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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Demon Eye 12 22 2013

If a reality Television show or website wanted to do us all a favor they could post pictures of the demon eye clips!  That demon comes rather quickly and then fades.  Most people never notice it!  I saw it on McCarthy the coach of the Packers just before half time in today's game against the Stealers.  And indeed I saw it pop quickly on Mario Lopez's face in the past week.  And I used to see it ad infinitude on football halftime by Jimmy Johnson!  And I have seen it many decades ago on the face of a leader from North Korea when he was being interviewed.  He also used his middle finger emphatically to adjust the bridge of his glasses.  I saw it on the Nun at Catholic School who was a chain smoker.  I even remember seeing that Demon come out from Barrack Obama when he ended a speech of his in his first term!  I remember when I was young seeing it on Jim Sensenbrenner too.

Maybe its time you all sit down and have a talk with someone that can help you about that and you will have an opportunity to be open and honest about it?

But when I see that demon eye come out on television I immediately think that person has no place on television.  That demon eye demonizes America?

I found the mention of the concept when I was on a celebrity type website looking to see who was gay that we didn't know was.

I have had more than my share of a demon eye looking at me! So much so that I wrote a song about it, meant to be humorous and serious at the same time. And I believe it means that you are a true Jew or blessed one when you see that demon eye! But here is a link to the song.track # 15 Granny Fieldcorns Boy on my Oblivion A Cappella CD here:

I guess you start to see it enough times and you start to build a pretty good "acting type" demon eye yourself; but I don't believe it is the same thing as a real demon eye.

And do you know where else I saw it?  On Sampson the lowland Gorilla at the Milwaukee County Zoo when I was a boy!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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