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Friday, December 27, 2013

Did anyone notice that Bill Gates has made a list of people he wants to kill? 12 27 2013

Did anyone notice that Bill Gates has made a list of people he wants to kill?  12 27 2013

He wants to eliminate 10 to 15% of the population, is that not the same thing as making a list of people he wants to kill?

Did you ever notice that sometimes when mass gunmen are hauled in they have created lists of people they want to kill?  You all see it in the serial killer movies.  What we as a nation need to do is make a list of people like this!  JFK got the ball rolling when he stated that Ivy League Universities serve no benefit to a democracy.

I think I will indeed make a list of those who have not  benefited our democracy.  With well articulated reasons as to why they have not  benefited our democracy.

And my list does not advocate the same thing that Bill Gates does.  My list would just state what they have done wrong and how it has been detrimental to our democracy.

And didn't our very own NSA make lists of innocent civilians?  How did that reduce our $17 trillion in debt, get 46 million Americans off foods-tamps or increase our competitive stance?

Competitive stance; you hear that buzzword on the Business channels regarding foreign trade? There are some people we should never have tried to compete against because they don't play by the rules of human rights in our Constitution!  It is like my Tax Accounting professor telling of a wrestler who grabbed men by the nuts; he said he turned to face him when he started to squeeze and blew him a kiss, and that was what allowed him to get out of the hold quickly.  My point is he should have never had to have competed with that!

And that is indeed the job of the 4th estate or press, to write about those who are harming our country and why.  And that is indeed exactly what I have done in this blog.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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