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Friday, December 20, 2013

How Barrack should have framed the Discussion about Obamacare 12 2013

How Barrack should have framed the Discussion about Obamacare 12 2013

It was the Republican Tea Party that created the scare as a matter of fraud.  Those Tea Party Insurance companies sent out cancellation policies in a last ditch effort to thwart Obamacare through fear!

It centered around Obamacare eliminating the clause where you could not get health insurance if you had a preexisting condition!  What does that really mean?  It means those sick men who work in the Investment Business can harass you and deride you until it equates to personal trauma and resultant mental illness! And that when you leave that job you could not get another one because you could not get health insurance!  Hence you were indeed prevented from working in the United States economy!  While at the same time the wealth in this country was controlled as you were ostracized from working in the Investment Industry!

  And indeed the Tea Party controlled the Investment Industry by the use of mental illness created from psychological trauma and the propagandizing of alcohol!  How many accidents would there be without alcohol?  How many kids would be born mentally retarded and the parents in need of insurance; alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere!  And indeed those Castles of Nazi Germany were built from alcohol proceeds!  And indeed the children of those castles engaged in a form of homosexuality called pederasty.  I think of that when I hear the term AXA Financial Group!  AXA as in the Axis side of Germany, Italy and Japan!  And somehow we lost our car mfg to Japan while at the same time we had to adopt the metric system, and even though Japan has had a great many car recalls.  Cars should never be built with defects whereby they are recalled.  The term American made thwarted that, but that quality concept was lost as Japan whom we dropped two nuclear bombs on during WWII was prevented from having a military and instead turned all that mfg capacity into making cars they sold to us!  And good God we should have never had raw fish sold in the United States!  And the chemical from those fish that is filleted from the puffer fish was indeed the one that Africans who concurred Europe as the moors and also lived in Haiti and now the U.S. used to zombify men and create a man who looks to be mentally ill when he was really poisoned!  Hah Hah real funny are they lyrics to a rap song!  And blacks did well under FDR!  His wife was a Lesbian, which means for some reason her personal identity was not normal for the heterosexual reproduction based human species!  And indeed your hippo campus is responsible for memory and learning and therefore personal identity such as whether you are really a boy or a girl. Look in your own pants that is what you are and that is what your heterosexual species human identity should be consistent with too.  And the reason it isn't has to do with your brain!  And I keep repeating the same concepts because I like to!

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In effect the Tea Party wanted to continue to control human health and practice the vondoon religion of psychiatry necessitated through demonic possession! Now Barrack has used his Presidential pardon ability to free nonviolent drug offenders!  Some of them today are indeed veterans of war!  And that is how what needs to happen below can indeed happen!  Those Drugs are a Tea Party Concept just as is the preexisting Condition clause! 

Using that tactic to thwart affordable health care is an act of treason by the Tea Party!  So what do we do when we have a great percent of the populous that has acted in treason?  There is only one solution!

Now Great Britian used Australia as a penal colony for English Criminals!  Because they are indeed English based today the United States can also use Australia as a penal colony!  And that is where we can send the entirety of the Tea Party and their Republican Party today!

We have done this before.  Slaves were shackled and loaded on ships and brought here!  We can indeed do the same to those who would mentally enslave Americans today!  And we can indeed be just as brutal when it happens!

And if Barrack decides to pardon the nations non violent drug offenders and give them a list of people who gave them the drugs and also arms them and tells them to get them out of here, most are tea party members, I would be inclined to look the other way as those boats with Tea Party members head to Australia!  I do not take a slander of United States history very lightly!  You can have your Neo Tea Party when you get off the boat in Australia!  And for you blacks that don't believe you have it in you?  The muslim's took more slaves than anyone in the history the world, and that is indeed where the Slavics of Russia, Poland and Romania get their name from!  We saw some of them bomb the Boston Marathon this year!  So indeed you will be given a list of them too!

And you should not be given AR-15's but AK-47's instead!  Rather than the AK-47 ultimately being used to enslave Americans after we have degraded to communism it should be used to rid the nation of that which threatens to sink us into communism and its related slavery!

The reality is Health Insurance companies will always continue to collect your money even though the whole industry is a fraud and has no place in the United States of America.

And jut to round out this writing, I really didn't have more to say about it than the first paragraph or two but once I get running with the ball, I too, am very hard to stop!

And of course we can indeed find a peaceful solution to this but they just seem to want to keep attenuating our nerves and then point at us as the cause of the countries problems!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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