we not have declared War on Saudi Arabia after the 911 attacks?  Too many oil family friends in common?  And indeed the high oil price was a boon to U.S. oil company executives of which George Bush was affiliated with and indeed many congressman and senators bought stock in oil companies before Iraq?  What was the timing on that?  It might indeed reveal the nature of Satan in America.  The way to think about it is, if so and so knew at such and such time what does it really tell us with regard to the timing of information as originally presented to us?  It invalidates it!  And when we get into the nature of Satan should a red blooded American ever have to serve in the armed forces with someone that is mentally defective like Satan was?  The answer is a definite NO!  Can a soldier be a liability to U.S. forces when he finds commonality with the opposition that he should not find?

Speaking of which if I am a Taliban member and I see a Chinook Helicopter coming in or know that one will be called in if those ground soldiers are compromised my day is made!  I grab that RPG stands for Rocket Propelled Grenade and take out 16 elite forces and the Chinook!  And speaking of which, every non satanic minded U.S. should be given those RPG's in case we are sold out like the Sanhedrin did the Jewish Rabbi Priest Jesus Christ!  Some would indeed declare that it has happened already.

And one more final point, when 46 million Americans are on food stamps we have a real problem in the United States.  While at the same time everyone wants to lobby to legalize marijuana and other drugs!  So some people are so rich that they can afford drugs which provide them some form of escapism?  I think all of that should be taken away including alcohol!  I would like to say you can have it back when those 46 million Americans are no longer on food stamps and subject to death from denial of health care, but I don't believe that.  We have enough scientific evidence today that Alcohol should never be allowed to be consumed by anyone!

And back to George Bush.  Do you ever notice how the wealthy never lose their wealth in their family lines no matter how stupid their children are?  We get a problem when the stupid children of the wealthy, likely born of socialite fetal alcohol syndrome try and fool the rest of us???  I mean really didn't you grow up with wealthy children that were dumber than a rusty beer can in the forest and some how they became wealthy adults too?  They should not be influencing the rest of us in any way!  In fact any jobs that were attained through networking should be dis-allowed!

Now just take a look at all this as if you were the God of humanity!  You want your people to grow and evolve to become the best living people there ever were that live in harmony with their environment so that new generations will survive!  Alcohol, drugs, tobacco all that stuff does not lead to the betterment of the species it leads to a downs syndrome race!  You cannot argue against that point and be viewed as a competent adult human being by me!  So some of you read this as I write it and you know very well those elements can have no place in the future of humanity!  What do we do about it?  Do MADD also have a nip?  They should not.

It is against the United States Constitution to sell a person an addictive substance because it is addictive their guaranteed right to Liberty in the United States as guarantied by the United States Constitution has been denied from them!  No President can sit in office and take the sworn oath to protect the Constitution without coming to that same realization and what has to be done!

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