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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Does this make sense 12 18 2013

Does this make sense 12 18 2013

Chinese Americans part of U.S. Corporate Management lobbying to have goods from their U.S. Corporations made in China?

I know it seems like the question has easily been answered and dismissed but it needs consideration.  It really amounts to where the goods are being produced receiving the revenue as well as Corporate Management.

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Stand back and ask how this benefits America and how it has been a detriment to us.  Sure the prices are low but there were 57 million tons of electronic waste in the world last year.  Somehow someone has to stand up and say, our planet cannot handle all that waste and the human race survive the polluted water and air.

America used to be known for quality, this is the exact opposite of that!

And of course who can be the one to say what can and cannot be made and who can and cannot make!  As in all constructs of humanity eventually you would get the wrong type of person in that position making the wrong decisions for everyone else!  Society should really have had the idea of successive quality planning in mind?  And maybe that should be a rule for a new form of business and the Corporate form be ditched with a Constitutional Amendment.

And what happens with a democratic process when the people vote and they don't get it right?  That is why we need transparency in Government.

Have you ever seen a homeless Chinese American?

FDR's family money came from Opium trade with China.  Opium is in the same drug chain as Heroin; Heroin is just what our modern specialty chemists made it into.

Here is a quick search of the images of Heroin addicts!

You cannot tell me that they do not look like victims of Zombification!  What is the point?  China was Communist and FDR's family money came from an activity that supported communism; the creation of the dependent!  What else did FDR do?  He repealed Prohibition!  I am just going to make this one statement: "DRUGS ARE COMMUNISM!"  Also at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi War crimes they admitted to doing everything possible to create a nation of 80 million dependent minded!  That is COMMUNISM to!  Belladonna or Atrophine from the Greek myth of Atropha is also a drug that was initially used to create the dependent minded by Greeks and Romans. It was diluted and it is a anticholinergenic- that means it poisons the hippo campus of your brain responsible for memory and learning, and that is indeed what the word Atrophy means- to stop your growth and development.  Another key drug that readily poisons the human brain in the same manner by causing Atrophy is Alcohol- what FDR the Englishman made legal after it was banned.  Okay so you think I am making a mountain out of a mole hill!  One hit of heroin and you are hooked.  It could indeed be slipped to your child at a drinking party and they could die from it and the Corporate health care system would rule it an overdose!  And you would have never known your child was on drugs because they weren't!  And if they do not die; just take a look at the pictures on that link above again!  Another whole class of drugs that cause brain Atrophy is the anti-psychotic drug!  Again all of this occurred at the exact same time in the history of the United States!  It all needs to stop!  But just look at those pictures at the above link and ask yourself what the motivation would be to do that to someone (and don't allow your response to be money from the immediate sale.)  The intent of Nazi Germany was to make them dependent minded and control them, why???  The word Pederasty is a new one for me and it plays into a lot of this world satanic occult concept.

I am not anti oriental, the profile of my own head is shaped like one, I am pro America and freedom.  And I could get into how the Sphinx that is the prison guard statue over those who were constructing the pyramids is an oriental face.  But the main point is that drugs destroy freedom and democracy!  Humanity does not have a future with them!  Think of it this way if you want. Nancy Kerigan is about to get on they Olympic Ice rink and vie for the gold medal when a U.S. competitor of hers has her leg hit with a lead pipe!  Now your son or daughter is bright and intelligent and they are graduating from College (Scott Walker didn't) and for some reason they lose the memory of proper behavior and hear voices in their heads or overdosed on heroin, or had alcohol psychosis (alcohol damage to the hippocampus) that was aggravated by some means?  The Puritans believed in Demonic possession.  A Demoniac is indeed defined in the Bible, but not in every version of it- try the St. Joseph version and the Gospel of Mark.  And I do indeed intend to write an article on the Demoniac and also how to prevent your son from growing up to be a homo.

And as you look at those pictures of heroin addicts realize in no uncertain terms that they are demoniacs that were created by PEOPLE!  We know exactly how they were created it isn't a mystery; someone gave and pushed poisons on them!  They did not make it themselves and it should have never been allowed in this country!  The risk to our democracy from this is far greater than you could imagine!  They did not do this to themselves it was done to them!  Demoniacs are created by people!  They were created by people!  So here we have indeed established a mode and it reflects on a type of person that our society has yet to properly define and label!  FDR was one of these "Creators of demoniacs" and he should never had made it to the office of President.

And these are the faces of fetal alcohol syndrome!

The Roman Catholic Church holds the chalice of wine above their head at Mass while at the same time promoting Pro Life!  If that doesn't make you sick you are not able to put the ideas together because you have a defective hippo campus.  I could help you with that in terms of getting better, but that is not what you want you want to be able to deny you have the problem; and that requires a scapegoat- and hence the creation of religion and the Priest holding the chalice above his head and saying the man on the cross died so we can drink alcohol.  Tell me if those faces in the link above benefit from Jesus Christ, a Jew, dying for the sins of their parents!!!! 

It is just as simple as Jesus asking the question, "Where was John's baptism from? Was it of heavenly or of human origin." Matthew 21:25

I could be falling down off my back foot and dying and I will still be slinging!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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