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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Private Schools Two Bad things about them 12 18 2013

Private Schools Two Bad things about them 12 18 2013

1. Any costs for teachers pensions can be blanked out when the School goes bankrupt!  Bankruptcy can occur through mismanagement and lawsuit (Catholic Schools).  And related party business transactions and squandering of proceeds from school treasury.  And sure they will guarantee the teachers they will never have to worry about their pensions, but it isn't true!  They will make something up like we had to pay the fellow mowing the lawn a million dollars a year and that was a reasonable rate.  Or we had to donate to a certain charity as a matter of goodness through the years.  Or we were held responsible in a lawsuit when it wasn't our fault and all that money is gone.  Or this one actually happened with the Whitefish Bay High School, the mutual fund that invested our pension money went bust.

2. In-accountability to the public sector when bad things happen at the school to your children.  What will happen is you are going to get the used car salesman spiel and sold with a speech that you are being a customer who is unsatisfied when they have no reason to be so.  That is the new American way isn't it!  It is really denying you of your Constitutional rights because they stand in the way of making money and cannot responsibly do the jobs they were hired to do.

So what happens?  Everyone see's the bad things that happen behind close doors at Catholic Schools by Priests and somehow there is then the drive to make all schools private?????

And Scott Walker takes the Mr. Cheese Cake with his legislation whereby if he does not finish college he can get a degree anyhow if he has work experience?  That is like the 5417 kid who was dyslexic taking courses in college dropping out because of bad grades and his wealthy father hiring him at the family mutual fund business.  After three years of that he is granted a college education in Accounting and Finance? Honest to God, how dumb are all of you???  How dumb are you!!!!!

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Now both of my parents were teachers and I loathe the rat minded businessmen turning public services into for profit services.  Your children are not products whereby one can be the loss leader for the rest of them.

Here is what private schools are going to be like for your children.  The Lord of the Flies meets Hogwart!  And the parents that make the largest contribution to the private schools will get away with murder!  Not only that, the head master will not be challenged and your child will be too traumatized to represent themselves in court or give reliable testimony.  They will say there is something wrong with your child and disavow any reality of trauma with regard to them!  That is indeed what Walker the Englishman will give you!  And believe it or not that is why his constituency will vote for him and contribute oodles of cash to him!

But what does that false degree really tell us?  That many in the United States don't deserve the college degrees they attained in the first place! All well and good, you didn't earn your place in the public eye and should never be there and the college dropout Scott Walker shouldn't have either!

And after all that they will claim that we were able to capture and chain you to bring you to America we can do the same to get you out of here!  And it is very true! And I actually believe that already but not with respect to good people, more along the lines of the bad headmasters!

And here is another of the biggest jokes ever.  The special education teacher?  How easy is it to teach children that can't learn at all?  What a joke!  They will even claim they should get more money for it!  An absolute joke!  This is for the woman who likes to sit around with her thumb up her Bu77 and pretend to be more than what she is!  Have you ever met one?  They are complete pretentiousness!  And look at the results of our entire education system- it is complete pretentiousness!  In fact our whole economy is complete pretentiousness!  The Tea Party is complete Pretentiousness!  And Paul Ryan is not an Irishman!  He looks like he was nerve poisoned.  And so does that gal who went to Catholic School with me and lives nearby.  They look like one shoulder and arm hangs down because it is dead and the head is crouched forward and the face void of human emotion.  In summary like those vultures that I spotted while hunting in the forest this fall; they bumbled around and their shoulders were higher than the tops of their heads!

And as long as I am getting started on Republicans who are leading the country to the uneducated state the Party was formed to fight against in the first place I want to say that Marco Rubio whose parents worked how many jobs so he could be the politician speaker at the podium can hold hands with George Zimmerman and be one of the greater balance of Hispanic Americans that makes their way back to Mexico because they like it better there.  But wait a minute that statistic?? What is that?  That was on the news awhile back that more Hispanics are going back to live in Mexico than are coming into the United States?  That has to be absolute baloney!  They are crossing the border back to Mexico only to bring drugs back into the United States! It is the perfect crime!! They have the perfect ish cabible no I was here already!  And speaking of which if I hear you speaking Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin (?) I want to go get the nearest police officer and have you deported!  English should be our only language and if you don't know it you don't meet the requirement of being here and indeed may be deemed to be acting consistent in fashion to organized crime.  Am I the only American that feels uncomfortable when other people living here are speaking to each other in their NATIVE tongue while glancing at me???  And Hispanics are indeed involved in organized crime; enough of that! Who brought you in?  It was a family member!  And what did they tell you when you came here; there are plenty of human souls that can be demonized so that we prosper in America!  Don't forget to bring the bloody chicken feet?  What are we going to find out that we don't want to realize?  That some cultures and religions are incompatible with our Constitution and living with us!  But someone ought to have seen that coming already, but they didn't.  Why not?  Another maid paid in parking meter money for the former Communist Governor of California to get knocked up?  Oh lets see what did Arnold do for Social Security and welfare?  He, a married man (?) got a single mother minority knocked up! To help the state of California he created as many welfare recipients as possible when no one was looking?  (We need that DNA database) Hooray make another movie that allows the illiterate ogre beer drinking class of Americans to believe they can make it too!  Right?  We like to see him speak in movies because it lends a sense of all naivety to success?  How about he take his extended family back to Russia with him? Putin will be sure to have a welcome home party for him and his extended family?

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