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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wage Fairness 12 14 2013

Wage Fairness 12 14 2013

Is it really fair to Americans for Corporate Management to make more money by sourcing labor to a foreign country instead of the American worker?

In other words that Corporate manager would not have made as much money if he had had to have used U.S. workers!  So in effect he climbed over the back of the United States Worker in order to grant himself a higher salary?  My conclusion would be that he was rewarded for something that he should not have been!  And at that the expense of the General Public!

Sure you want to say that we benefited from lower prices.  But I would have to argue that most of that stuff doesn't last and we end up throwing it out.  I would also argue that most things made out of plastic should have been made out of metal instead.  And indeed all that metal went overseas in terms of scrap too; I would not have let it go!  Many of you are too young to have experienced the transition from metal to plastic; but a lot of us thought it was awful!  And also we should have never transitioned from glass to plastic bottles.  Instead we should have made bottles out of glass with wide mouths that we could clean and reuse for just about anything including soda.

In effect the corporate manager made more money for himself by decreasing jobs in the United States.  That is selling us out!  And what will it now lead to?  And what did China do with all the scrap steel they traded away from us?  They built massive cities and filled with multistory buildings that are all empty.  And they built a lot of them!  Do they expect that the United States is going to be a Nuclear wasteland except for those trusted few confidants, like Bernie Madoff, that are allowed to populate those large buildings?  And in the process of all that industry they filled their cities with smog and mercury that killed over 250,000 of them in 2011!  We should not let them make the same environmental mistake we made here!  But again Corporate management in the United States somehow controlled choices and happenings when indeed someone should have had the authority over them to say, "No, you can't do that!"  or what we really need is Commander in Chief powers act for a President to just say, "No you can't do that anymore!"  And they have to obey him.  Granted he has good reasoning behind him and not ;invalid argument!   A President should be able to say, you can't do that for these three reasons because here is what happened and here is what will happen if you do!  We have never really had that kind of Government in my lifetime!  One based on HUMAN REASON!  Human reason being one of the two definite things that define us to be human beings, the other being Human Conscience.  Human Conscience allows us to say, that is wrong and we should not be doing that!  It should be a ubiquitous concept that doesn't require us to have to go in depth to explain it to those who either feign ignorance or lack comprehension!  It is really hard to tell the difference.  I believe the feigning of ignorance is really used to mask the lack of comprehension!

What I have just articulated above would indeed be the background logic to why no Corporate executive should have ever made more than $25,000!!!  Couldn't anyone have done that?  Manufactured goods in foreign country instead of the U.S?  Anyone could have done that but many who could have done it would not have!  I really look at it as a way to subvert the United States Constitution on human rights and also our environmental laws!  And I also believe that Corporate Management in the United States had a strong dislike for American human beings and them living in freedom!!!!  That meanness is not a character trait of human strength; and it can and should be diagnosed as a mental illness!  Honest to God, when we think about human beings and mental illness shouldn't we really have been saying all along that meanness is a sign of mental illness!  Or rather mental defect?  Someone can't figure out how to act or behave because they don't have the mental capacity to and they immediately lash out at other people?  Isn't there indeed a lot of lashing out at the worker in Corporate America?  And might we say that lashing out at people was indeed why this country had a civil war!  To indeed free those being physically lashed!  What would have happened if at the time of the Civil War we had stated that the desire to torture someone is not a human trait?  And one more point.  Is not someone that tortures another human being also very synonymous with a cannibal?  If left to their own devices you would see they would rapidly become a cannibal too!

I am starting to ramble but I just have to get it out.  Have you ever seen someone that looks like they are the walking dead?  Their eyes are beady and their face is gauntly?  And you wonder how they got that way?  What made them born that way?  I have to wonder if the Moors invading Europe did not leave a whole lot of people with a genetic makeup incompatible to the formation of a human soul.  I also look at people like that and wonder if some kind of experiment was not done on their family line!  It isn't just the beady eyes it is the skin that sags on the face.  And sometimes it is also a layer of dead looking fat flesh on the face.  Or a face of melting wax! The Moors were from Africa and the African religion is Vondoon!  Were these Europeans all buried and dug up, and these half dead people then had oxygen deprived blue sperm and egg children.  And indeed it would seem to cause people to be born that do not even know their own sexual identity.  I will indeed segue into saying that alcohol causes the exact same birth defect and that will wrap this up!  (And I am not going to say what boxing movie guy image prompted me to think about this.) 

Would not alcohols influence on conception indeed create the face of melting wax look as oxygen deprivation pocketed areas of growth and human development with cell death.  I have also argued that children of miscegenation suffer from the same problem as it is harder to create something unified out of two different things; hence the good parts like the human brain might suffer from a percent of human potential not being reached developmental defect?  At the very least two adults should indeed be drug free when considering to have a child.  And it has nothing to do with Eugenics it has to do with preventing birth defects and giving that child a fair opportunity to be born without birth defects!  Honest to God!  Why isn't anyone mad as h311 at that like they should be!  Why aren't the pro lifers vehemently pro healthy lifers?  It is a dichotomy they can't explain which indeed means they are not introspective enough to understand their own motivations!

Hopefully within the next two or three days I will have time to write an article I am going to title "How to raise your son not to be a homo."  It is a very easy technique to use during their childhood and you don't have to use it too much.

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Americas Competitive nature was the free spirit of the American.  All that stuff of us having to compete with foreign competition was baloney!  We had something they envied greatly, minds that were created and based on freedom!  Now we have goons and surveillance; that is what we are today! Somehow the proud American has been replaced by the goon!

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