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Monday, December 30, 2013

Robin Roberts is Gay 12 30 2013

Robin Roberts is Gay 12 30 2013

She is the anchorwoman for CNN!  And the irony is thicker than a pile of cow dun!  THE GREATEST NEWS STORIES ARE THE ONES THE NEWS MEDIA HAVE BEEN HIDING FROM US!

The news media bore the responsibility to do investigative and revealing reporting!!! And the greatest stories are the ones that are about themselves that they have been hiding!  That is a national shame!  That is a great disservice to our country!

If they can't even break those stories over the last how many decades what else have they been incompetent and negligent with regard to?

And it is not me that is saying it is a big story it is the person themselves that is declaring what a great story it is! 

Just compare someone who has a delusion about what their own sexual identity is to another person who hears voices in their head and tell me what you come up with?  I come up with medical fraud!And if those who had a delusion with regard to their own sexual identity were medicated for having a personality disorder would those that hear voices in their heads not hear them anymore?  I bet that number and the cost to our economy (billions upon billions) would come plummeting down!  How can that not be a delusion or a break from reality?

And if Gay be want to be readily accepted as they do I believe it would be important if they helped us understand them better.  For example when someone like Robin Roberts comes out of the closet so to speak she should tell us what her life's first sexual encounter was.  I would be interested to know if it was an older woman and Robin was underage and Robin was sexually gratified through cunnilingus? I mean that is the kin of question a father might ask a daughter in such a revelation?

And to be fair I think she is a wonderful person.  But that isn't the point.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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