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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hitler and Gays

Hitler and Gays
They are not just odd from being mal adapted to the physical and psychological trauma!  They are also odd from the genetic uptake of the life force in that semen! 
Pederasty in Greeks and Romans too!
 Most of us think it is like they scraped their knee; it will heal and it has no influence on a person’s biological personal development.  The childhood trauma in itself would be hard to overcome, but when you couple it with the odd genetic influence present in semen you’ve created a monster that hates its identity and wants to prey on humans.  In effect that foreign biological introduction makes the demonic possession a lot worse!  As if something that was not supposed to be growing in you was!  But this was indeed the goal of the Pederastry- so that boys could be made to quickly mature and be imprinted by the older males?
And one more thing about Lesbians.  How come we never see the more effeminate of the two, and not the Butch on television? In fact can you tell me when you saw the last kind of heart woman on television?  I don’t know if I have ever seen one!  Is it because the effeminate has had there personality dominated to weakness?  In effect does the butch use mind control and domination techniques on the effeminate?  And what is the lifespan of the effeminate versus the butch?  I would have to believe the effeminate dies sooner?  Do we not see the effeminates on television because the lesbians feel that would be a weakness and they don’t want to show it?
I don’t really want to help their cause but that would!  Showing kind hearted effeminate people on television.  But here is why we don’t see them; because the butch is so insecure that she does not want the one she dominates to be seen in public?  What does the butch know that is a the real fear to the butch?   That she could easily lose that more effeminate one to- a good man!
IT is a sing these women were preyed upon by the butch?
As some of us get into our middle ages we get to be a very good judge of what’s behind the eyes?
I have always thought the effeminate were aggressively dominated, abused, “Control in keep”, and have their backs ridden into the grave while being sexually pleased by the Cunnilingus without the threat of vaginal trauma from an Ogre’s erection.
That is what I see behind the Hollywood and now political faces.  And my problem would be I would not want some female like that to have the power to control a populous in that same manner!
And you can’t convince me that any of that is a misperception on my part!  I believe the great misperception is that it has been given a sense of normalcy!  I mean here I am hearing voice in my head that prevent me from using my hippocampus function while on the other hand these people apparently have an identity problem likely related to a defective hippocampus!  So the human beings with the healthy hippocampus are forced to surrender their personal identity to that who does not even know what sex it is?
Both Tammy Baldwin and Mary Burke are Lesbians!  Why does this bother me?  Because per my recent research the Nazi Party were indeed homosexuals!  And they did terrible things to people that were mislabeled as being mentally ill!  I know that people who hear voices in their heads are a victim of medical fraud!
Kathy Van Hout is or is not out of the race for Governor of Wisconsin because she sustained a broken arm in a car accident???  I don’t know.  But she I indeed from Alma Wisconsin where all the eugenics/psychiatric fraud research stemmed from!  And Alma was a town built around a brewery.  And most of the residents were declared to be feeble minded?  Can anyone see a connection?  And this was indeed the fraudulent medical research that FDR used to base the surrender of one’s individuality on!  He was indeed advised by the President of the University of Wisconsin Charles Van Hise who was also a Eugenicist.  And the policy that we ended up with was that healthy minded human beings are to surrender their individuality to the sons and daughters of brewery workers?  Charles Van Hise motivation might have been that it would create more of an inflow of college students?  Kennedy was assassinated after he said that Ivy League Universities do not show a benefit to democracies!  And indeed it appears that we have 17 trillion in debt from this breed of alcohol offspring with nothing good to show for it!  I believe that if a Gay or Lesbian worked on Van Houts arm and there were many pieces to that arm broken that the gay and lesbian doctor would intentionally jam one of those puzzle pieces of the bone back in the wrong way.  And I really don’t know anything about Van Hout!  But I know how accidents are caused by demonic possession!
And one more point!  If Adolf Hitler had put all the Butch type homos (Homosexuals who are also mean men.  Don’t you have to be a mean man to sodomize another man?)  ..if Adolf Hitler had put all the Butch type homo’s in the gas chambers there would not have been ANY NAZI party!  NONE!  And it was indeed the English Roosevelts that wanted to and did graft Nazi idealisms on the American public!  The Nazi Party was formed in a gay bar!  Hitler’s service records indicate that he was a homosexual!  The evidence is overwhelming!
Any Jews who are liberal of the topic of homosexuality need to think about that one until you understand the point of view.
The average person has a drink and forgets the implications of anything they find disturbing!  And Michael Jackson seemed extremely effeminate but all evidence suggests he engaged is pederasty too!  So in terms of progression in life that is what even the effeminate homosexual transitions into becoming?
It has been my personal policy that when I see a Butch male that likely engages in pederasty that I look him straight in the eye and tell him to, “Get the fu7k out of here!” and they know very well that if they attack me I will do my best to drop them dead with one punch!  And I am not gay.   What am I getting at?  You can never let your guard down with that type of person!  You might not believe me but you should!  I view one male sodomizing another as a form of sexual abuse!  And what creates the effeminate of the two in the first place; sexual abuse!  So that is the point!  With boys being sexually abused in Catholic School, the Boy Scouts, and young men in the military that is the best advice that you could give them too, you see that person with an evil look on their face and an odd voice, you might have even witnessed them doing bad things to others, and no adult authority was being a responsible adult,  “Tell that to get the fu7k out of here!”  And that is not gay bashing or hate speech, it is the best way to defend yourself against that which should not be walking among us and abusing us!  Do you not find that very odd that our Government would limit our freedom of speech as a first line defense against our sons being sexually molested by homosexuals in record numbers in schools, the Boy Scouts and young men in the military?  That harkens to the power structure created in Nazi Germany, and the evidence is they were gay!  It is not hate speech to say that you want your sons protected from those of the type or nature that would sexually molest them!  And our whole psychiatric field has failed to diagnose child molesters as being homosexuals!  That is all that can be!!  Normal heterosexual men don’t do that!  If you asserted that homosexuals liked to feel and molest of boys they would label you as having the fear of homophobia?  And with the record number of boys that have been sexually molested can we really even say that the term homophobia is a valid term!  It implies there is nothing to be afraid of when there is a lot to be afraid of!  They would seek to have you labeled mentally ill on that basis.
But what do we hear from comedians on talk shows?  They tell us that at those Hollywood orgies that homosexuality is prevalent?  So why should I care?  Well what about the aides virus?  They wanted us to believe they cured it.  Recent evidence tells us that men who have been cured and have had zero instance of it in blood tests have had it come back.  Am I the only one that believes human immunity is important?
By the way I talk to people who could be gay or not every day, and indeed I do not ask nor do I discriminate.
But it has been stated that Hitler hired gays in the military because they were ruthless and did not care what they did to human being!  I believe that to be true!  And pederasty later in life might indeed be married but they are joined or networked from that childhood homosexuality!  All those priests and Boy Scout Leaders and Military personal that sexually molested males can be thought of as being nothing other than Butch homo’s!  A man would never do that to a man!
I believe all the Butch homo’s have a propensity to pederasty! And it bothers me when a woman acts macho!  Will she be the one to victimize those whom she finds effeminate in our society whether male or female?  Men who have some sense of effeminate do indeed make better fathers than butch homo males or females!  We also know that FDR’s Eugenic program was falsely based; men with smaller testicles make better fathers.
I have always believed that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual, just on the simple observation that a short man had the desire to create a master race!  I am going through life I really could not give a hoot about other men!  So why the fixation!!!!  The fixation on a blonde haired Aryan race of men has always been the key to that belief of mine! And didn’t Stalin have blonde blonde hair?  They did indeed meet together!
Hitler spent three years in a gay hotel!  It is even rumored that he was a childhood prostitute!
No one in our society should ever be subjected to butch homo’s that have a propensity to pederasty!   An no boy should ever be subjected to that!  One might agree they were bad boys and in the first place?  I actually think boys that sexually molest other boys should be removed from our population (that is homosexuality!)
Hitler indeed suspended Germany’s anti-homosexual rule during the Olympics in Germany.  Given the fact that he stayed in a gay hotel for three years might he have hoped to find a man?  He is said to have had a man partner during the war on the Battlefield.  And what does a homosexual believe?  That if he has sex with what he considers the ideal man or his idol that he will be seeded genetically somehow by that man?  That sounds like the nature of pederasty in this occult religion!  It is also stated that the Nazis made movies of Nazis raping, molesting, gnawing to death Jewish boys in harems!  We need to be proactive to keep the horrific Nazi influence from overtaking our nation today!
I also have a firm belief that pederasty is how boys are lifetime indoctrinated into the occult power wealth elite!  Indeed the gay artist who made the swastika is said to have kept boys in his castle and he was a friend and inspiration to Adolf Hitler.
I also believe that your American wealth Elite today is bound by childhood homosexuality; also called pederasty.
To accept homosexuality as a subculture is to accept Nazi Germany!  Most people would believe just the opposite but the evidence from history reveals the Nazi’s were base in Homosexuality and pederasty.
I want to say that they desperately want to give homosexuality the label of normalcy as a reaction to sexual abuse in their homes to them when they were children that was given a forced sense of normalcy?  In other words they were forced to accept a false belief so we have to accept their false belief as a matter of normalcy?  We are not an asexual species; we do not survive to even one generation if we believed that asexualism was normal!  It is just that simple!  Therefore to give it a sense of normalcy is a delusion!  And a delusion is indeed a sign of mental illness in the diagnostic and statistics manual that defines mental illness!  So what is it really, fraud that benefits the spoil system!
And good God am I the only one that can logically disprove and debunk all this; and I hear voices in my head!
So the construct of normalcy, if indeed their condition as caused by abuse, has to be broken in two places.  They cannot be forced to view abuse or pedantry as children to be normal and they cannot promote homosexuality an asexual behavior as being normal either.  Talk about bad precedents; you can’t get a worse precedent than that in terms of being detrimental to survival of the species!
 And given the undesirable prominence of a homosexual sub culture to Nazi Germany and the personal gravitation of the homosexual to pederasty I don’t believe a homosexual should be in the military, politics, or management of people in any way!
 And what is pederasty really?  Is it really the desire of those who were born with a defective hippocampus to have their souls seeded by semen?  If so it means again that homosexuality is indeed caused by alcohols destruction of the hippo campus as in fetal alcohol syndrome, mental retardation, Alzheimer’s, and stalled or atrophied personal development from teenage drinking!  The point being that Germany was a drinking nation!  Hence Nazi Germans were the byproduct of the alcohol industry!
When I was a boy two other boys my same age tried to lure me into homosexuality.  One of them was Jewish.  So if you are Jewish and this is not something you feel is part of your religion than I am indeed implicated the Jewish Elite being in conspiracy with Nazi Germany! 
Pederasty has no place in our modern world.  No matter what English Fraud tries to convince us of!  And I can indeed remember having to watch a film of two boys sodomizing each other at an orphanage when I was a boy in Catholic School.  The seventies!  Who made such a film?  I don’t see what that had to do with religion or sex education!
And that is the way I see it!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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