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Friday, December 13, 2013

Censorship is 12 13 2013

Censorship is 12 13 2013

Censorship is, "We are in power. We don't know what we are doing and you are not allowed to say so!"

Censorship is illegal per our Constitutional right to free speech!  Any time you see any type of censorship group rear its ugly head it means they have a bad agenda for humanity!

You can be censored for you actions but not for your words!

That right to free speech was meant to prevent 46 million Americans from living on food stamps or in poverty!  And what happens when a person of a certain demographic commits a crime and you are not allowed to speak up about him/her because they are a member of a minority!  That is when you have an obligation to speak up and also point of the fact they are from a minority!  If minority members are committing crimes it means there is something in our country that is not addressing their needs?  Is that need wealth without achievement?  Or can it be proven to fact that your needs can never be addressed in the Land of the Free!  We are not going to bend and break the greatest document of freedom ever written to pamper you, instead you have to go somewhere else and never come back here; every single one of you that is like that!

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