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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why they need the drugs 12 12 2013

Why they need the drugs 12 12 2013

I go by the assumption that you read my articles from one to the next.  Hence I am sometimes referring to something I wrote in one published just before the next one.
What I wrote about the India Indian (Schwami, Medicine Men, Shamans, Spiritual religious using Marijuana instead of tobacco struck a chord in me.  Why does a India Indian Schwami need to use pot?  In order to understand this we have to apply what we have learned from our research into the SIKH religion right after the Sikh temple shooting!  What we found out about them is that they SEEK to form a union with what they call a higher consciousness.  I am not even going to have to look up the word origin as I know that the India Indian word SIKH means the same as SEEK! But the next question then becomes Seek means that you have to travel to find something.  If indeed all you need to do is tap into a consciousness of an omnipotent God up in there in space you don’t need to travel at all.  Either God is with you because you are blessed by him or he isn’t!  And we do indeed see that theme in the Bible with regard to Joseph the son of Judah.
So why do you need to tap into a higher consciousness?  A consciousness is indeed part of a human being isn’t it!  Does it imply that yours is inferior?  I would have to believe that is true.  So what would make ones consciousness inferior; very simply if they or their parents used drugs like Cannabis in the first place!
So we have 46 million Americans that cannot afford food and we have great number of manufacturing jobs for U.S. Corporations now in INDIA!  But we also have a great many that want pot legalized.
Now why would a schwami want to use pot?  Because it would cause a state of unearned relaxation, in effect blanking out his own mind so that he could indeed be more in tune with a far more intelligent mind.  So what happens when the freak pot users taps into that higher consciousness?  Is that indeed the source of voices that schizophrenics hear in their heads?  In a prior article I post how that cost to our health likely makes up 5 trillion of our 17 trillion national debt!!
So 46 million Americans need foods stamps.  I will just assume that they can’t afford pot and that is why they need the food stamps.  But what about those that want pot legalized?  They sure can afford it!!!  We are to assume that they can afford it because they are professionals that earned a lot of money?  There is a contradiction there because a true professional would never need to use pot because they gain their sense of self esteem and achievement as a form of happiness.
So we are to legalize pot so that those who should not have earned their money can relax and tap into the minds of intelligent Americans raised by educated parents.
Pot and alcohol have about the same effect as Atropine a drug derived from Atropha or Bella Donna.  It is a anticholinergenic!  That means it blocks the memory and learning function of the human brain.  As the name Atropha suggests Atrophy it atrophies the human brain at the level that it is at!  Hence what we see is that American Brains are being atrophied in favor of the wealth class and foreign satanic religions to the tune of multi-trillions of dollars to the taxpayer!  Atropha was indeed a woman in greek mythology.  I had said it had to have been a man before but looked it up and found to the contrary but the story is the same from my point of view.
I believe that any psychiatrist, politician, public servant or member of corporate management that is found with marijuana in their blood or bone marrow (if possible to test that way as it would show you stopped temporarily just in order to fool the test.) should be deported from the United States.
Okay you say that I am wrong about all this?  Too much of a hardnose?  I tell you what you are going to get from all this!  More children that are born mentally defective, downs syndrome, mentally retarded, autism, etc.  What you will get are sons that are not even able to drive their fathers to the hospital in case of semi emergency!  You will also see them having more children that are even worse than that.
There is no short cut to developing true intelligence!  It takes frustration and self discipline in order to learn and that is the exact opposite of the drug user.
Now FDR legalized alcohol again.  His family wealth was from the opium trade with China.  Not only that both he and Joe Kennedy made enormous profits from the stock market crash of 1929 that caused or exacerbated the Great Depression.  He was no hero.  But the question becomes was his family money also trading opium with India?  Ever watch a Sherlock Holmes movie and hear them talk about when they were stationed in India and in the Opium dens?  Apparently they must have had Opium dens in England too????
In the last article I also made the point that a British (England) Bank was found guilty of laundering drug money coming into the United States from Mexico.  Have you ever spoken on a customer help line for any British Based bank or for that matter corporation?  They are all in India and you get absolutely nowhere!  A United States person could be paid to do the same job and you would get absolutely nowhere too, but you would be more pissed about getting nowhere with a U.S. person wouldn’t you.  We seem to have just come to accept we won’t get anywhere with an India Indian person.
And there was indeed an Indian American Women who was just found guilty of faking drug testing lab results.
I also made the point about many India Americans being Taxi Cab drivers in the prior article.
And it was indeed an India American who I first drank with in High School.  Both him and his brother ended up working in banking and Finance.  He also made reference to someone trying to sell his brother pot in Jamaica.  And he was a good chap.  But something might have atrophied his personal development in High School?  Neither he nor I should have drank even though we liked to so much.
It was also a India American woman that looted Koss Corporation of more than per my memory $15 million.  That factory is about a mile from my home and I even applied to work there in the Finance department after I graduated from College!  One might come to the conclusion that Corporate America is crooked and that no foreigners including Englishmen should be working in Corporate America?  If the India Indian religion was screwing up Americans so was the British Government and also the Chinese!  They were all colonies of the British.  It is done in the name of imperialism and maintenance of wealth, as was FDR’s policy to re legalize alcohol!  And you would not believe the heat I get for even mentioning that alcohol is bad for you!
When I went to Whitefish Bay High School I went to and crashed the parties too.  I saw the bongs lined up on the tables!

In summary they need the drugs because their brains are fried and they need to use them to tap into the intelligent good Americans so that they can drain our economy by having ideas not of their own produced by foreign slaver labor equivalent! Also without those drugs they will become miserable because they cannot achieve a false sense of achievement with our Lincoln dollars stolen.  Also without those drugs they will have no avenue of escapism from their own reality!  And that indeed is where the great conflict will come from as it has in U.S. history already.  But the best thing you can do for a drug user who seeks escapism with the use of drugs in order to save their soul is to make them deal with their own negative selves.  And they either become one of the rest of us or they become no longer by their own hand.  And that is indeed why we have the right to keep and bear arms, for when that spoiled reanimate comes after us because he is not one of us, he is a fictitious person maintained by drugs!  In a sense the drugs support a sense of self as fiction rather than fact!


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