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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shotgun Shell to Hand Grenade Conversion Kit Inventions Needed 12 10 2013

Shotgun Shell to Hand Grenade Conversion Kit Inventions Needed 12 10 2013

Seems to me there ought to be an easy way to convert a shot gun shell into a hand grenade; to have at our military industrial complex armory, of course.

It could indeed be used by the army and lighten their load!  The shotgun shell would drop in the conversion device and the primer of the shotgun shell would indeed serve as the detonator to the whole thing.

The best form of homeland security is indeed arming responsible adults in our homeland!  If you can use that table saw without lopping of the to of your finger or having a cigarette that would likely be you.

Actually grenades are pretty heavy. What a soldier really needs is an improvised grenade unit.  Or IGU for short.  This would be a fraction of the weight of a standard pineapple type grenade.  Alone it would function as a percussion grenade.  But it would have a Kevlar bag structure around the Percussion core that could be filled with gravel and lobbed to where it needs to go!  Parts of metal from the soldiers rifle could also be placed in that grenade bag, like in perforated pieces from the stock section or the hand guard.  Indeed one would think the stock of a rifle could be fitted with an integral grenade that can be popped out and used in case of emergency!  And perhaps that is the best of these ideas.  Maybe even two grenades could be integral to the stock of the rifle. They would be shaped rectangular to the width dimension of the stock.  That is what I would want if you sent me over to a hell which we refuse to call War because it is economics based and unnecessary, it is really grounds for nationalizing all of the assets of the Oil companies and putting salary caps on management of those companies.  It's an oil war because it raises the price of oil and we really should have attacked Saudi Arabia because it was a son of the Royal Family that was responsible for 911.  Instead we are in Afghanistan, keeping the price of oil high.  Did the Saudi Royal family ever come forward and state, we are sorry for our Son's actions and will make it up to you by charging less for oil?  I don't remember it and if it did happen we would not have $3.5 a gallon gas.  But I view this as a kick in the behind that we need to clean up our waters and get of oil altogether by going to solar!  And anyone who tells you that solar is not a viable energy source is outright lying to you or a complete inbred moron!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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