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Monday, December 16, 2013

Inventions Needed 12 16 2013

Inventions Needed 12 16 2013

If they can make a machine called a "giraffe" that climbs a tree and cuts the limbs off as it climbs then they can also make a small saw mill that can make a stack of boards with one pass!  And it could be compact, the size of a 12" planer.

But the consumer should have better options for cutting a log into boards at home than what is on the market today at the prices they are at.

And every village municipality should have at least a portable type sawmill at the public works facility so that members of the local public can take branches or logs there and have them rough cut into boards!  And maybe in order to be able to use it you have to take a shop class and get a designation on your id that say's you know how to?  This would indeed keep those who just like to jump into things willy nilly from doing so and getting hurt and ruining it for the rest of us.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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