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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Every Man Should Pray to the God Allah 12 31 2013 update #1

Why Every Man Should Pray to the God Allah 12 31 2013

It has nothing to do with what is written in the Quaran.  I bought a copy of that this year and lost it after I started to read it.  It seemed to be simple stories with morals.  But I am still looking for that book around the house.

It has to do with the way that they pray!  That form of folding your legs in like a frog in a sitting yoga type position and then draping your arms to the ground and touching it is very therapeutic!

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1. It stretches the upper leg muscles and relieves toxins and stagnancy.
2. It aligns the hips!
3.  And most importantly it re-aligns the backbone!  When you are tucked forward and touching the ground your spine becomes aligned as it is forced to be centered by the position and the torso of your body being in that position!  It also appears to have some effect of tucking the discs of the lower back back in place.  Some of us have broad shoulders and therefore that body configuration puts a lot of stress on our lower backs.  We don't realize it until it is too late.
4.  I have also noticed that it stretches out the toes, if your small toes have curled up just a little bit in life this helps to elongate those tendons.

Now I don't know how many repetitions of these that they do while they are praying to Allah.  But I did 10 of them this morning!  I could feel some pain start to melt away as I did them.

And do not embark on a treatment plan until you have first contacted a qualified doctor.  (If you can find one! )

This stretching exercise also helps defeat demonic possession.  I believe it works by making the spinal nerve more healthy?  For example if you assume that in order for you to be demonically possessed a person would have to form to your body and be as one with you in that fashion, then this exercise would serve to shake off the spirit of that or deco-ordinate it from you.  Oddly enough that is also the gestalt of the sphinx that watches over the Great pyramids.  The statement being man can create great works of art and structure by using this yoga posture!  Probably that is the greatest message mankind could ever have?  If you do this backbreaking work and then this exorcise in prayer from you will experience some rejuvenation.  This exercise and many others like is such as Simon says or even the art of Qi-Gong also serve to accomplish the same thing.  On the CNN religious program an archeologist noted that the pyramids were not built by slave labor but by Egyptian workers!  Someone took credit for it when they didn't build them?  But the message still stands throughout the history of the earth that great structures can indeed be built and that this exorcise does indeed help to shed the spirits of demonic possession that would prevent you from achieving?  Those electric weight loss stimulator accomplish the same thing as well as submersion in water- as in Baptism. And perhaps that is indeed the rational for the baptism to shed the spirit that conceived you so that you can have a soul and life of your own!

You will also notice that when you do this exercise your sinus's will start to clear too.  I believe it has to do with increased flexibility of the spinal cord in the column and that spinal fluid.  You will also notice that you walk taller!

I have done this for two days now and it has helped me.

Now I have to wonder if God asked Abraham to kill his first born son because he believed there was something wrong with him; I only ask that from experience with the lineage of his second born son?

Full disclosure: I would not attempt this after a recent spinal cord injury as it could make it worse.  But I have had mine (a bulging disk) for 2 years and I started this recently and it is helping! I do 10 reps maybe 2 to 3 times a day!  But you know what, it will be our little secret.  Everyone will think I am praying to Allah when indeed I am strengthening my back!

I believe that this is also helpful for an irritated intestine as well as gallstones!  When in that tuck position you can even do a form of crunch that I believe per my memory of Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding book is called a "tuck."  And that contraction of ab muscles in that position is very good for both constipation and regularity!  Those Arabs knew they did!!!!

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