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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Irish Pizza Recipe 12 11 2013

Irish Pizza Recipe 12 11 2013


6 small Idaho Potatoes (from Walmart)
1/2 onion
1/8 cup shredded cheddar cheese
4 bratwurst German type (from Trader Joe's)
1/2 can of Anchovies

Pinch Salt
Pinch Oregano
Pinch of Cilantro
Pinch of Rosemary
Pinch of Fennel
4 small cloves of garlic pressed
Pinch of Star Anise (has antiviral properties!!!!)
Couple grinds black pepper
Pinch of Red Pepper flakes
Might have been a little parsley in it to.

1 t olive oil

Okay I usually just like to buy 1/4 pound of Ground Pork Sausage and a 1/4 pound of Ground Italian Sausage from Sendik's to make my pizza sausage.  But it is December 11th and quite frankly If I can get through one busy parking lot that is it!  So I ended up buying Bratwurst, cutting them into 1/2 inch pieces putting them in a bowl with over a half a can of anchovies and the above spice list after they were placed in my Bullet Grinder and powdered (Excluding the garlic which was pressed.)  The spices went in the mixing bowl then those anchovies along with their oil.  And it was all mixed using the grabbing palm and fingers of one hand approach and then a large stirring spoon that I reinforced with a large wooden handle after the plastic one broke off from stirring fudge one time.

Grab out pieces of the sausage and put them in a warm hot large stove top frying pan with the bottom lightly "painted with olive oil and a paper napkin" because they must be cooked first before adding to the potato onion cheese mix.

To make the potato part cut potatoes in coin slices and then dice to 1/8" to 1/4" strips.  Put them in a mixing bowl with hot tap water to blanch off the starches.  Rinse and repeat and then put them in a stove top pot bring them to a boil and then cut the power to the burner.  And let them sit while you are tending to the sausage cooking in the frying pan.

You will need to soak the grease off the sausage before you add it to the mix because that is the way sausage is!

Cut the half onion about the same as the potato and rinse it in hot water to take the overpowering bite out of it.

Now drain the potatoes of water and add the small amount of cheese.  Then add the blanched onions.  Add the sausage to that same mixing bowl.  Meanwhile you should have been heating a cast iron griddle under the top burner of you stove on the high broiler function, with the bottom of it pre painted with olive oil.

Open the oven door extend the rack with the griddle on it out and add the total of the recipe above to it.  It should sizzle as it hits the griddle!  Good rule to follow using the griddle!  Push the rack back in and turn the broiler to low.  On my stove the low broiler selection is very safe to cook on at the top wrack.  Let the Pizza cook on low for awhile.  Basically it was all cooked before you added it so you are just "Cracking" out the water of it and browning it!  After awhile of getting tired of it to cook on low goose the broiler up to high and stir the mix, shut the door and repeat a few times while keeping a Fire Marshals eye on it!

You will need a good oven glove or two to use the broiler safely.

Ended up being a little greasy and it was a lot of pots to use.  But it is a lot less constipating and therefore more healthy than pizza.  This was indeed the first attempt at this and I will learn to make it better and quicker.

But it did indeed taste very good!  Every time I eat pizza I get very dull and constipated.  This was indeed my idea of how to make it more healthy to eat.  I call it Irish because it uses potatoes instead of crust!  Basically it is your Thanksgiving Potato type casserole with cooked sausage in it!  Give it a try!!!!!  Usually I would eat or serve toast or bread with something like this but I didn't.  It needs something like that with it or to be made less greasy in as many ways as possible.  But I am not selling it short, it is a good idea and it was good.  And it was not nearly as greasy as my earlier lifetime attempt to make hash browns.  Most of that grease is really potato water.  You know my second ladle of it to the plate wasn't greasy at all!!!
Potatoes before or after boil?

Powdered spices with olive oil, anchovies and anchovy oil
Amount of Anchovies left after opened can and used for recipe
Spoon with a bit of spices on it and sausage just after cut up after frig and before mixed with anchovies, spices and pressed garlic.
Potatoes in boil sit pot
Potatoes and big reinforced handle mixing spoon
Sausage being strained and de-greased with paper towel
Finished product after being cooked and sitting on cutting board on stove top  :) :)

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