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Monday, December 23, 2013

If Hillary Clinton was your buddies mother when you were a boy would you say 12 23 2013

If Hillary Clinton was your buddies mother when you were a boy would you say 12 23 2013

If Hillary Clinton was your buddies mother when you were a boy would you say, "Good God I'm not going over to that house again!"

Somehow she keeps resurfacing in high paying Government jobs.  I just don't buy that argument of Government experience in dealing with people!

Have you ever heard that?  Only I have the qualifications to deal with these people?  Based on what milestone achievement?  How strong you were when your husband was caught cheating on you?  Where I come from that is like a chicken lady.

How many Americans are tired of presumed professionals overstated their credentials?  Most of us just shake our heads and think, "How can someone as hard to get along with as you ever have been promoted to the salary you are receiving?"  And our national debt of $17 trillion shows that they did not deserve it!  Had men had been hired instead of women life confidants that networked in nepotistic projections of self pity we might not have that debt at all!  In fact we could have money in the bank!

Wouldn't that be how we should be, we have money in the bank in the United States!!! In order for us to get money in the bank first we have to greatly demote those who caused us not to have money in the bank and owe $17 trillion dollars!

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I mean just step back and make the comparison, men would likely create a balance of money of or a great debt like $17 trillion?  Which do you think would be more likely?  So indeed we might have to rapidly make up for that mismanagement?  But how could we do so?  First and foremost to solve a problem you have to be able to accurately determine what caused it!!!  And that is something they are too ashamed to admit!  So we have to find ways to cajole it out of them! When people are made angry they often give us the Freudian slip that reveals how they have been deceiving us!  So indeed all we really need to do is keep asking them questions any responsible adult would until we get answers, and they will find it so frustrating that their true natures will be revealed.  And when that happens we step in and CAPITALIZE on it!  And they are going to have to accept the fact that they are going to be demoted to the lowest class of society.  Enough of decisions being made imposterously!  (And I just decided to make that word, seems to be spelled like it should and mean what it should without changing the way it is written.  The English probably burnt the Irish books for descriptive words like that which condemned them!)

Billy falling in the hay with every young woman is not a Union of the North concept it is a Confederate concept of slave owning English bastards, and Billy was indeed of English blood and not raised by his father!  We thought that all of the democrats since Kennedy and the Irishmen since Kennedy were legitimate but they weren't! And our nation is listing from that misrepresentation!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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