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Friday, December 20, 2013

Question of the day

Do little girls who are rape grow up to believe they are no different than men as a way of mal- development in coping with that trauma.  And perhaps we can add a whole new category to psychology and also a more accurate psychiatry called "The Origins of the Warped Personality" or Personality Warping Causes and Treatment.

For if they viewed themselves as different then men the personal trauma would be more than their congruent selves could accommodate!!!  And indeed perhaps Gays and Lesbians are the real divided minds or Schizophrenics in our society!  Right?  For some reason that sexual identity was split from them in childhood?  That is a definite personality split isn't it?  Your body is one way and your mind a different way!!!!

The Lesbian that wants to perfect the works of men that she participated in ruining because the act of perfecting them makes her feel superior?  And dominant to men.  And she needs to take that high place in our society rather than admit that what was done to her as a little girl was wrong.  And that might indeed be incest in some form or statutory rape!

And isn't that participation in ruining also indicative of a species lesser species such as wolves where the females really don't want to consider themselves different than the males?  All of the wolves in a pack do indeed share in having a scapegoat wolf that they abuse!  But if a little girl is sexually abused while at the same time she is participant in a pack behavior of demonization she would not come to view herself as being sexually abused and in fact she would seek to become the Alpha leader!  Hence participation in demonization as if it were a hunt forms a bond to the male of the race as if she was one of them!  She bonds to the male because their ins't a female human role model to bond to!  And because their is not a female role model to bond to in her human life it also means that their could not have been a true man of integrity role model to have bonded to!

Indeed as I stated yesterday father and son brain imprinting is a valid and scientifically proven construct in psychology!  There is a definite mind to mind connection formed and the brainwaves because a peaceful same as the son watches the father work.  But what if you son was born with brain damage!  The first part of the brain to go is always the  memory!  Therefore the first part to go in relation to fetal alcohol syndrome is your memory and ability to learn!  But what if their was just mild damage that scarred a child's ability to imprint to the mind of their father?  Or worse yet, what if their was no true males mind in that home?  That deadbeat father ran out!  That son is therefore imprinting to a female brain that is 10% less in size than what his fathers would have been!

So if he has no one to imprint to then the psychological principle of forced mind to mind connection comes into play!  And that would be demonic possession!  Now a family like that can never really change because they cannot break out of the cycle!

The Eugenicists did not want to openly prove the concept of a mind imprint against a persons will! 

So indeed if you have a lesser species that force imprinted their children on the minds of real men, then that young girl would be a party to that demonization process!  It would indeed help her cope with her own negative personal circumstances in life!

I see where Romney and Bin Laden have negative views on Women!  But I would say it is not all women!  And I would say that the archetype of woman listed above should not be allowed to work or control other people in any manner!  I would believe she needs psychiatric treatment!  I will go further and state that person is contradictory and incompatible with the Constitution of the United States Freedom and living here!  And since she is indeed a citizen of someone else's soul; she and also men like her should not be able to vote in democracies!  To the point that she would demonically possess them to see out of their eyes; and even take control of them and turn their imaginations into breaks from reality and acts of horror!  Well that would implicate that she is so horrific that she belongs in prison!  Every person labeled with a split soul in the United States was a victim of hers!

And the Eugenics/psychiatry movement came from FDR!  And here is perhaps the most damming evidence!  FDR's wife was a Lesbian!  He indeed repealed prohibition in order to please his wife who was likely born mentally defective with regard to her own identity because of alcohol!  And he himself was likely no different!  There was another connection between him and China Opium and its effects that I wanted to make.  I also wanted to incorporate the archetype of the person listed above in terms of why Catholic Priests are required to be celibate?  From my memory of all Bible readings and Catholic teachings I have not officially heard a valid reason!  But the clergy does indeed mean to draw straws or that is the origin of the word.  So indeed one man was chosen so that they woman who did not have her own soul could have someone to demonically possess?  So that she could bond with the mind of a man and not have to see through his eyes's as he had sex with women?  Because that wold make her feel like less of a man because she has the same anatomy as the woman he is having sex with?

So a person hears voices in their heads?  Am I the only one who can make a list of who the usual suspects could be?  Am I the only one that believes it could be the result of a brain imprinting not out of love but out of abandonment and or evil!  The monkey shaves his body gets a job in the Tea Party and hence the term monkey suit is coined and we have 17 trillion in debt from this bad breed of white collar workers!  I did mention one time that after the supreme court said that you could not sterilize blue collar workers without sterilizing white collar criminals the United States ended up in WWII!  And what is that like?  That is like quick stepping into the war to dodge a bullet?

Scott Walker being a Lutheran I just have to add one comment with regard to that religious belief!  A Lutheran could kill every single human being on the planet earth and as long as at the moment they are dying they ask to be saved they will be?  Come on?  Who are you trying to fool!  That is not religion!  The Protestant religions are all the Kings Religion!  If there ever were an invasion religion force to the United States that would be it!  And indeed what was FDR's principle of Government?  Grasping at straws to make a decision!  Try anything he said!  What kind of mind speaks like that?  One that does not have a congruent hippo campus able to learn and remember and project the meaning of that learning into how things will affect the future.  In a sentence it is a mind defined as not having a human conscience and human reason and therefore it is not human!  And his wife Eleanor was a Lesbian.

And after reading about Scott Walker at Marquette college I have to make the following observation with regard to student government and also college students that take those same principles into political careers with them!  It is also highly applicable to FDR's necessitated limited liability and industrial corporate America concept and the repeal of alcohol.  Here it is,

"He has a bite of his morning graham cracker and decides to go with what he was thinking about but not finally decided on upon before he went out drinking the prior evening."  I want to say something about the woman  Mayor Barret listed as most influential too, Angela Diamante, but I can't seem to figure out how to frame a paragraph to fit that. 

And I also want to write about how JFK alluded to completely outlawing gambling and Jack Ruby was involved in expanding the mobs criminal activity in Texas, as to the motivation for the killing of Kennedy!  Kennedy did indeed mention gambling in relation to his Catholic faith!  And I wanted to make some point about Gambling and the U.S. Constitution.  And it was going to be a stronger point than gambling is addictive and a person is unable to stop because they are not at LIBERTY to do so because it is addictive and hence their guaranteed right to LIBERTY has been violated.  But a lot of people would claim that type of justification or defense does not make any sense!  Don't you just love it?  You prove something and everyone wants to deny that you did!  And they deny by saying it doesn't make sense when in reality it does.  So they are either confused or completely not confused but want to set an example of confusion as to the idea so that others follow in confusion and they get their spoiled way!!! A lot of that has been going on in the United States for far too long!

By the way, I completely alienated all  (most all) of my friends a long time ago.

And I tend to ramble in my writing, I do it because I like to!  And it is also a sign of a highly congruent hippo campus function!  Can you see how those with one might be targets for a wolf pack of the archetype of an unproven science above, imprinting not based on human love but on pack or Shrewdness?  A 'SHREWDNESS' IS INDEED THE NAME GIVEN TO A GROUP OF APES!  Think of that as you think of the Origin of England being a land of the druid and the druids worshiping the money and the great conflicts the men of the United States had with Great Britain/England!  Of course you might define all of this writing to be of invalid reference and therefore a sign of mental illness. Which brings up another point with regard to the absence of good writers in our society today!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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