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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gubernatorial Power 12 18 2013

Gubernatorial Power 12 18 2013

Recently a man living in Whitefish Bay WI was charged with dealing drugs out of three restaurants from a prominent national restaurant chain.  Some of the employees were found to be participant and involved.  That news has been out there awhile, but recently a news reader told me that the franchise came in and fired every single employee at that restaurant!  I applaud the decision because food from that place was making me sick, and much sicker than one would think from just eating the food if it was prepared the way it should be.

Now that is an action of integrity.

We know that our Governor has had issues with the State University System.  And I have issues with it to; Charles Van Hise the once President of UW Madison perpetuating medical fraud in favor of Eugenics based psychiatry, that we still have today!  It is a medical fraud and it is based on envy!

So indeed if a Governor came into office he could indeed have the authority to fire every single employee of the State University system; much the same way that that national restaurant chain fired those employees!

Has the University of Wisconsin system benefited the State of Wisconsin?  If it had we would not have people poorly educated because teachers with degrees and integrity would not have allowed it to have happened; teachers who graduated from the UW system!  We would not have rampant unemployment because competent graduates would have hired employees and created jobs.  We would not have mercury in our fish because intelligent men with backbone who graduated would have put their foot down!  We would have been able to apply clean energy technologies 40 years ago to completely reduce our dependency on foreign oil to zero!  That is right ZERO!  We would have had Noble prizes in literature being granted to Wisconsinites who write about nature.  We would not have one single gun control issue; because there would have been no head of a University like Charles Van Hise was, to support the then President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he repealed prohibition in favor of the Constitutional violating Vondoon religion of one must surrender their individuality for the industry!  We would not have had fetal alcohol syndrome, mental retardation and autism because me who read the scientific literature and understood it would have never allowed alcohol to be legalized!  We would not have any issues in our Judicial system because competent graduates would know how to properly interpret the intent and meaning of the United States Constitution!  And we would never have had $17 Trillion in national debt, US goods being produced by slave labor equivalent, and a nuclear irradiated Ocean off the coast of Japan threatening the United States!  We would not have radium in Waukesha water where Scott Walker hails from!  We would have never seen the big 3 teeter on bankruptcy to be financed by the taxpayer.

We would not have the absent minded children of the wealthy volleying to legalize marijuana!  Nor would as many Lesbians and Gays have ever been born; because their identity in relation to their body would not have been lost due to oxygen deprivation to the brain cells of the hippo campus.  We would not have had rampant child molestations by those who are of the defective satanic and criminal mind; again alcohol related.

And one final point.  Everyone invalidates the concept of Demonic possession because they can't label or figure out what a demon is!  The Puritans who founded this great nation believed in demonic possession and very well knew the threat of it.  In the Book of MARK we learn the meaning of both demonic possession and what a Demoniac is!  That is right it has been right there in the Bible!   Now it requires a little more liturgical interpretation than the laymen is capable of so that will indeed have to be a new article.  But a Demoniac is defined in the book of MARK Chapter 5 Verse 6.  And in this case is appears that a Demoniac was created as a scapegoat!  But like I said that is an entire article!  A Demoniac appears to be a pederasty or homosexual.  But like I said that is an entire new article.

A Governor could indeed come in and use that surplus of money from the State University system to meet the needs of the State!  And not only that, he could tap those pensions and all of the assets of the system as he saw fit!

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Very interesting.  I just used Bible Gateway to search the Bible for the word Demoniac even though it is in my St. Joseph Edition.  I searched 5 bibles on that site and none came up with the word.  But the Orthodox Jewish Bible did!!!!

"Mattityahu 4:24
  1. And the report went out about Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach throughout all Syria; and they brought to him all the cholim (sick) with various illnesses and machalot, demoniacs, epileptics, and paralytics; and Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach brought them refuah.
    Mattityahu 4:23-25 (in Context) Mattityahu 4 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations"  ~~~~Source  Now this gets even more interesting! The Jews are said not to believe in the New Testament.  Matthew is indeed a book of the new testament!  Mattityahu sounds an awful lot like Matthew of the New Testament!!!!  I will have to get a copy of this Orthodox Jewish Bible!  Look at what it says!  It lists those various illnesses we have today of epilepsy and paralysis but also Demoniac!!!  Meaning people possessed by demonic possession!  The Jews believed in Demonic Possession just like I do and just like the Puritans who founded the United States did!  I like to be very fair!  It would appear that there has been a religious conspiracy to keep the word demoniac out of Bibles!!!!

    Thomas Paul Murphy

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