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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

American Women Schizophrenia Really Is 12 10 2013

American Women- Schizophrenia Really Is 12 10 2013 (Originally titled and filed under “Beast Women”)
She doesn’t want her child to grow up naturally; she doesn’t want her son to grow up naturally.  She wants them to be exactly like the man whom her coven demonized for their own garnered souls and thinking.  Hence that boy will always be emotionally disturbed and never grow up to be a man.
She feels that if she can demonize and control a man for his souls that that is what she wants her son to be consistent with- something she can easily control.  Now that son and her are going to be of one mind and it is a mind they stole.
It really means she should have never had children as they are like material things to her.  She does not seek for a child to grow up naturally; she has to ruin that for him or her!  She wants it to be a man like a material item consistent with what other women have!  Hence her child is a material object that serves to bring her more material items!  The term human love is not part of her life! 
For love is a contradiction to her form of materialism!
It is a sign of complete human life failure that when she becomes an dulst she wants to Control God!  God being defined as a human being whose soul was stolen or SPLIT for her benefit!  Which really means she is mentally retarded in comparison to the rest of us and does not believe in human beings.  She has defined a thinking human being to be a God in contrast to her own poverty of thought!  Which really means she hates herself because she is not a human being, she is an “isn’t!”
And in effect through materialism she is teaching her children how to prey on human nature!  How did humanity become extinct?? (Will one day be asked?)  They were preyed upon by a mentally retarded equivalent race!  The Bible calls them the beast and it is relevant because they raise their children like apes raise theirs in groups by females!
She is insanely jealous because she wanted to be male but cannot!  So she prevents her males from becoming men by ruining real men’s lives! She is so unhappy she kicks that husband out of the house so that her son is not raised by a male father figure.  More likely the truth is that she finds out her husband is not a worthy human male!  A viscous circle forms here!
Because she see’s through her mind’s eye penis’s that she does not have herself she convinces herself that the way she can feel like a man is to marry a man with the largest penis that she can find!  Let me try and explain it, because she does not have her own human soul she is dependent minded, hence in order for her to associate herself as being a dominant male she seeks a man with a large penis on the hopes that she can see through his eyes and be all that he can be.  It doesn’t work because he is a dolt that has a females mind just like hers and was indeed raised to not be a man by the exact same thing she is!  She would not be compatible with an intelligent male, that could think for himself, no matter if it had a large or small penis!  She is not compatible because that thinking for himself is a contradiction to the delusion she has about herself being a man too; she does not want to believe there is any difference between herself and other members of her tribe!  For that creates unhappiness!  If she believes there is a difference she feels helpless and disempowered!  Hence she has disabled the sense of man in our modern world!  She does not marry the man that she does out of love she marries him because it is her way of feeling like she is a man!  When she really is weak and frail and does not have the human brain capacity to think for herself.
And any child that she has is going to be like an odd irresponsible animal!  Emotionally disturbed in the presence of real mean because he knows he never was one!  Many of their children are also materially gay! For she did not give them choices of being raised consistent to their own sexual identity!  Why not?  Because as a matter of preventing herself from feeling insecure in this world she cannot believe there is a difference between herself and the soul of and the soul of the human being that was stolen for her!
That is where we get a 17 Trillion Dollar national debt in the United States from!  And because she believes in raising her children like primates, Africa is indeed the country to deport her to!  She would not be insecure there and it would be like home to her!  It would be the most humane treatment for her and because it is consistent with her nature it would indeed make her happy!
Neither she nor her brood belong with us in the United States, because they cannot obey our Constitution!
She thinks exactly like us but only in order to prey upon human beings!  She is the reason we have things that are detrimental to us when we should be protected from them in our Constitution!   Why?  Because by the way she is raising her children to be like beasts it doesn’t matter if they were born with  oxygen deprived dead brains or not!
In fact they make better servants to her because they are more dependent minded and helpless in the world!  They readily become frustrated as children in school and victimize other children out of that frustration!
She does not want one that thinks because it is something she cannot do and is envious of!  The reality of human thought, that she cannot claim being a part of or a party to, instantly breaks her delusion of self. (Same is true of her coven’s brood!)
In a sense of materialism she wants one that obeys her based on how she thinks from a stolen souls and that is what also gives her a sense of empowerment in this world.  She also wants one like this because it aides her in eventually destroying the source of her stolen soul.  And she does this because she believes that she can cocoon out of it and be a happy person!  It never happen’s, she just has to find another victim!
She cannot even think to cook or clean like she is supposed to!  So she defines those things to be what lesser race (class) members should be concerned about; when in fact she is the lesser race (class)!
She will fight tooth and nail to ruin human minds and have them psychiatrically medicated!  It’s an African religion, so once again that is where she and her males belong; not in the United States!
Physical Characteristics Similar to Primates:
You will also see that she has many physical characteristics similar to apes! (Her male offspring too!)
1.       Wide chin.
2.       High tension chimp like vocalizations.
3.       Beady eye balls with small pupils!  EXACTLY like fetal alcohol syndrome children or Down’s Syndrome children.
4.       Bull legged.
5.       Ferial facial expressions of unhappiness and futility, because she feels helpless in this world!  And blank expressions like an animal waiting in anticipation to pounce on human prey!  The cold face that is also calculating!  (Whoa, finally got that one articulated right!)
6.       Curly hair!  And red baboon hair. (Getting into Nazi Germany in a minute.)
7.       A lisp in the voice.
8.       Screech like singing.  Now sadly enough this is how Southern Country singers sing today!  But it was more prevalent before that in India and China!  It is a gypsy tactic to taunt men and make them horny by being annoying! One wants to pretend one is sitting at a gypsy campground and yell out, “Is that screeching spoiled brat retard still going!”
9.       Pigeon toed walk like she/he was routinely sodomized by her/his father!  And do you know what they are finding out with regard to the aides virus?  After complete remission with no signs of it after treatment it is coming back in those who had it!  It can never be cured!  And it is a monkey virus!  Monkey’s do absolutely anything they want to one another as you will see in a minute.
Youth Pregnancy:
Why does she like to get pregnant so young, even without a man around to father and parent her children?  Because her life is over after High School!  She could never learn it was complete frustration!  (My mother on the other hand was Valedictorian of her High School Class!)  So the only way her life continues is to live the life of her children!  That is part of the construct of their stolen personal human development mentioned above.
She believes in trying to drown out or muffle human thought!
And indeed the woman’s brain is 10% less than the man’s!  Which means men are also trying to figure out what she said because she doesn’t know how to express herself so that people outside of her own mind can understand it!  She can’t articulate because she believes you are like her, one mind and no different and therefore understand her?  What is true is that there are those who are indeed one mind with other people and know exactly what they mean with little need to describe or articulate!  But is not true with regard to how she communicates with her own family members and hence that is also part of the drive for them to participate in stealing the same soul that she stole; so they can understand her from the same basis!  (Africa!)
“That’s just how women are?”  We hear a young male laughing as he say’s that.  No!  It isn’t!  No there is a great difference between that and real women.  The best description might indeed be seen from a movie that is the most perfect example of empirical evidence, The Grapes of Wrath.  A man takes his son to a whore and says, “You want to know who your mother is, there she is!”  And he throws his son at her and his son has a mental break down because of it!
American Women and Aggression:
That aggression and fame seeking in some women is consistent with wanting to be a man or believe you are a man!  Again because she does not want to believe there is a difference!  (Those parents had too many bad sons and brothers that abused her?  Likely!)  It is also why there is the great drive to normalize the defective human brain idea of homosexuality; when indeed homosexuality is an idea based on asexual reproduction and that is not how the human race reproduces!  Can’t be debunked any better than that!  Also that is why she and her children molest human males and the sons of them; she wants to eliminate that difference so she can believe she is physically the same as a human male or that a human man is actually less than her!
And the reason that we have alcohol today is because that thing with the small brain, no human conscience or human reason and no penis and her brood would not feel comfortable living amongst the rest of us if they were not provided with a form of escapism to compensate for their mental disability!  We have alcohol today because she and her brood also use it to disable human beings for their souls!  It works by oxygen deprivation ruin to the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for learning and memory!  Ruin that and she wins, she has leveled the world down to her primate level!  She needs to go through withdrawal treatment.  And indeed Africa would be a good place for that!
Sexual Molestation:
So in order for that son to differentiate himself from sons that have the ability to think for themselves he is going to sexually molest them!  Why?  Because he knows he is not one of us he wants those who are one of us to believe that they are not!  In other words he and his mother cannot stand that thinking human beings are born physically the same as them but only a lot more intelligent; having a human conscience and human reason!  The devil in the Bible is defined to be a homosexual like this that abused Jesus Christ in Matthew about 4: 7-11.  Interestingly enough your Slavic races tend to be stouter and mature more early.  They are also stronger because their limbs are shorter and hence muscles grow bigger, I call it midget leverage when I am in the gym.  But anyhow is that how the tax collector came into being?  And was indeed that which is the Devil mentioned in Matthew 4: 7-11?  One more point on that body type.  It was said that members of the Nazi party also had those barrel chests and were stout!  Adolf Hitler looks like a Fetal Alcohol syndrome child that learned how to talk.  His father beat him to make him stronger in order to compensate for his own lack of intelligence?  You cannot tell me that is a highly relevant consideration to make with regard to his psychological profile!  The father that’s beats his own son so that his human mind is muffled and he becomes a voyeur like the young apes sitting with a female ape that raises them?  Just look at the expression on a gorilla’s face and describe what you see?  It is consistent with the animal psychiatry of that upbringing!
Now in Africa a tribe rescued a boy who was raised by monkeys!  He could not stop sexually molesting the other boys and they all finally had to kill it!  Make no mistake, it looked human but it wasn’t and never could be; despite how much money you want to pour into a University Study to prove what you don’t want to be true!
So you might feel that I am being anti-Semitic because that is your Jewish mother today?  Quite to the contrary, the above archetype is exactly what concurred Israel and how you were displaced from it!  The most perfect example from history of what a Jew is; is Jesus Christ!  The Romans were short and stunted in growth and intelligence due to wine whereas Jesus Christ was tall and intelligent!  And you should be very proud of him!  There is nothing you should be more proud of than how the story of Jesus Christ a Jew has been preserved through history!
The desire to be on television to be like the man that holds home the prize meat from the hunting kill to the tribe?
Two real men can sit next to each other and work together and have very little conflict!  What comes from her exhibits behaviors consistent with being emotionally disturbed!
One more point!  She is the reason that Catholic Priests a branch off of the Jewish Religion were made to be celibate!  Because she needed to see through the eyes of a man without watching him make love to a woman at the same time!  She could not stand to be the one to pleasure another woman with her stolen mind and penis?  And indeed she likes to cast spells with the procreation energy that comes from the penis as if it were her own penis?  There is plenty of reference of nuance to this construct in the Bible.
And one more thing!  Women should never have been allowed to be Jewish Rabbis!  And we do indeed see women taking over the churches as their scheme of demonic possession of males is being defeated by the protests of men like in SNAP?
The business model of limited liability is not of men.  And both that and psychosocial treatment of her must commence!  And indeed I can tell that my efforts are already bearing fruit in that respect!
Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 12 10 2013 at:

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
And I make no effort to perfect this writing because I know that it makes her more wily against human men!  She learns through distracting the human souls why it tries to think!

Because both Osama Bin Laden and the Republican Party that was formed in order to prevent slavery weighed in on the subject I thought I would weigh in on it with regard to mental slavery!  The important point with regard to women is that the worst of them are the mortal enemy of the best of them!  So it is not all of them!  And in order to induce the proper world change we are going to have to frustrate and get a lot of old hags mad! Hence the concept actualization of being deported to Africa!  Speaking of which, Christmas is coming very quickly and the woman that you love in your life is sure to like the gift below!  It is a tiny little purse with a beautiful Cosmos flower on it!

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