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Friday, December 20, 2013

Stuck in a rut defined 12 20 2013

Stuck in a rut defined 12 20 2013
Stuck in a rut can be defined as what happens when you are focusing on the details of project or just in the spirit of the work; in the relaxed working mind when that lesser mind wants to get in on it!  And that is where the ideas that keep you stuck in a rut come from!  The lesser mind cannot create its own works because it doesn’t have that higher thinking capability- so it is bound to those that do!  It also seeks to attain wealth and be in domination of those that do. 
Perhaps the earliest historical evidence of this, at least that I can find, is that the slave master that owned Joseph who was a son of Judas sold into slavery, was that that slave master saw that God was with Joseph!  Interesting implications about those who would seek to control the employment of other people!

That is also how the beast transfers pain and sickness to others!  By presuming it to be one with the mind of someone focusing and capable of focusing their attention.  Hence the beast does not have its own mind and therefore cannot take care of its own health and hence can only contribute pain from its sickness!

New product:  The Chicken Watch

New Product created especially for those that fit this archetype! And maybe if the band is too small for their wrist they just put a larger band on it.  Any man ought to be able to handle that and any modifications needed to do so!!!!  You might indeed buy this watch so that when you look at it you will be reminded or motivated by humor not to be stuck in a rut!  Makes the perfect GIFT for a family member that you consider as being lazy but don't want to say so.

And perhaps the great joke of the nation is that when we watch television today some of the beast watches it with us and transfers its sloth nature to us?  There is very little to learn from television and it will likely adversely affect your health.  Perhaps one of my college psychology professors stated it best, “The first thing that happens when you put a monkey in a box with a hole in it is that the monkey looks out the hole to see what you are doing!”  Might that be the nature of Homeland Security?  The monkey wanting to see what we are doing?  The founding fathers knew the mind of that English Druid monkey all to well.  England was indeed a druid nation and druids worship the monkey.  But not only that, consistent to those that cannot form their own thoughts and works they believed they could divine the Gods of a person by impaling their chests and looking into their eyes at the same time!  How many people who watch television end up having their chests impaled to be opened as they undergo open heart surgery; couch potatoism leading to stagnant metabolism and heart disease!  Television does not encourage you to make and do it encourages you to watch more television!
And this is not based on delusion it is based on scientifically proven constructs of brain imprinting that they do not want you to know the full extent, meaning and interpretation of!  What we will discover sooner or later is that there is a race of people living amongst us in the United States who are not compatible to living with our Constitution!  This country was created by men for men and their families!
And as you look around you today do you not see how the United States has become stuck in a rut from this very principle. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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