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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kabbalah and Schizophrenia 12 31 2013

Kabbalah and Schizophrenia 12 31 2013

So I printed out some stuff from the internet and started to read about the Jewish Occult Kabbalah.  I have also read how Jewish Rabbis that practice Kabbalah also are known to deliver curses and those curses last from one generation to the next; much like how schizophrenia is said to run in families.  You curse because you have been doing it a long time and know it is effective.  Because you know it is effective the implication is that there are human beings that are affected by your curses.  We know that mind to mind connections are indeed made by a father imprinting his son through love.  What I would charge you with is being responsible for the connection that causes men to hear voices in their heads and be labeled under the medical fraud of split (Schizo) mind (phrenic).  But I know that you are not alone in that action because that hatred of men is also consistent with Catholic Priests molesting the sons of men.  So it appears that a tag team of offense and defense has been created under the guise of religion?

And indeed I first learned of Jewish Rabi’s cursing men throughout generations when I read that the Kennedy’s were indeed cursed by Jews.  It has profound implications with what our country has become and how we got here.  So you hold a curse against Kennedy’s family?  Can you tell us why?  You hold a curse against my family line, can you tell me why?  Other than the fact that it is highly profitable for you?

Then as I sat in the Library organizing papers and typing a young man came in and he looked just like the character Norman Bates from the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho.  As I was busy working I glanced up a few times to see that although he was nicely dressed and had reading materials in front of him he did not appear to be studying but rather just sitting there looking disturbed.  I make this observation as I have seen him in my neighborhood before.
I read how Orthodox Jews are the ones who practice Cabbalism and that it is the equivalent of witchcraft!  And I will have to say that you had me fooled!  I believed that you were the moral anchor of the religion!
I saw that a great many famous people were Jewish Kabbalist including Newt Gingrich and Madonna the performer.  Do this is the short article that follows.
Corporate America has become the concept of the less Americans you hire the more money you make.  Americans minds, health and assets have been looted by those who did not value our system of government based on human rights.
Americans living abroad did not spread freedom they spread the concept of looting America.
A man does not believe in cursing or setting the example of cursing as being a patriarchal leader.  A man articulates his opinions with human reason and human conscience.

How to tell the difference; a man will seek to become that which he would like to have as a father whereas that which is not and never will be will seek to destroy those who fit the concept of what he himself would like to have as a father.  They also seek to destroy the beliefs that create men.
They are not consistent with being the type of person that you would like to have as a father.
For some reason the meaning of sex was degraded to heathenistic pleasure rather than family creation.  By definition a heathen cannot raise children; hence they should not be allowed to have any.  A heathen considers a child to be a byproduct of sex and alcohol!  With one in 3 marriages ending in divorce; respectively 1 in three of us were not real men or women.

And it also has something to do with the type of woman a MAN seeks to marry.  He seeks one that conforms to that principle of being the woman that she herself would like to have as a mother.  And that is just simple language a lot of people could read and yet not comprehend what it means.
And what does the term Cabala (Jewish Occult) phonetically sound like cabela!  And Cabelas are those reed like swamp weeds that the Jews are said to have escaped through from Egypt per a recent CNN documentary.  More power to you for luring that enslaved you into a swamp so that you could massacre them and create a red sea out of the swamp.  But we draw the line in modern society when you are enslaving the minds of men and labeling them in medical fraud. So the implication of the word cabala may very well be to confuse, disorientate and mentally disable a human being in the same manner one is stuck and hopeless in a swamp filled with cabelas.  And if you don’t believe that phonetics plays a large role in word origin and derivation you have not studied the English language.
And I will indeed never be an anti-Semite because I know that Jews have been cursed and had their lives ruined in this way too.

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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