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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Chinese the Bible and Christmas 12 29 2013

The Chinese the Bible and Christmas   12 29 2013

Was there a motive to the Chinese allowing a Bible radio program to be broadcast in China?

If they entirely banned the Bible they would indeed face lower production and profits because a lot of that stuff is given as Christmas Gifts.  So in order to gain more business they have to become more religious?  And that is indeed how communism will be defeated.  All we have to say is your products are produced and sold to those that believe in Christmas and God!  And maybe that does give you sour grapes, and we get leaded china and plastic that does not have uv stabilizers and quickly cracks.  Which brings up the point, they know exactly how long it takes a plastic product (based on oil) to break don't they!  And indeed their are toy companies whose plastic products last longer because they have the proper additives because children's weight are supported by them?  So indeed stronger plastics could be made across the board,  So that sounds like what would correctly incite a modern Tea Party to me!  Not the fact that you don't want Americans to have medical and hospital care like the current Tea Party!

Mystery Song

So indeed would the Chinese become more religious with regard to the Bible if it meant more money for them?  And what would that type of religion become?  How would it become subverted or infiltrated with evil?

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