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Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Governmental Concept 12 19 2013

New Governmental Concept 12 19 2013

Holding Government officers liable for what they are paid to govern!  For example if the USDA is expected to regulate chicken so that citizens do not get salmonella and die,,,and people get slamonella and die then that Government official can be tried for a degree of the crime?

That concept can apply to the EPA, the FDA, the AMA, Transportation, FBI, CIA, DEA, SEC, and even the legislature, corruption under your watch as a public servant!  Too many eels are slipping out of the barrel.

What am I getting at with all the negligence in these agencies while at the same time vying for smaller government something responsible has to be done!  IOW you can't collect a paycheck and be in an oversight position and do nothing anymore!

This happened during your watch and you did nothing about it, hence you bear a degree of the crimes committed and liabilities incurred!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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