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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

If a person is kicked off of a debate team and they run and get their gun to settle the issue through violence rather than debate in means they never belonged on the debate team.

Karl Pierson was also an Eagle Scout.  The Boy Scouts in the United States was founded by Opium family money with China, President of the United States FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt!
The Roosevelt's did indeed want to graft Nazi Idealism's onto the American Public.

Again Pederasty appears to be at work here.  Are children required to read Lord of the Flies today?  Maybe any child that reads that book and does not cry is not one of us?  And was not that book written by an English Writer; William Golding!  Our writings ultimately derive from personal experience?

I am going to have to borrow some text here. It is not my own so I put it in red.  But it makes a point that has not been made.  And there have also been rampant sexual assaults in the Boy Scouts!   From this website!

One could even say that his being an Eagle Scout served as a false credential or reference that allowed him to get on the debate team?  And he Karl is also said to have had communist views.  What does the term Communist Pinko come from, I ask myself after I read this part in red below.

Homosexual Movements of pre-Nazi Germany

 A nature movement for youth, similar to the Boy Scouts, was started in 1890 by a 15 year-old.(See how amazing are youth when not institutionalized in public schools?)  It was called the Wandervoegel ("Wandering Birds", beautiful idea.) However, the movement quickly attracted adult pederasts as leaders. The pederasts perverted the movement into a nature and youth movement in which homosexuality was the norm and homosexuality began to spread to the young German males who joined it. One homosexual adult, Hans Blueher, joined the movement when it had fewer than 100 members. Blueher created a homosexual philosophy and worldview for the movement. It eventually grew to 60,000 members, involving a very large number of German male youth. These masses of German boys, many indoctrinated into a "masculine homosexuality" culture as members of the Wandervoegel, were later attracted to the Nazi movement -- founded by masculine homosexuals Rohm and Hitler -- and were the founding foot soldiers for Hitler and Nazism.

Ultimately Hitler used and transformed the movement — much as the Romans had abused the paiderastia of the ancient Greeks — expanding and building upon its romanticism as a basis for the Nazi Party (Rossman:103)." \ 

That above link is a link to the book.  Apparently you can print the whole thing out an read it!  I have not done so yet!  But I think I might.

I will give you a link where you can buy that book on Amazon as a way to absolve myself of borrowing that important text above.  And indeed that above text is an introduction or advertisement for the book so it really isn't stealing, it is advertising for them. 


Democracy is the only valid form of Government for the future.  And you cannot have a democracy if you allow drugs in that democracy because it weakens the democracy to the point whereby elected officials no longer represent the interests of the Democracy or people.

It does indeed appear that Nazi Germany hid the fact that they were homosexual by executing the effeminate homosexual while the Butch homosexual were the Nazi's themselves!  And indeed Hitler was said to have private meetings with Stalin the leader of Communist Russia?  What is my point?  Are both Vladamir Putin and Barrack Obama closet homosexuals? And Putin can't be mad at me for writing that because it is not pro-homosexual propaganda, it is just the opposite!

Both Obama and Putin have authorized the use of torture.  I think that is consistent with being a butch homosexual and not men.  So instead of forcing all of us to wonder if you are or are not the Homosexual should always be required to openly state what it is so that the public can be made aware!  And indeed if you said you weren't but were found out to be one because you molested boys that should be grounds for the death penalty.

And indeed more on this later.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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