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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Mass “Our Bodies Will Be Restored”

Sunday Mass “Our Bodies Will Be Restored”
“The thing he wanted, more than anything else, was to live on time that was borrowed from a man!”
It is coming to Christmas time.  So I asked myself, “What do we know about Jesus Christ?”  Answer: “His life was scribed before he was dead and he is viewed as the God of Bible based Religions!”
His life was scribed before he was dead!
How would you like that?  You pick up a book and it is your life’s future!  On page 200 you read where those who wrote it have you sold and put to death!
What can be said about his disciples’ and or apostles?  (Ask yourself why it was true!) You get to page 200 and your friends have written how they are going to kill you!  What do you feel at that point?  A sinking feeling in your stomach?  What do you say to them?
“Oh, thank you for the nice book?  Why don’t you write a sequel based the same character that follows right in the chronology of this one, right after this one, the story of this man’s life starts anew into more of a future?”
“Yes, yes this was a wonderful piece of work.  Written so well that you should continue writing from the end of this.  Some how in your next book you should write how that last chapter was just really like a dream of fiction.  You didn’t really mean I sell him… me into death did you?  Has this gone to the printing presses already?”
“We have had 72 scribe associates simultaneously writing the exact same copies at distant locals, without using a draft!” answered a disciple.
“And indeed Kings compensate you for this from taxes they extort?”
“Yes indeed.  They love it!”
So they scribe (write) his life story including the ending, before his death!  Doesn’t that really mean they should have instead used what they had learned as if they were him instead of as profiting from his death?
If you made a connection to a father figure through some type of heretofore unknown imprinting technique, do you ride that father figures life into the ground?  There weren’t his son’s were they!  They were more like queer sponges!
The book of Matthew tells how Jesus first went looking for disciples’ and how it occurred after a man tried to prostrate (rape) him on a mountain.
So a man goes looking to find support in order to stave off the Roman invasion and what does he find living out on their own that will help him?  Six pairs of queers that write his future life’s story and death!
It is said that they (those who did not like him, the Wealthy Jewish Sanhedrin) tried to kill Jesus Christ many times! So did they indeed keep writing stories about how he would be killed?  “He ain’t dead after that last story we wrote about him, let’s write a new one about how he will be killed!  Until we finally get it right!”  That is really plotting to kill someone isn’t it!  They weren’t praying for good things to happen to him were they!
Jews, come on, fess up!
So when you analyze the psychological construct of them this is what it condenses too;
1.         In the same vicinity of where a man (labeled the Devil) tried to rape Jesus were where he found the men to serve as disciples?  Apparently that Devil had already gotten to them?  That beast had a domain didn’t it!!!!  You ever go in the woods and see bark torn off a tree 10 feet high and then bear tracks later on?  Can it be said the victims of the beast are meant to serve as a warning to those that venture into its domain?  And that is why they were they way they were, to write how he would die?  What kind of a person keeps a diary every night writing about how someone will be killed the next day?  That is what it amounts to, to me!  That is how the gestalt reads!  And indeed it harkens to what I heard an Italian man say on public radio, “If you imagine long enough those imaginations will become part of your own memory!”  To me that is a person who is driving their own mind into a lifetime of delusion!  Someone escaping from reality due to a traumatic event in their lives?  They don’t want to believe in their own memories!  I don’t want that in my domain!

2.       They wrote someone else’s future and death because they did not have anything to base their own future on? 
And all of this follows from the scripture, “It has already been written in the scriptures!”  Scriptures being a form of the verb, scribe, which means to write!  And who were the earliest victims of being scribed?  Well indeed either right or wrong it was the victims of Jewish Rabies who had the GGG or 666 cut into their foreheads as golems!  I say rightly so because somehow the human race did indeed have to differentiate itself in order to evolve.  We would think those who were Golemized would indeed be an equivalent to someone who has Down’s Syndrome or is mentally retarded?
Jesus being a Jewish Rabbi was indeed a father figure.  He did indeed tell that Devil on the mountain top not to put us to the test!  But what of those who would put someone to the test as Jesus was?  What can be said about them?
“You know why your father couldn’t raise you?”…”Because he was emotionally disturbed!”  And hence the son’s also become emotionally disturbed too and no man could stand to spend a day with them?  And what of the women who are part of this?  “After you married your male you became so unhappy didn’t you!”  And emotionally disturbed adult male cannot make a normal connection with his own son!  Why because he was abused by adult males or women himself?
Okay I wanted to build on how been men living in your neighborhood (vicinity), such as the Devil in the story of Matthew, that wanted to sodomize Jesus Christ create an ill willed community of dependent minded and weak willed males.  And per my memory that is about Matthew 4: 7-11.  But somehow I did not do it justice!  He became a fisher of men in order to peacefully spread the word and all he could find were those who were so weak willed that they wrote his life’s futures until his death?  These are indeed bad playwrights.  Hence the phrasing by Shakespeare, “Scribes, Scribes, wretched scribes!”
And indeed we are a told that Jesus Christ had to exorcise Demons before his death and we know by deductive logic he was unable to, hence, “Father why have you forsaken me!”  Demons?  That sounds an awful lot like what a person who suffers from what is termed split (schizo) soul (phrenic) suffers from!  So indeed these bad sons make a connection by imprinting to who they would like to be their father and keep that connection open with demonic thoughts and voices so that the scribes can be the seers of one’s future and profit from it?
And when a country figures out what has been going on the first thing those in power want to do is take away their weapons!  We have that right in our Constitution so that when we are on the mountain top, for whatever reason, we are not prostrated by the devil!  And made into a queer sponge or scribe who has learned helplessness from being sexually abused and has the voice of a goat!
And that story of Jesus Christ being prostrated (Bent over) by satan is indeed why another passage by God in the Bible states in no uncertain terms, all homosexuals are to be killed!  You kill the first ones and they cannot victimize younger generations!
You want to challenge me in court on this all I have to do is hold that Bible in front of me while I am being sworn in and that’s the end of it!  That and a copy of the Constitution in the other! Congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of religion!
So Jesus drove the money changers out of the Temple and they got pissed at him?  No problem you can work the rest of your life’s to uproot and move those temples and churches to whatever country you believe will put up with you!  So you can’t get mad we drove you out of the temple you can take the temple with you!
And you know as well as I that none of the bad people would be created without alcohol!  So you can fill your temples/churches with all of the remaining stock as you take them both with you!
Americans don’t find being preyed upon as being cute!

So who indeed is it making the promise that our bodies will be restored?  And whose children are they sexually molesting in order to fulfill that satanic occult based promise with?  The metaphysical science behind it being, if you somehow sterilize a man and stop his future lineage your own life's vitality becomes restored? Something to do with what is called the descension of the Holy Spirit.  A priest once said at mass that while at the seminary an instructor once told him, we are nothing without that holy spirit!  Why don't you tell "Whose do no evil hands" create the Holy Spirit! 

Your bodies might be restored but your minds cannot if you never had one of your own!

Hence the once popularized swear, "Get a life?"  I don't want you to get someone elses life!  I want you to form your own life!  Can you do that for me?  To get someone else's life is indeed the nature of the Devil or Satan!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 08 2013 at:
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS "And all pirates had Cabin Boy's too didn't they?"

And is that also the nature of Unions?  We only want to work with males who were also Cabin Boys!

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