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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Could Subjective Tea Party Health Care End Up Killing Us All 12 29 2013

Could Subjective Tea Party Health Care End Up Killing Us All 12 29 2013
When sickness is left untreated doesn’t it potentiate and mutate to become a stronger disease like the plague?
Whereby those who sought to deny treatment also end up dying from the selfishness?
And is not the same the truth with regard to medical fraud?  In other words claiming people who are not sick really are so that you can sell drugs to treat them; for whatever reason be it money or personal.

So indeed medical fraud is the practice of medicine for money and not altruism!  What does that mean?  It means those who are Doctors that know about it do not have the integrity to be doctors.  It also means that when it comes time to treat those who really need it in the example above humanity will be a great loss!
And is not the above also true of everything that we know is not good for us that people take as a form of escapism?
And oddly enough after I broke the story about hospice care, Congestive heart failure and Constipation and Morphine, there was a story in the paper today about how those entering hospice (end of life) care are…more of them are surviving it.  And sure you offer explanations that tell it a different way.  But I also mentioned how elderly in the hospital are rarely cleaned properly.  And I believe I wrote somewhere that all it takes to ruin a restaurant or hospital for good is one employee wiping down the walls with a snot rag.

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