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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wood type glues and airborn bacteria 12 21 2013

Wood type glues and airborne bacteria 12 21 2013

Livestock are treated with countless antibiotics to make them larger for a better sale price.

But my question is, with all of the bacteria and sickness that must be in livestock is there a risk of catching a bacterial or viral infection from breathing the fumes of wood type glues produced from them?

And I know what a Specialty Chemist or businessman would say, that it is entirely impossible!+

I only mention this after using a wood glue yesterday and today having bursitis like symptoms in my elbow joints and left knee.

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And I always try to minimize my respiratory and sinus exposure to glue, with items such as a respirator, fan and cotton balls in the lower nostrils.  But it seems there might be something to this.

I have also noticed that if you are ever exsposed to glue or paint fumes that they tend to thicken your blood and an aspirin might be helpful.

Tracked it down:

And one is tempted to ask if there is something they can add to their bottle of glue so that it is less susceptible to infection?  My idea would be a drop or two of some type of essential oil like clove or oregano.

And it might also be related to maple syrup, something about the oxidation of the caramalization and its effects on joints; and that is the best way I can describe it.

After exposure it is good to get a good dose of fresh air!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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