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Monday, December 30, 2013

Obamacare and Wisconsin 12 30 2013

Obamacare and Wisconsin 12 30 2013

I believe that the Federal Government has the right to expand the Coverage of Medicare in my State even though my state because it is a Federal Program!  And therefore it should not matter what my states Governor believes with regard to the matter!

I believe that the same principle applies to a state trying to legalize a narcotic and going against the Federal Government to do so; they cannot do that!  They have no say in the Federal oversight of that nature.  And what does the State meddling or trying to change the Federal Government amount to in this context?  It amounts to peoples Constitutional Rights being sold for profit, money and private interests!

What is at issue here? Medicare is indeed health insurance!  Therefore Medicaid should have covered all of your health insurance needs in the United States!  Because you need more means that their was a collusion between the Business of Health Insurance and the Business of Health Care meaning Doctors and Hospitals; and that has indeed amounted to Genocide?

Somehow, rather slowly over time this happened!  This could indeed amount to a Qui Tam lawsuit!  A lawsuit filed on behalf of the Federal Government!  This would bankrupt the Tea Party!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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