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Monday, December 23, 2013

George Bush Cost to the Economy 12 23 2013

George Bush Cost to the Economy

I just saw George Bush smiling and in the media again so I had to get out my pen.  I think of it as being an analogy to having the desire to play the carnival game called Whack a Mole!
So we likely spent well over $63 billion dollars and employed over 30,000 at the NSA while we have been at War in the Middle East since George Bush took office and then invaded IRAQ ~1991.  Since George Bush took office 79,661 servicemen have been killed in War and the increased price of gas has cost the United States Citizen 4.09 Trillion Dollars over the past 23 years!  That increased cost to the consumer of gas prices would have made us energy independent by now if we had used it to invest in solar electric energy like we should have!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Truth Meter Fraud:  Is it true based on the moral that should be reached in conclusion by what so and so and said or is it untrue because you don’t like that moral and can find where the data is one penny off?  Trying to tell you a difference is meaningless because they want the data to support a subjective conclusion.  It is really a propaganda device in that it makes the reader feel like the paper is doing its job when the paper is really giving you a very narrow view of our world in terms of the people represented in stories in the paper; and the beliefs.  Anyone who has ever worked at a Corporation knows what the word corporate culture means!  Corporate culture should have never been a word or concept allowed to exist in American Media!  Why not; it erodes our freedom! Some of the first Corporations were mercenary pirates for the English; hence that is where we get the principle of my leg is a peg so yours is going to be too, or my child’s brain is dumber than an empty bottle of rum so yours is going to be too!  There is a difference between real men and corporate management!
Data conclusion: NSA, a division of the Army salaries are likely $100k a piece for 21 years at 30,000 employees equals 63 billion dollars not including the cost of property plant and equipment plus expenses related to the operation which are much much more than that.  And I am pulling those numbers from memory.  But let’s scale that salary number back to the time when FDR took office whether it makes sense to or not, the spending would have been the same just under a different gov classification.  $100k *89 years * 30,000 = 267 billion dollars.  And even though that salary and employee number is too high in the early years the $267 is understated?  Why?  Because actual figures are much higher than that!  What is the conclusion?  People like that should have never been hired to do what they did in the first place and money should not have been spent on them so that they could just require more and more money!  Give them a little money and they end up needed more and more because you should have never employed them in the first place!

War Casualties
Gulf War ~91:       1,143 casualties
Afghanistan War 2001 to present:  20,904
Iraq War:  57,614  (Do you notice how George also sells the wars with “The War in Iraq”  rather than Iraq War?  And the “War in Afghanistan”
Those three numbers 1,143+20,904+57,614 total 79,661.  And what is very interesting are Bush’s father’s casualties versus his!  But that comparison doesn’t hold value because most red blooded Americans believed we should have charged right into Baghdad and finished it then; so we can’t give his father credence for having less casualties.  In fact we can blame him for his son and also all of those resultant casualties.  And that causality number is understated when you add in the 30,000 military personnel that are not traumatized by war but rather traumatized from our own United States military by being sexually abused!  That number tells us that whether you want to admit it or not there is a different breed among us; and I will get into a term called alcohol psychosis in the next article today, if indeed I have time.
He is implying he did a great deal to keep this fighting from our homeland!  I could have done a better job of it by evicting 40 years ago him and his ilk and those who do not have beliefs Consistent with our Constitution that live in the United States!  There was no reason they needed to come to the U.S. to learn how to fly planes or become business managers or engineers!  None whatsoever!  Educating those with a belief system contradictory to our Constitution has been a great contributor to our urban and society decay!

And look at how the price of gas rapidly dipped to $1.62 from $4.12 after everyone believed a man of integrity was going to become President of the United States in Barracks 2008 election; it didn’t hold at that level did it!
Source data for $4 trillion cost to the American.
And my numbers are indeed interpolated and cuffed but they are likely the best estimate you have ever seen and are also likely conservative numbers!
And here is a statistic that you have never seen before: Percent of Americans on Food Stamps before Kennedy was shot: The closest year I get to that is 1969 and the number is 2.878 million, and a national population of 202.676 million  {That was 1.42 percent of United States Citizens!)
Ronald Reagan year 1981,     22.430 Million on food stamps pop 229.465 million  that is 9.75 percent of the U.S. population.
Percent of Americans on Food Stamps before George Bush took office ~89   18.806 million, 246.819 million pop.  That is 7.6 percent.
GB Jr. took office in 2001     17.318 million on food stamps total pop 284.796.  (that is 6.08 percent)
Remember he was Governor of that border State to Mexico just prior to that!!  . He Left in 2009, and here is the biggest spike, 33.490 million in 2009  (pop 304.583  that is 11 percent! )and in the aftermath of 2010 the number spiked to 40.302 million (pop ) 307.175  (And based on the trend is should be considered aftermath!  That is a concept the newspapers want to invalidate! 13.12 percent on food stamps in his AFTERMATH!  This from a kid that flunked the third grade and also gave us no child left behind?  Think of that as you hear Scott Walker wanting to grant himself a college degree in the aftermath of dropping out!
This man created the welfare recipients that the Republican Party harangs!
Barrack Obama: 46 million pop 313.9 mil pop gets us a figure of 14.65 percent! Think of that when you hear that he invites his friends to play basketball at the White House and also that the White House is now off limits to photojournalists!  And Hillary Clinton has certainly been in there recently but she is going to preach how a woman should be faithful to an adulterous husband that creates more welfare recipients, if she were to be elected.  What a joke!  An absolute national disgrace!
These are not the results or trend of results we would get by electing men to office.  George Bush Jr. own wife said that he should have never been President of the United States; his momma however would have never said that!
It might be stated that the Presidents of the last 40 years have done absolutely nothing while in office because they spent $17 trillion dollars and gave the American Taxpayer the bill for it?  And we can and should compare the national debt level to the percent of Americans who have had have given up their individuality.  Mine was taken from me in 1991!  And it has been a great detriment to the United States economy!  A soul cannot be split because you can’t have a piece of someone else’s soul if you don’t have the ability to form your own soul in the first place!  Are there millions of Americans that fall into this delusional recipient category that belong somewhere where they will no longer jeopardize the future of humanity?  Yes, and they are the rich who don’t like to work but instead act like they are something they aren’t!
And sure, I could do a much better job at an article like this; given the time and an environment free of the distraction of voices of those without human souls, but you could have done a better job at having better children too; but you didn’t!
And as you read this you too can also see that Inflation is not a normal concept in economic in history!  Look at how it was caused; by those who should have never represented the United States Population!
Merry Christmas!

And I suppose I could add up the cost to the economy of food stamps since Kennedy was assassinated but the conclusion would be that we are already in de-facto communism! And it is no mystery to me why the latest James Bond actor somewhat resembles Vladamir Putin!  That is propaganda!
Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 23 2013 at:
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
And one more point there were 211,454 U.S. Casualties in the Viet Nam War!  Kennedy wanted to keep us out of that!  And also those soldiers were given the AR-15 rifle that was neither a rifle nor a machine gun nor a handgun!  It was a toy compared to what they should have had!  And that should be the basis of a Qui Tam lawsuit!  And Johnson had the English Surname, Kennedy shuddered at the thought of him becoming President!  Kennedy was assassinated.  Kennedy also was likely to oppose gambling nationwide and hence Jack Rubinstein (Polish Russian Jew and Oswald too worked at a communist high tech firm Gorizont in Russia) who was involved in night clubs in Texas where there was prostitution was likely involved!  They have their way with gambling today through the internet and also Indian Casinos!  And they are also having their way with American Boys and girls adopted by Gay fathers.  What does it do?  It normalizes the concept that male sexual abuse of another male is not sexual abuse at all, and then that concept gets applied to children!!!!!~ In defense that the abuse is really a normal behavior and hence not abuse at all!  Who was in Barracks bedroom when he was a boy?  Was it George Bush?

If I were President of the United States I would demand ALL information with regard to Gorizont and back that demand with the threat of nuclear annihilation! 

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