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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carnival Dust and the Strep Fat Face 11 30 2011

Carnival Dust and the Strep Fat Face 11 30 2011

Many people who are overweight and have pretty fat faces have a resident form of strep virus.

It is quite common and many restaurant foods have it.

How to tell if you have been exposed to the strep virus?  It is very simple.

1.      You will smell something that smells like what can be best described as “CARNIVAL DUST”.  This carnival dust like smell will be in your nostrils and on your clothes.  It won’t feel like dust either but it has a very slight slick powder grit feel to it (that is just the best way to describe it).

2.      Often your mouth will have a white dry pasty taste to it.  Sometimes I have noticed that a variant of this virus on women’s mouths can also have a hint of mayonnaise smell to it.

3.      Your thinking will not be as sharp but you are not likely to notice this.

4.      More acute symptoms of a sore throat, tonsillitis, aching jaw, tooth and gum pain may develop.

5.      If you are physically fit you will also notice that you are not as strong as your peak strength.

6.      Often this virus is picked up in hospital chairs or eating at restaurants and yes: carnivals!  All rinse cleaned bar glasses are also likely to have it.  It does not speak much for the intelligence of the corporate lunch class.

7.      You will notice that your sinuses will not be completely open.

8.      Places in your head will feel like encephalitis.

9.      Puffy hard cheeks under the eyes.

It is an American Epidemic and part of the reason that antibiotics are prescribed more than we think they should be.  It is a result of poor food preparation or food preparation by those who have it. 

It is made worse by our modern diet of sugar and sugar soda.  Most dogs and cats have it in their mouths; here it is the same smell but masked by a dry gram cracker like smell from the grains of their food.  In the wet form of it also has a sick sour smell to it when you smell it on someone’s breath.  The emotional response or effect you will get when you smell it, after you have learned to identify the smell, is that it is “one of fester.”  If you are able to smell it you are highly likely to then be affected by it because it has penetrated your “olfactory?” lobes.  You also get it by kissing an older person who has not showered or bathed much.  Your children will bring it home from school.  Your thinking will be more of the lowest common denominator thinking. 

Here is how I treated it when I get it. 

1.       I put all recent used clothes and sheets in the laundry basket to be washed, and wash them along with the other activities that I do.

2.      Take a shower and wash your hair.

3.      Brush your teeth, use a mouth wash, dental floss and Water pick.  Also check to see if you have any white spots lodged in your tonsils.  You get these from eating peanuts, sunflower seeds and other nuts as they lodge in the tonsils.  It is very hard to remove these white food decay particles when they are stuck in your tonsils.  The best way is to use a dental pick with the Red Pointed Rubber Top.  But it needs to be done because they create infection points.  If you do not have a steady hand you won’t be able to do this and are likely to end up choking to death at on the dental pick or cracking a tooth out when you bit the pick because of the gag response or otherwise.  So at the very least gargle with warm salt water. 1 cup warm water to ½ teaspoon Kosher Sea Salt.

4.      Localized itching of the skin is the first sign of getting a wart; they are also caused by viruses.  If you have an itchy face, wash it and consider rinsing it with the diluted salt water solution.  Then use a common over the counter skin lotion on it to provide a barrier on dry skin.  Clean and hydrated skin provides a barrier to such viruses.  Always were cheap and simple rubber sandals in public showers because they are the main source of the wart virus.   Never ever go barefoot in bathroom or into a bathroom with loose hanging shoestrings on your shoes.

5.      If you or your love partner get it frequently you probably should consider not trying to become pregnant.  Why?  Because viruses can change human genetics and the opportune time for them to do this is during fetal development.

6.      You might also have a spot between the teeth in your mouth that harbors strep like plaque.  This spot cannot be reached or the plaque removed through flossing, brushing or Waterpik.  I do not recommend you try doing this because you are likely to crack a tooth out!  But here is what I do, I find the most narrow dental pick (With dull end) I can get and insert it gently between those two teeth, just letting it dictate the direction it is placed between the teeth not me or my muscle control.  When I had this plaque/infection hiding spot and pulled it out I found white plaque attached to it.  I did this 2/3 three times until the strep like plaque was gone and then used the Water pick to flush the cleaned area.

7.      There are very few hospitals chairs that you can touch whereby your hands will not smell like this carnival dust.

Other remedies that are helpful.

1.      Licorice based tea.

Here is a list of over the counter products that I take at the first sign of the smell!  Remember it is transmitted through the air and if you are able to smell it you are going to get it!  You can also smell it on yourself.  After you have showered and washed and dried your hands and your body wait a little while and then rub on your face starting at your forehead and then down past your nose.  If you smell any “CARNIVAL DUST” you still have it.

Only use the products per the dosing on the products label.

1.      I take two 1,000 milligram L-Lysine pills.

2.      I take two to three 1,000 milligram Rainbow Light Vitamin C pills.

3.      Rinse nostrils with a fresh batch of the warm saltwater solution.  And use nasal sprays that contain colloidal silver and/or grapefruit seed extract.

4.      I take on Country Life Chelated Zinc.

I take these as a first line defense after exposure with or without the occurrence of lethargy. 

You will also feel that your stomach is nervous.

1.      Chug some aloe Vera gel from the jar you buy at the health food store for around $8.

2.      Take an antacid calcium pill.

3.      Greek Yoghurt for your stomach.

4.      L-Glutamine.

5.      In cases of stomach nerves that last more than two days I take one homeopathy Arsenic pill.  This diluted poison kills the stomach virus.  It is made by Hylands, use it per label and very little.  (It is a weight lifting supplement in that it will also make you stronger but at the trade-off of poisoning you.  So I only use it for defeating viruses.)

Sometimes a strong reaction means you have hit the bull’s eye of the illness.  And sometimes after you hit the bull’s eye it is best to keep at the bull.  The human body stores toxins in the fat cells.  That is why it is very hard for fat people to lose weight.  Once they start to burn the fat the toxins are released into the metabolism to be metabolized.  Because they were not metabolized in the first place they are resistant to being metabolized.  This is why regular exercise is very important when you are trying to lose weight.  You have to metabolize what your body has stored in fat until you no longer feel sick.  Fat is a response to eating toxins!  We eat when we need to replace energy and fat stores that excess to metabolize later.  But when we do not metabolize right away, toxins are more likely to be stored in fat.  You have to vigilant in life in that when you know you have eaten an unhealthy meal; you need to exercise “Right away soon.”  The same day is best.

Also it is helpful to use a capful of hydrogen peroxide and gargle with it and then to rinse your mouth out with water.

Other remedies that are helpful are.

1.      Vitamin A, just one serving of the three day mega dose.

2.      Bitter Melon

3.      Natures Herbs: Echinacea Goldenseal combination.

4.      Quercetin

5.      Put shoe powder in your shoes.

How not to get it.

1.      Keep the steering wheel of your car clean.

2.      Keep the receivers on your phones wiped clean.

3.      Wash hands immediately after shaking someone else’s.

4.      Take the dollar bills but do not even let the change coming back to you touch your hands, that is their tip.  It is the best form of health insurance ever!

Virus:  You never really develop immunity to it because when humans are at their best we have bodies that are pure to our own specific genes.  And, secondly, viruses mutate very slightly and evade prior immunity that is based on old viruses.

You should always feel your best. (And this should not mean that you should feel that you need to put someone down or harass them!)

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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