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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lie Detectors 12 17 2013

Lie Detectors 12 17 2013

No United States Citizen should ever be hooked up to a lie detector testing device unless the person or persons asking them questions are also hooked up to identical devices and the results are only published together.

How can this be relevant?  When someone asks the interviewer to clarify the question and they cannot because it reveals an unconstitutional evidence gathering procedure that means through the non-independence of the Observer and what is being Observed; they are a party to the crime being charged with!

Now that would be integrity!  It would also reveal bias, discrimination, prejudice, jealousy and envy of the interviewer that were not known before!  Hence it will weed out corruption!

What we have found out is that some of our Government staffing in key national security positions; have been filled through the networking spoil system!  That tower of national debt in the amount of $17 trillion dollars should not be considered our greatest national achievement!
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