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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Collar Jobs

White Collar Jobs were not meant to be done by those who do not have their own true intellect and only succeed and maintain their careers by insulting others.

If you have a dependent minded intellect you have absolutely no business doing a white collar job.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Voting Rights 11 30 2011

There needs to be a great change in the voting rights in this country to take into account revelation of the dependent minded race of wealth creation.

All Dependent minded Voters, votes should only county for 1 % of a Independent minded voters vote.

And therefore and Independent minded persons vote would count for 100 times that of an dependent minded person.

Why?  Because the dependent minded are Satanic and they are likely to get us into wars that could lead to the end of the world.  And also most dependent minded are Republicans and have a mindset that is contrary to the minds they were raised on.  That is why very little is done for the greater good of the people of this country.

The Satanic are soulless just like Jesus told us they were.  And because they are soulless they live of the mind of another person.  They also steal anything of intellectual significance from the person they are dependent minded to.  Therefore the very nature of their being is irresponsibility.

This needs to be recognized the world over before these idiots destroy us all!  They do not belong in government or positions of authority or responsibility over others.

They flourished under the freedoms of the United States and this has lead to our limited freedoms.  Why?  Because they represented themselves as something they were not in our world.

Just what they do to the individuals they are dependent minded to, destroy, they do to everyone as a whole.

Jesus had a phrase concerning them, "They know not what they do."  I could add to that, "They know what they know but they do not know how they know it!"  And yet they have the greatest confidence in the world to make decisions!  And the wrong ones.  Why because their knowledge is not based on personal experience.  It is based on fleeting visions and a connection to the ones they demonize and label schizophrenic.
Don't get me wrong, some are very good people and make great friends.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Carnival Dust and the Strep Fat Face 11 30 2011

Carnival Dust and the Strep Fat Face 11 30 2011

Many people who are overweight and have pretty fat faces have a resident form of strep virus.

It is quite common and many restaurant foods have it.

How to tell if you have been exposed to the strep virus?  It is very simple.

1.      You will smell something that smells like what can be best described as “CARNIVAL DUST”.  This carnival dust like smell will be in your nostrils and on your clothes.  It won’t feel like dust either but it has a very slight slick powder grit feel to it (that is just the best way to describe it).

2.      Often your mouth will have a white dry pasty taste to it.  Sometimes I have noticed that a variant of this virus on women’s mouths can also have a hint of mayonnaise smell to it.

3.      Your thinking will not be as sharp but you are not likely to notice this.

4.      More acute symptoms of a sore throat, tonsillitis, aching jaw, tooth and gum pain may develop.

5.      If you are physically fit you will also notice that you are not as strong as your peak strength.

6.      Often this virus is picked up in hospital chairs or eating at restaurants and yes: carnivals!  All rinse cleaned bar glasses are also likely to have it.  It does not speak much for the intelligence of the corporate lunch class.

7.      You will notice that your sinuses will not be completely open.

8.      Places in your head will feel like encephalitis.

9.      Puffy hard cheeks under the eyes.

It is an American Epidemic and part of the reason that antibiotics are prescribed more than we think they should be.  It is a result of poor food preparation or food preparation by those who have it. 

It is made worse by our modern diet of sugar and sugar soda.  Most dogs and cats have it in their mouths; here it is the same smell but masked by a dry gram cracker like smell from the grains of their food.  In the wet form of it also has a sick sour smell to it when you smell it on someone’s breath.  The emotional response or effect you will get when you smell it, after you have learned to identify the smell, is that it is “one of fester.”  If you are able to smell it you are highly likely to then be affected by it because it has penetrated your “olfactory?” lobes.  You also get it by kissing an older person who has not showered or bathed much.  Your children will bring it home from school.  Your thinking will be more of the lowest common denominator thinking. 

Here is how I treated it when I get it. 

1.       I put all recent used clothes and sheets in the laundry basket to be washed, and wash them along with the other activities that I do.

2.      Take a shower and wash your hair.

3.      Brush your teeth, use a mouth wash, dental floss and Water pick.  Also check to see if you have any white spots lodged in your tonsils.  You get these from eating peanuts, sunflower seeds and other nuts as they lodge in the tonsils.  It is very hard to remove these white food decay particles when they are stuck in your tonsils.  The best way is to use a dental pick with the Red Pointed Rubber Top.  But it needs to be done because they create infection points.  If you do not have a steady hand you won’t be able to do this and are likely to end up choking to death at on the dental pick or cracking a tooth out when you bit the pick because of the gag response or otherwise.  So at the very least gargle with warm salt water. 1 cup warm water to ½ teaspoon Kosher Sea Salt.

4.      Localized itching of the skin is the first sign of getting a wart; they are also caused by viruses.  If you have an itchy face, wash it and consider rinsing it with the diluted salt water solution.  Then use a common over the counter skin lotion on it to provide a barrier on dry skin.  Clean and hydrated skin provides a barrier to such viruses.  Always were cheap and simple rubber sandals in public showers because they are the main source of the wart virus.   Never ever go barefoot in bathroom or into a bathroom with loose hanging shoestrings on your shoes.

5.      If you or your love partner get it frequently you probably should consider not trying to become pregnant.  Why?  Because viruses can change human genetics and the opportune time for them to do this is during fetal development.

6.      You might also have a spot between the teeth in your mouth that harbors strep like plaque.  This spot cannot be reached or the plaque removed through flossing, brushing or Waterpik.  I do not recommend you try doing this because you are likely to crack a tooth out!  But here is what I do, I find the most narrow dental pick (With dull end) I can get and insert it gently between those two teeth, just letting it dictate the direction it is placed between the teeth not me or my muscle control.  When I had this plaque/infection hiding spot and pulled it out I found white plaque attached to it.  I did this 2/3 three times until the strep like plaque was gone and then used the Water pick to flush the cleaned area.

7.      There are very few hospitals chairs that you can touch whereby your hands will not smell like this carnival dust.

Other remedies that are helpful.

1.      Licorice based tea.

Here is a list of over the counter products that I take at the first sign of the smell!  Remember it is transmitted through the air and if you are able to smell it you are going to get it!  You can also smell it on yourself.  After you have showered and washed and dried your hands and your body wait a little while and then rub on your face starting at your forehead and then down past your nose.  If you smell any “CARNIVAL DUST” you still have it.

Only use the products per the dosing on the products label.

1.      I take two 1,000 milligram L-Lysine pills.

2.      I take two to three 1,000 milligram Rainbow Light Vitamin C pills.

3.      Rinse nostrils with a fresh batch of the warm saltwater solution.  And use nasal sprays that contain colloidal silver and/or grapefruit seed extract.

4.      I take on Country Life Chelated Zinc.

I take these as a first line defense after exposure with or without the occurrence of lethargy. 

You will also feel that your stomach is nervous.

1.      Chug some aloe Vera gel from the jar you buy at the health food store for around $8.

2.      Take an antacid calcium pill.

3.      Greek Yoghurt for your stomach.

4.      L-Glutamine.

5.      In cases of stomach nerves that last more than two days I take one homeopathy Arsenic pill.  This diluted poison kills the stomach virus.  It is made by Hylands, use it per label and very little.  (It is a weight lifting supplement in that it will also make you stronger but at the trade-off of poisoning you.  So I only use it for defeating viruses.)

Sometimes a strong reaction means you have hit the bull’s eye of the illness.  And sometimes after you hit the bull’s eye it is best to keep at the bull.  The human body stores toxins in the fat cells.  That is why it is very hard for fat people to lose weight.  Once they start to burn the fat the toxins are released into the metabolism to be metabolized.  Because they were not metabolized in the first place they are resistant to being metabolized.  This is why regular exercise is very important when you are trying to lose weight.  You have to metabolize what your body has stored in fat until you no longer feel sick.  Fat is a response to eating toxins!  We eat when we need to replace energy and fat stores that excess to metabolize later.  But when we do not metabolize right away, toxins are more likely to be stored in fat.  You have to vigilant in life in that when you know you have eaten an unhealthy meal; you need to exercise “Right away soon.”  The same day is best.

Also it is helpful to use a capful of hydrogen peroxide and gargle with it and then to rinse your mouth out with water.

Other remedies that are helpful are.

1.      Vitamin A, just one serving of the three day mega dose.

2.      Bitter Melon

3.      Natures Herbs: Echinacea Goldenseal combination.

4.      Quercetin

5.      Put shoe powder in your shoes.

How not to get it.

1.      Keep the steering wheel of your car clean.

2.      Keep the receivers on your phones wiped clean.

3.      Wash hands immediately after shaking someone else’s.

4.      Take the dollar bills but do not even let the change coming back to you touch your hands, that is their tip.  It is the best form of health insurance ever!

Virus:  You never really develop immunity to it because when humans are at their best we have bodies that are pure to our own specific genes.  And, secondly, viruses mutate very slightly and evade prior immunity that is based on old viruses.

You should always feel your best. (And this should not mean that you should feel that you need to put someone down or harass them!)

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Beady Swine Eye’s Squinting and Thinking Revenge 11 30 2011

Beady Swine Eye’s Squinting and Thinking Revenge 11 30 2011

Who am I talking about?  Those who have the only child spoiled brat syndrome, and they might not even be ‘only child’s.’

Children watch out for kids like this (adults watch out for adults like this too.)

What are the facial expressions of someone evil who will seek revenge upon you? (Often they just hate you because you live! They hate you because “You think and therefore you are!”)

1.       The holding of their facial expression as they turn away and don’t think you can see their jealous and vile hatred of you.

2.      Tightened lips.

3.      The face of revenge and hurtful harm.

4.      They squint their eyes to hide their emotions of hatred, envy and love.  And they don’t think that you see them squinting or that you would know what it means.

That is the face of Satan.  Jesus saw that face in people and thought that it only entered them temporarily.  I part ways with Jesus on this one as a matter of self-survival.  These are people who will loathe you because they are like Satan as Jesus described and they do indeed hear your thoughts! (A soulless person learns by hearing others think.)

If you ever see this look in them, even once, don’t ever turn your back on them!  (Also if you are with someone who you do not think fits this archetype don’t turn your back on them either, but watch what they are doing because you will need to stop them from screwing their own stuff up and possible also putting you in danger.  They are not aware of Satan.  No bullshit, read Revelation from the Bible!) 

This archetype of person cannot be trusted even when they themselves are trying to be good.  You cannot even trust them to save their own selves.  You have to watch them so they don’t hurt themselves as they try and mimic you and learn!

So what do you do?  You can diffuse evil by pointing it out with humor.  “She is wearing the old child face!”  See that is just funny, isn’t it.

If two or more women who are friends look at you this way, as described in 1,2,3 you are headed for a lifetime of mental illness and voices in your head that the general public has very little known truthful insight into.  This group of women people know, though!

If the two or more women do not like you, you will be frequently harassed by dolt men.

No matter how old they are they think you can’t see it!  And these evil ones are never through with you.  Also watch out for the sharpened rising tone of voice.  They often try to hide this voice with humor.  These jealous and mean spoiled brats will live off your soul all your life.  And they will add many to their hate group!  What serves as their conscience is the hatred they justify towards you!  You did absolutely nothing to deserve this other than being born.

Some even adopt children rather than naturally trying to have them because they believe that if they have their own they will be miserable soulless children like themselves.

Someone that lives off your soul is not better than you, and they should not be able to make money by making you or others miserable!

Often a child who was raised on the soul of another human being has a Kazoo like voice.  What is this really?  It is a response to them trying to differentiate themselves from the thoughts they hear from you.  You might be annoyed by a clown like voice like this but realize it is beautiful in that you see that they have suffered in order to try to achieve independence! What would the contrary to this be?  Someone who just decided to give up in life and live the existence of a stealing sloth!  Anytime you hear someone trying to talk over your thinking you will also know who or what they are.  Consider this a complement to.  I have found men whose voices sound like Kazoo’s are often usually of Italian or German descent.  Also watch out for women who look gnome like.  And also women with mustaches.  That is god’s way of telling you this person has had a hormone type influence of soul and may not be a true person to themselves or you!

When you see that person face in a direction away from you and glare as if you can’t notice it, you have just been cursed!  Look out evil will be with you until something bad happens to you!  That is how evil defines that it has won or extracted revenge, when it is able to hurt you! 

These people will often not like talking to you because it is an immediate epiphany to them that they are not who they believe themselves to be in delusion: YOU!  They can’t talk to you because of this; they just try and hide their glares.  Some just overtly glare.

And if you manage to survive the multitude of harassment you will find that there is an entire race of Anti “You” People.  There you have it!  Your own antirace!  Symbolism intended.

Why is it our modern Pharisees, want to be’s, just don’t get it?  You’re not a step above or better if you hear the thoughts of another and learn by them.  What you are is something God pitied and gave a chance at life. Don’t ruin it for others!

You don’t get to silence souls anymore Satan!  Nor do you get to SEAL the souls of men on the HEAD as the Book of REVELATION from the Bible says that you have done.  Those SEVEN SEALS are being broken as I write!  And you have a responsibility to admit this so that is does not lead to the SEVEN TRUMPETS of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles being heard!

What is the story of Jesus, a true Jew, in the Bible telling you about yourself that you don’t want to admit?  Is it something about being a mongol?  Or is it telling you that you are of the one percent of us who remain in the world who are indeed true Jews in that we have the minds others are dependent upon.  That is right the Schizophrenics are indeed the blessed ones!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I was published by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Some of you may think that I am a complete nut.  But I was published by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Here is the link:

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Schizophrenic everyone on Television is from your stolen soul.

Schizophrenic everyone on Television is from your stolen soul.
So now that you know the truth here is what you do to end it.  Make sure that you think something negative but true of all the Satanic you see on television.  I have given you a list of items that is sure to take the smile off the faces of the television personalities instantly.  These are things to think about them when you see their arrogant and fatuous faces on television.

1.      That idiot whore doesn’t belong on television.

2.      It sure is taking block head a long time to think.

3.      Why does that criminal athlete get paid one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) a year?

4.      I thought drugs were illegal in the United States.  Why do they keep featuring criminals- known drug users on television?

5.      I would hate to be the child of that low life Rock Star.

6.      The newscaster looks like he is reading something he knows to be a lie.

All this will have an effect.  You will see their faces change even if the television show was prerecorded.  Think up your own insults because they have to go!  You can put the most humble person there is on television but if I have to look at another satanic idiot I won’t watch it.  And when you refuse to watch it they all dry up and go away.

7.      When you turn it on the first thing you should think when a face appears is, “Who wants to look at you!”

8.      Who did you sleep with or suck off to get that job.

9.      Your father worked in the industry or they would have never hired a talentless person such as you.

10.  You there, Newscaster; (megaphone < ) “You look like a cowardly man made of tin!”

11.  That basketball player shooting the free throw, I wonder what his third grade teacher thought of him.

12.  The woman on the home improvement show  looks like she is swatting flies with that hammer.

13.  I would like to see tubbo chased by wild dogs and drop dead of a heart attack.

14.  She looks like the embodiement of a venereal sore.

If this all starts to work I will post negative ideas we can all think at the same time to get them off the air, such as:

“I am an important person I thank the world would understand if I peed right here on stage.”

“It won’t hurt my finger at all if I drive a nail through it with a nail gun.”

“I have always known to add 4 times the regular amount of cayenne pepper to dishes I am serving guests.”

“Sour milk can still be used in recipes even thought I wouldn’t drink it.”

“It is okay for me to say my true thoughts every once in awhile instead of what it says on the teleprompter.”

“If I can’t pronounce a word it is okay to blurt it out like it’s the right way to say it.”

“Getting the facts right when arguing politics is not important all I need to do is look confident and keep on talking because I have a following that’s loves me no matter if I am right or wrong!”

“It is okay to admit I am wrong but only on things I consider inconsequential, that is a way I can build credibility.”

“I don’t care if nobody watches my show. I am the one they hired!”  (Isn’t that symbolic of the American work ethic today?)

“I am going to try something new and different and spontaneous right on the air.  I am confident in my ability to speak without having to think about what I say!”

“I know that I don’t really belong here when I compare myself to others whom I know are truly smarter or have more talent.”

“Taking care of my children is really someone else’s job.”

“Something is not right, something just does not suit me regarding the scenery on the stage set.  Something doesn’t look right.”

“My makeup must be totally off today it is like I feel I am ugly and worthless in front of the camera!”

“If I wasn’t the role model for Americans in all my behavior I would not be on television.”

“My manager must need to be replaced.”

“Everybody just saw the look on my face when I tasted the awful food and said it was good!”

“I would never give this financial advisor, I am interviewing so enthusiastically, my money to invest.”

“I can’t remember what my second career choice was before I got into the television business.”

“I think someone just noticed that I am pretending to be something I am not and that I can never truly act this part.”

“I turned the set on and the first I see is you.  You look like a runaway dog!”

“Nobody will ever figure out where my jokes really came from!”

“I don’t believe in traditional family life, so I am just going to say so!”

“It doesn’t matter if I say something immoral as long as it is supported by our popular culture.”

“I am in no way guilty of aiding and abetting former criminals being interviewed on my show who tell their side of the story.”

“I can be just as sharp witted as Andy Rooney, I’ll just say what I think.”

“No one will ever figure out that I am part of the worst racist group that ever existed in the history of the world.”

It all that fails start doing the false math in your head. 

What will you find?  America’s dumbest criminals are right there on television.

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Thomas Paul Murphy

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This was what television was meant to be: we were meant to discuss what we see on television but some of us never had the opportunity to truthfully understand how this should be done.

On Genealogy 11 23 2011

On Genealogy  11 23 2011

Now here is where I turn Arian against themselves.  That is right I am going to make Nazi’s and KK members and German superior types hate themselves. 

I remember hearing in high school biology class that kinked or curly hair only comes from black genes.

Many Italians have the dark curly hair.  But even Blond curly hair comes from black genes.  So if you are a white person and have the curly hair and think you are superior to the black race you are wrong.  You are a descendant of it!  And if German had it during the era of Nazi Germany…..?

When did the Moors concur Germany? (Look this up)

Jews who think they are superior like the Pharisees did?  You will not like this.  That curly hair is from the black gene.

Mona list also had the dark curly hair.

Now here is where it gets more interesting.  Some Dutch and those from the Netherlands and surrounding area have hair that looks straight dark hair but also looks to have a rectangular strip profile, like kinky hair even thought it lays flat.

The Moors concurred Spain and Italy in ~700 AD, so the black gene has been circulating around Europe for longer than you think.  Your red headed clown haired Irishman also has the black gene.

What am I getting at?  That white Europeans, who were really black, founded America and then went back to Africa to get slaves for themselves?  You bet I am!

I am also saying that the entire south that was pro-slavery was and is also black!

KKK members that good percentage of your members with curly hair is black themselves.  (Here is a funny scene a KKK member wants to get his blond hair straightened and the only place he can find to do it is a black woman’s barbershop!)  So are any Italian KKK members as well as any dark olive skinned Spanish members.  If they are English with curly hair they are also black.

George Bush and his father were likely black.  My brother in law and my nephew both who have curly hair and have classic German Arian looks are also black.  All of China and the Mongolian race are black.  (I find it very insightful that China has taken a strong stance against religion.  If they want to take an even stronger stance against religion they would take a stance against the label of schizophrenic.)

What do these whites have a hidden propensity to do?  Hate other white people and blacks?  That hate blacks more though, because they themselves are black and don’t want to admit it. That is right, the most racist Klan members are black themselves!

And what was the black religion?  It was Vondun or Voodoo!  It goes back 6000 years.  It is the religion of worshipping a half man half woman God!  What does that mean?  It means it is the religion of worshipping emasculated men!  What does that mean?  They key tenet of Voodoo is to use poison to make zombies of men!

What was the likely cause of WWII?  You’ll remember that psychiatry was a prevalent issue in history at the time of WWII!

What are your German pharmaceutical companies really?  They are practitioners of Voodoo!  Who practices Voodoo?  The soulless do!  There is no such thing as a disease called schizophrenia!  It is an attack on human beings by the soulless.  It is the greatest crime in the history of the world!

Most of the world has the soulless gene.   Most of the world also practices Voodoo against the blessed ones!

And who are the blessed ones?  People who have their own soul from any particular race!

You might accuse me of being a racist.  But if I am pointing out the most evil act of racism in the history of the world I am not a racist am I!

Schizophrenics are all likely descendants of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was immaculately conceived and therefore also had the power to immaculately conceive.  Because he had this….if he had the power he likely used it whether he knew it or not!  And whoever was immaculately conceived by him also had this power!

Those who have this power have their own souls and are labeled schizophrenic!  It means split mind!  That split mind is shared unwillingly by the person with schizophrenia by those of the satanic race.  Schizophrenics are hounded for their human soul!

What I believe has a strong correlation to the Satanic gene also made its way through Europe, long before the Moors did, the Mongols swept through Europe too.

Most people that you see on television are satanic.  That means they share the soul of a schizophrenic!  It doesn’t belong to them!!!  If the nature of yourself does not belong to you, what do you care about the future of others?

The greatest from of racism in the world is the persecution of those who have the human soul- the schizophrenic!

When you mix Voodoo with the occult you get the most evil world there has ever been!

And this is indeed why the world will end very soon!  It is because of the shameful secret of the Satanic!

There hidden shame and hidden persecution of others has created neglect in the world that has lead to an imbalance that will likely destroy the world.

God created man in his image.  Jesus Christ, a Jew, was the best man ever because he was truly good and truly righteous.  What has happened?  The underworld of Voodoo and the occult has persecuted the image of God!  This is indeed straying too far from the image of God!  And God will indeed now, very soon destroy the world!

Global warming has come upon us rather quickly.  It has resulted from over use of fossil fuels and our satanic quest for oil.  There is going to be cataclysmic change because of it!

But this is what you don’t know!  God can stop it!  And he will stop it if the Satanic admits to the world what they have done!  Why?  Because if the Satanic admit it, it means they have shown themselves to be good as is the image of God.

There are no two ways about it!  Admit and repent or face cataclysmic destruction very soon indeed!

You are better off admitting it and repenting than not!  Why?  Because once it starts it will happen very quickly and your soul might be saved if you admit and repent.  Otherwise there is absolutely no chance of it happening!

Could you imagine that?  One race that bites off live testicles meets another that worships half man half women zombies?  If that wasn’t the poetic justice of God I don’t know what is! It looks like the Europeans won otherwise they would all be black.  But the Italian face appears to look a little bleach washed from the integration process.  Or maybe we could call it shock washed!  What does the Moor say to the Italian woman with the shock white washed face?   “Give Lucy a hat she is my wife now.”

Over a period of 50 years this satanic force in America has rapidly killed via psychiatry.  The image of God has lost and what passes for humanity today will be destroyed.  There is far too little of the human spirit to go around because of this.

What was the conquest of the new world really about?  It is like the newly tanned Spanish/Moors saying, “Okay I am glad that is over.  Where did they come from?  Let’s go get us some and do this up right in the new world!”

And then the shock white Italians look at each other and say, “What do we call ourselves?”

“We’ll call ourselves Christianities!”

And then the answer to why Christianity spread to the new world so fast was the Queen saying, “Okay you practice that elsewhere!”

The joining of the Caligula race and the Zombify a person into a half man half woman race seems to explain the ingrained behavior of Catholic Priests.

The Moors meeting the Romans was indeed the revenge form Jesus Christ from above!

Admit that you are Satan!  Say these words in public, “I admit that I am Satan and will repent!”

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Note to self, put paddle and life vest in Kayak for storage over winter in case I need to get in it real quick and escape a world wide flood.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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