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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Malcolm Wright 12 19 2013

Malcolm Wright 12 19 2013
If he is hearing voices it means that he is being demonically possessed!
Mind to mind communication is a scientifically proven reality!  It is how a son sits by his father and learns as he watches him work; their brain waves end up being the exact same!  That is called brain imprinting.
It is very interesting that science can subjectively prove one mind to mind type of connection and not another!
Demonic possession on the other hand is a mind to mind connection that isn’t based on love!  Those voices he is hearing are not of himself.  And indeed they are displacing his consciousness!  Just as the loving fathers mind imprints his son and displaces what he is thinking!
In the future we are going to find out and prove the latter of these two types of mind imprints!
The one based in love has been proven but for some reason the one based on evil has not; demonic possession or brain imprinting against a person’s will.  Who would taunt someone at the funeral of a loved one as is the case in the newspaper today.
And what facilitates the displacement of human consciousness?  Drugs and alcohol!  Why and how?  They cause oxidative cell death to the hippocampus area of the brain responsible for recalling memories and learning!  So it makes it that much easier for a person to be demonically possessed when they are both; distracted by voices and cannot remember right from wrong because their hippocampus has been compromised through alcohol poisoning (or other drugs).
If you read the Gospel of Mark 5 verse you will see that Jesus Christ, our Lord who was the basis for all modern religion, himself knew the true nature of demonic possession!  And when they are referring to swine they are referring to people; it is a metaphor!

Jesus Christ knew of Demonic possession, the Puritans who founded the United States believed in it too.  And the Hebrew bible mentions it also, and the St. Joseph Version.  But there is indeed no reference to the word Demoniac in the Protestant or Lutheran versions of the Bible when you do an online Bible search for the term!  When you want to control a population you destroy their literature; hence England burnt Irish books and also eliminated the term Demoniac from their versions of the Bible? Do you see what I am getting at?  Thomas Jefferson referred to the founding fathers leaving England as being like the Jews escaping from Egypt!  And also Communist china banned the Bible!  There is a big business in treating the demonically possessed.  And what of the Catholic Church and sexual molestations by priests?  Just ask yourself, isn’t the act of mandating that a man must be celibate really a communist principle of determining who should do what?  There is an old German phrase, “He who has no children raises many.”  That is really a communist principle too!  Drugs and alcohol are indeed incompatible with the freedom of the United States and our Constitution.  You cannot sell or give a person an addictive substance because it violates their right to LIBERTY because they are not at liberty to stop taking it because it is addictive.  We have alcohol today because FDR, whose family money came from the Opium trade with China, made it legal again.  And sure you want to say he is a great man?  No he precipitated the degree of the Great Depression because both he and Joe Kennedy his campaign finance minister made money from the decreasing stock prices in the stock market crash of 1929; it is called short selling!  He, and Englishman, also promoted a concept called, “One must surrender their individuality,” does it really mean one must be subjected to the one of two mind to mind connections above that has not been proven?
And I know what you want to say about this already.  You want to equate my point of view to the violence that occurred.  That is not the point I was making at all and you know it.  I will go on a little further with this to say the reason black people are so poor in the United States is because of the high prevalence of Protestant based churches here!  There is a whole list of them!  Why give them different names?
And in the poor black walk out father homes in the U.S. do you not see how there might be a desire for young boys to imprint with a father figure of some type?  We are going to see a lot more and more of this!  And you want to talk about intervention but it can never happen.  Why not?  Because no fatherless son would ever seek to imprint with a father that was at first mentally unstable!  So no matter how you try and push your pretreatment concepts they won’t prevent it!  The only thing that can prevent it is abstinence and knowledge of it.  One might call a hot line and say, the voices are getting a little loud for me, can you tell whoever it is to go read a book or something instead of trying to be imprinted with what I am doing or thinking?  That would work.  Or how about this one??? A man hears voices and is made angry by them?  What does he do instead of acting out?  He goes to the center of his village and starts ringing a giant LIBERTY bell!  How about that?  The Liberty Bell is indeed what defeated the British in the Revolutionary War, maybe it can defeat the antithesis of that Tea Party today?  In the original Tea Party Americans got on that British boat and through all that tea into the sea!  Was that tea laced with Opiates or Belladonna; both cause mental illness in the same way alcohol does, I always thought there had to be more to it than taxation.  

Oh and black people are mad at me for pooh poohing there English Protestant based churches? Do you not realize that the English aided the Confederate south during the Civil War to prevent you from becoming free!  Charles Sumner was so mad that he wanted to strip the South of their states names and also require England hand over Canada to the United States!

And maybe the Colonist knew the British were coming and to ring the Liberty bell because one of them started to hear voices in their heads!   

It can even be thought of in terms of as long as you are supporting Protestant Churches you are indeed paying to have these acts of violence committed?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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