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Monday, December 16, 2013

Citizens of the United States 12 16 2013

Citizens of the United States 12 16 2013

Sometimes we are tempted to be rude and mean to low level employees in Customer service departments.  But they are just like us, so after we have indeed successfully completed our transaction issue it is always a good idea to let sincerely wish them a Happy Holidays!  They are just like you and me and maybe even a step above that which resides in corporate management and never belonged in the United States!

And I do not apply this principle when dealing with management layers, in fact I do my best to bawl them out and ruin their days.  Always ask for management and do your best to ruin their day in a way that they cannot take it out on the employee, but they will anyway won't they! 

The way it works is that Americans have been forced to serve as the Gargoyles for Corporate money machines.  And that isn't right!  Free spiriting Americans were not meant to have that free spirit trampled on by English nationals!  We were not meant to be put in conflict for those who would drain our country of money and put 46 million of us on food stamps!

The chief executive of every Corporation should indeed be forced to serve on the Customer support help lines for the remainder of their lives!  I believe that having to handle those issues and be nice would indeed wear them down and kill them!  And if they say they can handle it then we up the pressure in ways so that they are not allowed options to accurately handle customer satisfaction issues!  You know what I mean change the terms on credit card transactions such that customers have issues that they should not have had, whereby they need to use the help line.  And what happens when U.S. employees can't stand to be able to handle a customer satisfaction issue?  Those call centers are manned by foreign labor!  And that person makes more in their country than he or she would otherwise, and can earn a good living doing so.  Not only that he is from a foreign country so he/she can indeed make the help call like ...or view it as a war on a Americans?  Whereby he can wheedle and deedle and waste our time and enjoy ruining our days?

I wonder how the population of India would feel if they knew that United States Citizens are being tortured by India Indian Americans so that goods can be produced in India for sale to the United States?  And I am talking about the use of psychotronic weapons that project the already screeching voice of an India Indian woman?  How would India treat these people if they were returned to her shores?

England once used Australia as a penal colony for bad citizens.  It would seem to me that our banking industry in the United States is populated with those that don't know how to make money for the country and that is where we got our $17 trillion in debt from.  I would be all for deported English layers of Corporate management to Australia and then removing all exit transportation options from that country and blockading that country so that they are not allowed to depart! With $17 trillion in debt and nothing to show for it, it would appear that our banking or Tea Party industry motto has been, "If you don't know how to make money go into the banking and finance industry!"

Here is an innuendo some of you might get, "How come you don't want to see what your father is doing today?"

There is no such thing as Split (Schizo) Mind (Phrenic)  You cannot split a human soul like you can thirty bars of silver!  Why not?  Because the recipients of those soul pieces will not have a complete human soul!  So therefore a human soul cannot be split!  The recipients will never attain human reason nor human conscience!  It is the exact opposite of the nature of the practice!  So what is it really depriving a human being of human reason and human conscience!  And why would you ever want to do that?  So what is implied in no uncertain terms is that those who would seek to split a human soul and define a medical term to describe it do not themselves have a human soul!  To split and divide a human soul means that you don't have one!  So who would do this?  In the Bible Matthew 21:25 tells of the duplicitous nature of these people!  I have referenced it in this article:

As I read Matthew 21:25 I get the gestalt of some very unhappy people that were raised in a spoil system.  The gestalt I get is of the primitive minded grouped together in a mud hut (Even though it is a temple) and they are they are indeed gloating over how their ancestors demonized human men to be their profits that is right PROFITS not Prophets!  And indeed telling Jesus Christ there is nothing that can be done about them, while in fact they are foreshadowing they are going to kill him to.  These are not men.  An odd conniving breed that lives in constant envy of men and women with human souls!  Everyone labeled schizophrenia since the time of FDR was indeed a Profit/Prophet for their benefit; in other words a living human thinking sacrifice for money!

Today this breed hides behind castle and mansion doors at unlisted addresses!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 12 16 2013

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Each one of those 18 Prophets listed in the Bible was a Son of Man!  And so is every male that has been labeled schizophrenia.

We never have gotten to the root of the problem.  The root of the problem is not that which is a son of man that has a human soul to be split.  The root of the problem is that which has no human soul and deprives the human being of their soul!    And indeed that is whom we need to label in our society as being mentally defective, so you determine what the label for that medical diagnosis should be and make it happen.  And if a foreign country wanted to lead the charge in this effort more power to them!  We get that medical diagnosis going and we have indeed saved the future of the earth and all of humanity!  And that is what needs to happen!  You can't split a human soul, you can only desire in envy that you have one and seek out of hatred for not having one to deprive a human being of their soul.  A soul being formed by learning and memory based on a non defective hippo campus of the brain!  Oddly enough everyone that doesn't have a human soul wants to make sure that there are plenty of poisons available to "level down" those who do have one!  So we need to rid the earth of those and make the use of them a crime punishable by death!  That is right!  If you consume a substance that can readily create a human being who is mentally defective then you should get the death penalty!  And that has nothing to do with Eugenics it has to do with preventing birth defects!  If you actually stop to think about that there could be no greater cause for humanity to have than that!  That is the greatest cause a human being can have!  Think of that when you contrast it to rampant pollution of our environment with chemicals known to cause birth defects in the name of money!  This is indeed the generation that goes to the bathroom in the same spot we ALL get our drinking water from!  That needs to stop!

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