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Friday, December 20, 2013

Were the English Bred with Monkey's 12 20 2013

Were the English Bred with Monkey's 12 20 2013

Seeing that both the Irish and the United States have had a lot of trouble with England in world history leads me to ask questions.  England was founded by the Roman Empire.  Prior to the Roman Empire or during and after they were a druid island.  Druid means worship of the monkey!

So why does one worship a monkey and what extremes does one go to when they do worship a monkey?  Would one go so far as to try and breed a monkey human crossbreed?  Do you ever notice that archeologists always have plenty of trouble trying to figure out when this part of the human race evolved versus another?  Could the answer be that a monkey/ human crossbreed was made at some point along the way?

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The Egyptians were into breeding.  Hence the watchful nature of the sphinx with the oriental mans face?  Which leads one to ask was the oriental a cross breed of the Egyptians?  And hence that is why Saul who was Paul in the Bible killed all of the followers of Jesus Christ who were loyal to him?  He was bred to be loyal to Egypt?  And the Sphinx was indeed half lion and half oriental mans face.  And who else had fun with lions?  The Romans fed Jews to them didn't they!

And there is a lot of reference to "son of man" in the Bible.  Who would call someone that?  Jesus a Jew being called a son of man!  Just take a few steps back and ask yourself what the equivalent of that would be today????? Ready?  It would be, "Son of human being!"  Is that a revelation?

So is there further evidence to support my theory that the English were bred by monkey's?  Many of them have a very distinct way that they talk with their jaw movement!  It resembles something called tardive disconesia!  Something about a mouth not being properly connected to the brain!  This would imply that they learned to talk in a different way?  The voice is often high strung and tense.  And their calf muscles are indeed bull-ox like.  They have dark hair like monkeys and often beady eyes too, as in fetal alcohol syndrome.  And their body types are often short and stout and therefore their muscles are more like monkeys because they are bigger because they can lift more and more because the bones are shorter they have more leverage.  I call that midget leverage when I am in the weight room, and it puts them in their place.

But it was English (And I don't know if it was Jews or not) that brought slaves to the United States!

So if there was trade between Africa and Europe were apes purchased and brought to Europe for amusement?  And also the Moors were blacks that concurred Europe, did they bring apes with them to breed with women and create a psychological fear among the people?

One can worship a cow like in India but you know they are likely never gonna mate with it.  But when one worships a monkey you wonder.  And what did my college psychology professor tell us?  A pet monkey is sum certain likely to RAPE YOU!  So there is where your cross breed English /Ape person comes from and also why they were so mean and also unmanly!  It also explains how they have seated themselves in high positions in Corporate America and defeated our employment thereby sending jobs to a communist country and that being a great threat to our freedom and Democracy!  Does an addiction to cheap goods and foreign oil hurt America?  Any form of addiction violates our guarantied right to Liberty in our Constitution because one is not able to stop the addiction because it is an addiction and they are not at LIBERTY to stop it.

And indeed what about literature?  A monkey's skeleton in a Sherlock Holmes Closet and the metaphor of a ape and a beautiful blonde haired women in King Kong!  That ape coveted her as if he could love her!  He actually believed they made a happy couple!  The name Kong being derived from the Druid English Stronghold of China Hong Kong.  And we are again back to the Oriental face of the Sphinx guarding the pyramids.  That ape could have come from the east too.  And one might ask, "Are there slavic breeds with modern ape genes in them.  And one might say they got there naturally from the human ape interaction?"

The English are also said to have gone on safaris and bashed monkey's brains in at the diner table and eat them as a delicacy.  And we know today never to eat uncooked food because of the viral nature.  The bible had always warned us of this thought, "Thou shall not eat the flesh with the lifeblood still in it!"

And could there have been creeps in England, a Roman founded nation that kept women in dungeons and had them raped by monkey's?  I know it sounds terrible but the Emperor of Caligula's favorite form of torture was to string a man up and chew off his live testicles! So the English might have just been bred by the Roman Italians and that been bad enough to do it?

And what of the aides virus.  The English have a saying you old Sod!  Sod standing for Sodomy?  And the aides virus when I first heard of it in the 70's was from a monkey human interaction!

I have always believed that a human being has the right to use lethal force to prevent themselves from being raped!  Does this seem like it partly supports the validity of that concept.  And what happens when a foreign country takes over another?  The rape all the women don't they!  That is indeed a primate equivalent behavior of a male ape coming into a tribe and killing all the children so that they women will breed with him.  Which gets me to the next point, all that conquest and imperialism in Europe, by Romans and British who were really of Roman founding lineage?  What is the meaning of all that?  That is a different strain in a person? It is not a strain of peace loving is it.  And some of the horrors and atrocities committed during war are not of human nature at all, like torture and rape and genocide.

When I read of much of the conflict in the Bible it is like a contrast between human and ape to me!

And there are indeed DNA strains from Romania that are said to be very different.  Romania being named in honor of the horror of the Roman Empire??

And the Romans themselves were farmers and farmers are in to breeding.  And it can indeed be said that if you are adding lead to wine you are creating a different breed right there aren't you?  One that will be mentally retarded and therefore more energy will be diverted to the muscles.

And why do the India Indians worship the cow?  Is it because they want people to know in future history that there were other nations that worshiped other animals like monkey's that raped people?  And it harkens or warns of the nature of such people?

And the English didn't really seem to care when that British Petroleum oil head blew in the Gulf of Mexico!  Now that right there would be something that would make my blood boil so hot I would evict every single English Person from the United States!

And when you went to school did you learn much about the Moors conquest of Europe?  Not really, it was just glossed over with a line or two, but it still stuck in my mind for a while.  Then it was in a Christopher Walken Brad Pit movie when Walken made the comment to an Italian mafia person, 'Your race was sired by N1993R's'  or something like that.

But what would have got the Moors so pissed to conquer Europe?  Some false dealings with Romans/English?  And what type of ships did the Moors have?  They had to have had quite a few.  And was the English (founded by Rome) bringing of black slaves to America a matter of vengeance to the act of the Moors?  But we don't get a very good point of view of black people in terms of intelligence in the United States because of the stereotype that when we think of African Americans we think of spear throwers and aboriginal jungle type people living in huts!  That is far different than and organized invasion force concurring Europe!!!!  So what happened there?  Why the difference?  And where in Africa were the Moors based?  When you look at the map and see Egypt you see it can be thought of as being on the tip top of Africa in the Middle East.  So the Moors might have been descendents of Egyptians?  The Egyptians had to have gone somewhere and their had to have been a a great many of them to organize a slave force and police it while they built the Great pyramids!  But the population in Egypt does not seem to currently reflect the nature of what they once had to have been?  The climate is said to have changed in Egypt too.  But did that have something to do with they pyramids being built?  For example when new mines or oil pipelines or lumber companies come in very large areas of land are deforested and that terrain has changed.  Much like we see the tropical rain forests disappearing due to the desire for rare woods and other products.

I didn't really take an Interest in history.  The Italian man teaching it had dark sunken eyes and I always felt he was picking on me as was the Jewish Spanish teacher.  And I can indeed articulate the basis for that belief.

And I wasn't the only one in college who noticed that odd jaw movement.  And some English have names like SIMON.  It is derived from Simeon which means ape.

And when I was a boy and we visited the ZOO that Sampson the Gorilla went nuts trying to break the glass in order to get out of there and come after me!  If you have ever seen a psychotic person look at you and want to render you to limbs that was the way it looked at me!  And that is indeed what chimps do when they need protein they hunt down a smaller race of monkey and tear it limb from limb and eat it!  That is a lot like the druids tying a man up in the forest and looking into his eyes while they impale him, in order to divine who their gods are?  Not what is the hidden semantic in that?  To divine who someone's Gods are means that you want to know what they look like because they are human!!!  Otherwise it would do you know good to know of an identity for that identity would be nothing earthly you could rape and pillage?

And a worldwide DNA database might help us to figure out whom might be a risk for violence.  The objection would be it is personal information.  But indeed it could work for you or against you!  You might have a trait that is found desirable.  And indeed with so many marriages ending in divorce it might help decrease that percentage rate! One might look at the chart and readily see why someone wasn't compatible?  And who among us could argue that that would not be of benefit to them?  Only if you already knew the reason why and it was a secret that you didn't want anyone to know because no one would marry you if they did?  Well that is just modern natural selection and it is not Eugenics.  In our modern age maybe an understanding of gene and chromosome, DNA traits might be an aid in finding a compatible mate for a long term relationship.  Rather than be the one that long term relationships are a myth or some self serving bull5h17 like that!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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And here's how a story might go, "Yeah we were druids once and had a pet monkey until it started raping us all, we don't talk about it much anymore."

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