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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beady Swine Eye’s Squinting and Thinking Revenge 11 30 2011

Beady Swine Eye’s Squinting and Thinking Revenge 11 30 2011

Who am I talking about?  Those who have the only child spoiled brat syndrome, and they might not even be ‘only child’s.’

Children watch out for kids like this (adults watch out for adults like this too.)

What are the facial expressions of someone evil who will seek revenge upon you? (Often they just hate you because you live! They hate you because “You think and therefore you are!”)

1.       The holding of their facial expression as they turn away and don’t think you can see their jealous and vile hatred of you.

2.      Tightened lips.

3.      The face of revenge and hurtful harm.

4.      They squint their eyes to hide their emotions of hatred, envy and love.  And they don’t think that you see them squinting or that you would know what it means.

That is the face of Satan.  Jesus saw that face in people and thought that it only entered them temporarily.  I part ways with Jesus on this one as a matter of self-survival.  These are people who will loathe you because they are like Satan as Jesus described and they do indeed hear your thoughts! (A soulless person learns by hearing others think.)

If you ever see this look in them, even once, don’t ever turn your back on them!  (Also if you are with someone who you do not think fits this archetype don’t turn your back on them either, but watch what they are doing because you will need to stop them from screwing their own stuff up and possible also putting you in danger.  They are not aware of Satan.  No bullshit, read Revelation from the Bible!) 

This archetype of person cannot be trusted even when they themselves are trying to be good.  You cannot even trust them to save their own selves.  You have to watch them so they don’t hurt themselves as they try and mimic you and learn!

So what do you do?  You can diffuse evil by pointing it out with humor.  “She is wearing the old child face!”  See that is just funny, isn’t it.

If two or more women who are friends look at you this way, as described in 1,2,3 you are headed for a lifetime of mental illness and voices in your head that the general public has very little known truthful insight into.  This group of women people know, though!

If the two or more women do not like you, you will be frequently harassed by dolt men.

No matter how old they are they think you can’t see it!  And these evil ones are never through with you.  Also watch out for the sharpened rising tone of voice.  They often try to hide this voice with humor.  These jealous and mean spoiled brats will live off your soul all your life.  And they will add many to their hate group!  What serves as their conscience is the hatred they justify towards you!  You did absolutely nothing to deserve this other than being born.

Some even adopt children rather than naturally trying to have them because they believe that if they have their own they will be miserable soulless children like themselves.

Someone that lives off your soul is not better than you, and they should not be able to make money by making you or others miserable!

Often a child who was raised on the soul of another human being has a Kazoo like voice.  What is this really?  It is a response to them trying to differentiate themselves from the thoughts they hear from you.  You might be annoyed by a clown like voice like this but realize it is beautiful in that you see that they have suffered in order to try to achieve independence! What would the contrary to this be?  Someone who just decided to give up in life and live the existence of a stealing sloth!  Anytime you hear someone trying to talk over your thinking you will also know who or what they are.  Consider this a complement to.  I have found men whose voices sound like Kazoo’s are often usually of Italian or German descent.  Also watch out for women who look gnome like.  And also women with mustaches.  That is god’s way of telling you this person has had a hormone type influence of soul and may not be a true person to themselves or you!

When you see that person face in a direction away from you and glare as if you can’t notice it, you have just been cursed!  Look out evil will be with you until something bad happens to you!  That is how evil defines that it has won or extracted revenge, when it is able to hurt you! 

These people will often not like talking to you because it is an immediate epiphany to them that they are not who they believe themselves to be in delusion: YOU!  They can’t talk to you because of this; they just try and hide their glares.  Some just overtly glare.

And if you manage to survive the multitude of harassment you will find that there is an entire race of Anti “You” People.  There you have it!  Your own antirace!  Symbolism intended.

Why is it our modern Pharisees, want to be’s, just don’t get it?  You’re not a step above or better if you hear the thoughts of another and learn by them.  What you are is something God pitied and gave a chance at life. Don’t ruin it for others!

You don’t get to silence souls anymore Satan!  Nor do you get to SEAL the souls of men on the HEAD as the Book of REVELATION from the Bible says that you have done.  Those SEVEN SEALS are being broken as I write!  And you have a responsibility to admit this so that is does not lead to the SEVEN TRUMPETS of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles being heard!

What is the story of Jesus, a true Jew, in the Bible telling you about yourself that you don’t want to admit?  Is it something about being a mongol?  Or is it telling you that you are of the one percent of us who remain in the world who are indeed true Jews in that we have the minds others are dependent upon.  That is right the Schizophrenics are indeed the blessed ones!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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