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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mayor Barrett in Hospital after 20 k run 12 08 2013

Mayor Barrett in Hospital after 20 k run 12 08 2013
So some one asked me how long is 20 kilometers.

I answered, "I don't know and I don't care to know!"  The argument for adopting the metric system, that it would make us more competitive with foreign nations died when the big three automakers went defacto bankrupt and when all our U.S. jobs are done by slave equivalent labor in China!  Despite what my chain smoking Cigarette eight grade teacher claimed!

I don't know and I don't care to know and I am 47 years old.  Not only that I want those Chinese out of my country like they have committed an act of treason by taking all our jobs from us!  I want them gone.  And not only that, none of those Japanese wearing masks because they sakieed their nuclear power plant should be allowed to enter the United States and live here!  They can all go to China!  As far as I am concerned they look exactly the same, so go over their and live with your brother!

Let's see they sakied their nuclear power plant so the next thing we will be told by idiot logic is that they are intelligent and hard working so they will benefit the U.S.  Which means they will be able to work in high paying jobs in the U.S. Which really means all our nuclear plants will get sakied too!

This after WWII and McCarthism!  FDRism!  We should have never traded with countries that did not adopt our Constitution!  We never needed to!  We had the intelligence to be innovators! Today we are a great Satanic fraud!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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