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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gods Tree of Life Mystery!!!!!! 12 12 2013

Gods Tree of Life Mystery!!!!!!  12 12 2013

We often here that sometimes a great Schwami will say life is a tree.  And indeed the Bible mentions the tree with the forbidden fruit.  So lets examine Bible verse in order to determine what the mystery is!!!

In Genesis 1:29 God says he gives man, "Every tree that has seed bearing fruit on it shall be your food!"

In Genesis 3:5, a little further on in the book, The snake say's, "At the moment you eat of it your eyes will be wide open and you shall be like Gods who know what is good and what is bad."

That phrase implies that that tree gives power.  But what, look at whose perspective it was spoken from!!! Someone of the feeble mind that did not know good from bad to eat!!!!  Like we might consider a son of a drunk to be today?

But lets just set the point of view aside there and ask ourselves, "What if God did not contradict himself when he said not to eat from that center tree after he had said they could eat from all trees that have seed bearing fruit.  It would have to mean that tree bore fruit that was not seed bearing.

So the question then becomes, What tree bears fruit that is not seed bearing???  And what else is important is that tree was indeed the center of the trees! Which does indeed mean that any deer that came to eat from trees would likely get to it last, planted in the middle in order to protect it!

So indeed if we determine what tree does not bear fruit that is seed bearing then indeed that is the foresaken tree or the tree of life?  And is it indeed a metaphor for a sterile man or woman?  If so it has dark implications for religion as a scapegoat, and it would also be consistent with the actions of Catholic Priests, an offshoot of the Jewish Religion and a horror of the unholy Roman Empire?

There is also a futuristic type of reference in Genesis 3:29 to a cherubim that stands guard with a "Fiery revolving sword."  Now it wasn't that disturbing when I wrote the first part of this last night, b these last two paragraph additions do indeed make that very disturbing.

But you know what there are a lot of disturbed young men and women out there.  And they tend to like things that are black and white and Gothic like.  So here is indeed the perfect gift for that darkly dressed girl!  It is actually a high resolution Graphic artwork image with the base of it being the addition to the Milwaukee Art Center Calatrava Quadracci addition!  Perfect gift for the young woman who is an artist!  And I do indeed give Art more of a scientific basis and credibility than science today!!!  I call it, "Time is with Art."  Because art has a quality about it that transcends time.  It has to do with making a subconscious connection to the will and intent of the artist through the gestalt image you are viewing!!!  This one has a foggy London look to it!

Time is with Art Wristlet Clutch
Time is with Art Wristlet Clutch by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Funny thing is.  I went to look up the correct spelling of the word Schwammy meaning the India Indian Shaman and I didn't find it.  But I did see that India Indian Shaman use Cannabis (marijuana) instead of tobacco! That might explain why those British Banks using India Indian staff on the help lines also laundered drugs coming from Mexico into the United States???  I find that very disturbing!  In fact I find it so disturbing that my gut reaction is that they all should be deported from the United States for collectively violating the Constitution of the United States!  That joint is not our tree of life over here and may the power of God keep it from ever being it!  A tear comes to my eye as I realize a lot of them are cab drivers; giving them the modus.

There is a big rock singer coming into Milwaukee to give a performance and she is a known and admitted drug dealer.  Do we not have the grounds to search people like this for drugs and arrest them?  That would indeed give them runny facial makeup?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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