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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where the United States Went Wrong 12 17 2013

 Where the United States Went Wrong  12 17 2013

Integrity in leadership encourages work and work creates revenue.  Revenue is then used to meet the needs of assuring proper educators are hired and infrastructure needs are met.


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PS. Integrity in leadership isn't something that can be faked!

One  might ask what is wrong with socialism?  And the answer is there isn't any money to pay for basic needs!  It can only be deficit spending.  Oh you say that we can just have everyone else make things for us for little money?  They are polluting the same water we drink from.

Think of it this way.  If you lived on the same body of water that three other tribes lived on and one of those tribe members poisoned it with mercury so that every fish that you ate made your family sick, dying and born with birth defects; they would be out after your head and a tribal war would be started if you didn't give it to them!

Essentially mercury in our fish is the exact same thing as drinking water that we bathed in (means washed our butts and dirty linens in.)  Even the most primitive of third world country human beings knows better than that!  So why doesn't our World leadership?  Why have they not responded to the issue?  Because they have minds that are more primitive than that of those who live in third world countries! Our current leadership believes in business without liability and the promotion of individuals through networking; and both of those concepts are the opposite of integrity!  And what does a country that degrades to believe in this lack of integrity become?  Very simple they become a nation that pirates other nations!  It is indeed caused by a bad strain from Europe present among us and hippo campus defects from alcohol!  Great Britain has always been a pirating nation;and they are not born the way they are by choice!  And that is indeed who is managing our worlds corporations today!  If they were born that way by choice some of us human beings would not be hearing the voices of their coven in our minds as they desire to be imprinted by other than the father and mother they were born to!  (And the mother desires the same thing.)

We lost our integrity when Kennedy was shot and our Government sealed the details of it for 30 years and then delete them.  So you can pretty much point your finger at the lineage of power from the Politicians in office at the time of that investigation as being the source of our lack of integrity!  When I grew up my parents taught me that if you are keeping a secret it means you did something wrong or have something you need to hide out of shame!

And keeping secrets and shame are the exact opposite of integrity in leadership encouraging work and thereby creating revenue so that the general needs of society that are managed by our government are met!  And if you think you can do without that, just wait and see how quickly you are concurred by a predator far worse than you could have ever imagined!  In other words you thought you were the baddest of the bad and could get away with murder until someone just like you saw what you were doing and moved in on your turf because you had become what the nature of you naturally degrades to; a primitive and lazy drug addict!  If you have used the same drug all your adult life you are indeed a drug addict!  I dare you to defy that logic!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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