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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Proof Schizophrenia is medical fraud created by religious leaders 12 24 2013

Proof Schizophrenia is medical fraud created by religious leaders.
“And he was instantly healed.”  That is a recurring theme of the healing that is said to take place in the Bible!  And some of those who are healed are said to be Demoniacs!  It means demonically possessed.  And Jewish Rabbi’s were the ones who are said to have healed them.  Boy we sure could use people like that is the field of psychiatry today!!!  Think of all the money that could be saved and all the violence that would be prevented!  And indeed some Jewish men are in the field of psychiatry.
Last night I glanced over a encyclopaedic entry of the Jewish Occult practice of Kabbalah.  It was said to be so dangerous that it remained a hidden secret for over 2,500 years!
When I read the stories in the Bible of how men and women were instantly cured from demonic possession I can come up with only one explanation.  The occult practice of Kabbalah and that miracle healing mentioned was a matter of abstaining from demonically possessing those who you demonically possessed in order to make mentally ill.  What do I have to base that on?  Key concepts in the Bible exemplified by the phrase, “And he was instantly healed!”
Jesus was a Jew and part of that Kabbalah practice involved the occult!  In fact it was so bad they kept the ideas secret for over 2,500 years!  What can be so bad as that?  Demonically possessing someone in order to enslave them both mentally and physically; by creating a demoniac!
Some Jewish  Rabbis today believe that everyone should know of the existence of the Kabbalah practice! And I agree whole heartedly with them and that is why I have revealed to you the secrets and the medical fraud that they have created in my blogs!
The nuances of text in the Bible or inferences are after the men were instantly healed in the Bible using phrasing such as, “And he meaning the Disciples of Christ of members of a different temple were already aware of him!”  I will be repeating the following text from the Bible to make this point clear to you with regard to the meaning!
Mark 1: 32-34
“When it was evening, after sunset, they brought to him all who were ill or possessed by demons.  The whole town was gathered at the door.  He cured many who were sick with various diseases, and  drove out many demons, not permitting them to speak because they knew him.”
And that sentence clause in the red italics is the key to this!  It is a reference to either his disciples being the unclean spirits or people from the temple that he confronted with regard to John the Baptist when his “Authority was questioned,” in Matthew 21 23-27!
It would appear that this form of demonic possession is also the cause of psychiatric based illnesses like schizophrenia- and that too is what exposes it as a medical fraud!
Have you ever heard a Catholic Priest or magician speak and notice that his voice has a buzzhole characteristic to it?  Like a wickedness!  Be honest with yourself, if you were sleeping in your bed and heard that voice calling to you from outside your bedroom window in the darkness it would scare you nearly to death!  That would indeed cause toxic renal shock; and hence your inability to metabolize and excrete things like Alcohol and other toxins!  And that shock can indeed be a cause of mental illness!
Some of the Gospels of the Bible are indeed the retelling of the same stories in the same time frame of Jesus’s life from a different disciple’s perspective.  I notice that as I read from Matthew and the to Mark.  As you do this you should think of it as if you are a jury corroborating the evidence between two different witnesses or defendants or plaintiffs!  This is good because as you read from one to the next you flush out and discern the detail!
Here is the innuendo again!
“When it was evening, after sunset, they brought to him all who were ill or possessed by demons.  The whole town was gathered at the door.  He cured many who were sick with various diseases, and  drove out many demons, not permitting them to speak because they knew him.”
Somehow Jesus has control over them!  To me it reads like Hitler controlling pederasty youth or the headmaster in the English based novel/movie Oliver Twist controlling orphan youth to be thieves!  And the name Oliver Twist is indeed a metaphor for the Englishman who sexually molests of boys!
What other proof do we have?
After Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist Jesus lost the his own human soul he had stolen or was indeed traumatized from his own soul.  Some of the text that alludes to this is that the nature of the Baptism at that time was to hold someone under water until you almost drowned them and they had to fight their way to get away!  But also read the innuendo of what John the Baptist says he will do to Jesus Christ!
Mark 1:7 is what John the Baptist says about Jesus Christ before he baptized Jesus.
“I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals!”
Read the motive and intent there?  John is saying he won’t be able to do it all by himself! Immediately after that in Mark 1:9 Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist!
And here is a lot of imagery that one can or cannot read into in Mark 1 10:11
“On coming out of the water he saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit, like a dove, descending upon him.  And a voice came from the heavens, “You are my beloved son; with you I am well pleased.”
“Torn open” and “well pleased?”  Sound like testimony from happens to a child that has been sexually molested or raped!  And immediately after that Jesus heard a voice in his head!  And not only that Jesus became mentally ill! Read it and interpret it in Mark 1:12
“At once the spirit drove him out into the dessert, and he remained in the desert for forty days, tempted by Satan.   He was among wild beasts, and the angels ministered to him.”  In Matthew we learn that he was prostrated, means bent over, by a devil and then administered to by angels. So we have a

What do we learn about Matthew in Matthew chapter 10:2?  That he was a tax collector!!!  He was a Disciple of Jesus and also a Tax Collector!!!!!  So this was indeed a business of healing!!!  What God would heal and then have a tax collector?  We also know from what they bible tells us of tax collectors is that they were extortionists!  (Find quote, “And I extorted more!”  The followers of Jesus formed the Catholic faith a branch of the Jewish religion that split off!)  In Matthew 14:13 we learn that his family and sisters could not figure out where he got all that money from, “The Rejection at Nazareth” is the title of that Chapter!

And what does the Book of Matthew tell of “The Return of the Unclean Spirit” in Matthew 13:43?  It says that he gets 7 of his buddies to come with him to demonically possess that man again so that the condition becomes worse!

Indiana Jones movie that was what the Nazi’s were searching for!!!  It was indeed discovered or said to be after WWII?  The Nazi’s found it?
A pot calling the kettle black back and forth between Jesus and those who killed John the Baptist!
Mark 1: 25 – 26
Read how he cured the Demoniac of an unclean spirit that was demonically possessing him and had a consciousness of its own separate from that of the person being demonically possessed!  Read that sentence again and tie the word separate in with the term split (meaning schizo) and phrenic (meaning mind)!!!
Jesus speaks to that unclean spirit as if he knows exactly who and what it is!
Here is the text of Mark 1: 25-26
“Jesus rebuked him and said, “Quiet! Come out of him!”  The unclean spirit convulsed him and with a loud cry came out of him!”
Note the nature of how stubborn and spoiled that unclean spirit is and compare that to hard it is to debunk the cause of mental illness as being from demonic possession!
Submersion in water having the ability to rid one of the disembodied human souls that form the basis of demonic possession and the voices.
Upon submerging at Elite fitness center on Good Hope a short man I believe to be named Desantos appeared and tried to distract me by,
1.       Nervously walking back and forth on the dark deck of the pool by the deep end not swimming but just talking rather loudly and rudely on his cell phone!
2.       Another time when I was in there swimming and no one else was there he came and pointed a green laser into the water and then acted as if he had a gun with a laser sight on it he was hiding!
3.       I was also at the Tall Grass Grill on Farwell one night and that same man came in with a soccer ball and kicked it around the restaurant.  Management did nothing, he might be the owner?
While swimming at Lake Michigan I have seen women come and grab the bull horn and make everyone, including me, come out of the water for no apparent reason!  I have also seen that same dark haired woman who has the mean face that looks like that of a munchin from the Wizard of Oz at the entrance to the grocery store to the immediate south of the Elite Fitness center in Mequon. After I had swam a mile for the first time in my life!  And she was talking loud and obnoxiously and indeed insulted me as I walked in the door!
I have seen an India Indian woman who is a math Professor at UWM come and stand by the shore when I was swimming in Lake Michigan and nervously follow me on shore while I swam!  I know she is math Professor because I met her once at Starbucks coffee Oakland another time after I had been swimming in Lake Michigan.  I remember that time because I got sick from the counter top that smelled like it had been wipe down with a green snot towel!
I was yelled at by a short Italian man I believe to be a police officer at the downtown YMCA immediately after I came out of the hot tub completely relaxed.  He looked a lot like one of the officers involved in the Lawrencia Bembenic incident!!!
I have also heard black men using odd high pitched gay voices to try and distract me out of the that relaxed state upon coming out of the hot tub; a relaxed state is one where as in the case of Johns Baptism one is free from demonic possession!  Ones soul is completely their own!  I know this because a few summers ago I had an allergic reaction to an antifungal cream and as I was going into shock I became very peaceful more so than I have ever been in my adult life; as the voices or that which demonically possesses one leaves them!
I have also gotten in that hot tub and experienced obnoxious people getting in that hot tub with me!  You should also read my story in my blog Local Business Reviews about coming out of the pool or hot tub at the Jewish Community Center in Whitefish Bay!
In order for them to take your human soul they must first displace it!  When they displace it you do not attend to your own bodily needs like hygiene and become sick!  Hence the way that Jesus and his disciples or others made people sick!
Here is an Egyptian or Kemetic Proverb:   “The Purpose of all human life is to achieve a state of consciousness apart from bodily concerns.”  The Egyptians enslaved a great many Jews.  We learn how they did it in a Chapter from Matthew who was a Tax Collector  Matthew Chapter 20 titled “The Workers in the Vineyard”  It has a Tom Sawyer getting people dependent upon alcohol in order to paint his fence for free tune to it!  The connecting point being that they need your human soul or an attachment to it because their own is missing because of a hippocampus defect related to oxygen deprivation from alcohol.  Your memory is the first to go, as it why didn’t I receive equal pay for my work in the vineyard in Matthew 20.  And your memory and learning is controlled by the hippo campus of your brain!  It is defective in both fetal alcohol syndrome the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere and Alzheimer’s!  You thank Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joe Kennedy for every case of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere over the last 81 years!  And don’t try and argue against human reason when you have none!
So if you do not believe me with regard to submersion in water healing you of demonic possession TRY IT!  Do you hear voices?  Get in the water and swim or wade!  There will be those who will quickly try and snap you out of your relaxed state of jubilation when you get out of the water!
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Only 1% of us might actually have our own human souls while a great majority are satanic minded today!
And the best way to keep an older person healthy is to make sure they shower and bathe more frequently!  And I for the life of me cannot understand why the bathtub is not long enough for a six foot man to submerse himself in!  I have stated before that every bathtub made or sold in the United States should be mandated to be at least 6 and 2 inches long!
And one more thing, when you go to someone else’s house for a holiday like Christmas make sure you shower when you get home because you are likely to pick up germs from that home; such as from a dog or cat that you don’t have! Strep bacteria is in all their mouths!  They lick their own butts as well as each other’s!
When you hear those voices use your mental voice to think these words,
“Thank you for joining me today, I have much sickness and death to share with you!”  In fact I think I will make that my salutation greeting upon handshake with those who I don’t like that like me, “I have much sickness to share with you!” J
Or how about this prayer,
“Dear God, my beautiful father, please cure my sickness.
 Mother Mary, Oh loving one, Miss Bountiful, please cast sickness from my body!”
“My God my loving father.  My Patriarch in heaven who looks after me, please help me be healthy!
Mother Mary please bless me and the food I eat.
God my responsible father please do not forsaken me for I try my best to never sin!
Shalom, She loom, Shalom, She Loom, she looms, Shalom  Use homonyms that distract and motivate spirit to do something else like stick to her knitting, in your prayers too!
Mother Mary I am lowly and weak, please forgive me for my sins!”
Jesus used a lot of compelling one to be a responsible father terminology in his prayers and life!
Speaking of prayer the way those Islam’s pray might very good for your lower back too!
Also try this prayer to distract one to think about cooking and caring for others,
Heeeee-gooooo-kooooookery.” J
Those are all “Shift of focus” that motivate the disembodied spirit back into its own body!  As is this negative self believe that likely isn’t true!  So in order to defeat the demoniac spirits you must bear false witness against yourself as in,
“Forgive me Lord for I have been a lifetime coward!  A weakling!  I have done terrible things! I am of the flesh and therefore unholy.”
Very tricky, those Arabs all prostrating themselves before God and doing that exercise like a situp.  When you do that Arab prayer  be careful because the homo’s might come out of the woodwork to find you, they might interpret it as, “Here boy don’t you want my a$$h013.”  And I do believe you have the right to kill in defense of being raped.  That falls into your rights of Life (continuation of life by not becoming sterile from it,) Liberty (of course you have the guarantied right or liberty to be free from that, Pursuit of happiness (it would interfere in your pursuit of a normal relationship if you were raped.) Keep that in mind as you realize why we have the Guarantied right to keep and bear arms in the United States!
And here is another prayer they can’t stand because it defeats their occult say this to the voices in your head, “You liked my morning erection didn’t you!”  They hate it because it makes their sons and daughter that already lack their own human consciousness and reason GAY!  Don’t want to be gay and die of aides don’t demonically possess a human being for their soul, it is just that simple!
“You liked my morning erection didn’t you!”
Odds and ends.
Which came first?  The aides Virus or a psychological symptom of having the aides virus!
The satanic future is dependent upon them decriminalizing the sexual molestation of children.  And one step towards that goal is the normalization of homosexuality by allowing them to marry!
Was Hitler a victim of Kabbalisctic Occult?  In German history we know that a boy was kept locked up in the attic of a German Church?  Hitler was beaten in a room alone by his father.
Okay back to the Jewish Occult Kabbalah doctrines.  They were kept secret for over 2500 years.  Are they what Hitler searched for?  Were they discovered along with the Dead Sea Scrolls?  And about the same time the Dead Sea scrolls were made public we had a great increase in the number of those diagnosed with Schizophrenia (literally the compound word origin comes from split/mind)  Hitler and FDR were in power at the same time in history.  The Eugenics movement FDR based part of his social reform on had the term, “One must surrender their individuality for the needs of industry.”
Now I have not researched in depth about the Kabbalah but I am starting to.  I don’t even know if I will be able to find documents related to it!  It should be free on the internet.  But it has to be so bad that is why it was kept secret and that is exactly what they describe it to be!

Post Scripts:

And to qualify that above statement.
1.       Those voices distract a human being from what they would like to do and write about in life, hence that distraction is steering those ideas.
2.       I explain what is really going on in my novel “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper” You will find it in Sawmill Mans diatribe.
3.       I only learned that they can’t stand that phrase, “You liked my morning erection,” after 21 years of hearing voices.  So indeed I am not the demon here!

Also in terms of being stalked there is a Slavic looking man who I have seen at the Wal*Mart on 76th street before it closed.  He walked in the next isle from the fishing lure isle I was shopping in and yelled his head off at me.  I have also seen him in the parking lot at Menards 2 or 3 times.  One of those times he was putting a handgun in his pocket.  The other time he was walking towards me very quickly while my back was turned and pulling a yellow crow bar out of his bag to act like he was going to wield it.  I believe he might work for Time Warner Cable.  He is about 5’11 and of stocky build, dark hair and round polish/Slavic looking face.  He might also be part of a religious faculty.
I believe this stalking has to do with a concept of trying to scare a person’s soul from them when they are most vulnerable; post ejaculation or wet dream per the incidents with the Slavic man!
Now I am 208 pounds and can throw 7 lethal punches in less than one second so I am not really scared.  But this violates my freedom in the United States and indeed indicates that there are those who live in the United States that are incompatible with our Constitution!  He might be the one who came out on a service call one day and sat in my den with his legs crossed and just played with the television for 20 minutes like it was really his own home.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 24 2013 at:
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Was meant to be more concise, but I believe there is benefit from the stream of conscious.

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