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Monday, December 16, 2013



I have had this happen to me.  I have plenty of credit on  a credit card and indeed the monthly payment was made on time.  However when I try to use it to buy something on the Internet that is based in the United States for an amount a fraction of the remaining credit it won't go through.  For example it might be a Christmas present of a female family member.

I call the customer help line and ask them if my account has a been setup so that every transaction I try and make is prevented from going through because of fraud protection that benefits me.  She tells me no and that determination is a back office function and it depends on my normal spending habits. 

With regard to:


If it is a close by transaction for a small amount then it is likely okay she told me.

To points
1. Americans should not be having to use a credit card that bears usury interest to make purchases in for their normal spending.
2.  And you know what?  It was a British Bank that was found guilty of laundering drug money from Mexico coming into the United States!  So I believe if that card had been used for drug paraphernalia or some type of drug deal (I don't do either and am speculating that drugs are purchased with credit cards in some way)... I am betting that if that credit card were used for those types of items the charge would have went through right away!  And if that credit card had been used at a British/English/Indian business nearby that sold smokes or beer that transaction would have went through right away!  I know that drugs are indeed sold out of bars and that bars accept credit cards for meals and drinks so maybe that is how it is done. 

And it took the FBI teamed with the IRS to catch Al Capone.  Apparently we have banks teamed with drug dealers today, just the opposite of how it should be?

If I wanted to make normal everyday type purchases I would have never needed a credit card!

My point also has to do with Back Office Accounting Functions or how they are manipulating terms unbenounced to us in order to manipulate our society and profits!

I want all of them to go back to where they came from and never come back here; to the land of MEN who believed in FREEDOM!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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