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Thursday, May 31, 2012

War Mongering 05 31 2012

War Mongering 05 31 2012
What is War Mongering?  It is really the action of the weak minded trying to assert that they are strong.
Mitt Romney is a War Monger.  Have you noticed that Mitt really does not have any national policies but when it comes to foreign policy he is a War Monger?  Santorum was also a candidate that did not have much in the way of policy except war mongering.
What has all this war mongering done?  It is now creating a focus on Syria instead of the domestic policies in the United States.
There will be a day when we truly have to confront the issues that face this country in this country.  War mongering is a distraction from those issues by those who are not capable of addressing them.
We should have set and maintained the standard that we will not trade with countries that do not meet our standards.  All nations are not the same as Republicans would like you to believe.  Most people are the same but countries and how they are governed are not the same; and there is a great difference.
How can we expect not to get into wars when the countries that we become friends with do not have our Constitution?  Do you see the conflict?  We have to lower our standard because we are dealing with them and this in turn leads to conflict because we are no longer being true to ourselves as a country.
The concern should be in our own homes and not those in other countries.  We used to do a great job at setting an example to follow but we are no longer the example to follow.  So what would cause us to want to focus on the plights of foreign countries rather than our own?  Does it come from those who have never been able to mind their own business in their lives?
Is war mongering really the upper class’s way of maintaining wealth and sending those sons that they do not like overseas to be shell shocked in war?  Mitt Romney can war monger all he wants and it would be a different story if he actually had to go over on the front lines of Afghanistan or Syria.
War Mongers want you to believe that everything is okay in our homeland and that we indeed should be the ones telling other countries what to do.  Why do they do this?  Because they cannot manage our country!  Let’s be clear they could not manage our country if they wanted to- those are skills that they do not have.  I believe that Mitt does not have the basic financial skills to make the kind of money that he does.  Someone should ask him exactly how he is going to apply the financial skills he learned to make this country a better place.  Is he going to teach the average American how to make $3 million a year?  We all know that is a joke that he cannot do that because he did not earn that money.  If he earned that money he could teach us all how to earn it.  He is a joke.  I know where he got the money from but he will never tell you the truth concerning this.  Mitt is the worst President our country could ever have.  Could he prevent a financial crisis?  No he is the type who would seek to profit from one!!!!!  What would he say to us?  “If you want to earn $3 million a year all you have to do is loan money that the government loans to you (at less than 1%?) to the American Consumer at 25% interest?”  He is an absolute atrocity!!!
Believe it or not there are a lot of people who live in this country who go about their daily lives thinking, “I wonder if anyone can tell that I don’t have my own mind.”  (It is called the Parable of the Talents and the Bible backs me up on this one and so would Jesus Christ if he were alive today.  The Parable of the Talents is really the modern archetype of Lilith marrying and alcohol oxygen deprived conception of a male and cheating the rest of us so she can have a higher economic and social status in life.)  (We can only hope that the last will be first and the first will be last as the Bible promised.)
A depression is really a form of genocide by the Satanic but I won’t get into that because I am trying to keep this article in terms that do not require me to mention it in order for you to get the picture.  Keeping taxes low for the rich is also a form of placating to the “takers.”  The old standby in logic that I always resort to is that if you had the skills to do it once you should be confident that you have the skills to do it twice.  Those who hoard money do not have the skills to do it twice because they did not have the skills to make it once.  That is why taxes are kept low for the rich.  They pity one another because they are all the same; they did not earn it.  To give you an analogy it would be liking dropping you off on a foreign planet and you find that there are a few who are the exact same as you; they do not have the mind to live on that planet.  So what do they do?  They steal the mind of a native who has the skills to live on that planet.  What happens next; everything goes to waste because they are imposters.  What do I mean?  I mean they did not develop those skills so they do not have the knowledge to address any new problems that arise.  They can talk the talk but they cannot think the new thought.  Okay so I ended up digressing more than I should in this paragraph.
Wouldn’t it be great if we had a President who actually knew how to make peace is warring countries?  It sounds like a flight of fantasy in today’s world doesn’t it.  But there used to be men in this country who believed it could be done and sought to do it.
War mongering is the weakest form of leadership and the most destructive force that there is to freedom and democracy.
Do you know what it reminds me of?  It is like we have a list of 20 problems in America we need to address and then we have a Republican President or Presidential candidate who will immediately point his finger overseas and say that is our problem.  What happens next is we get to watch a sand war on television.  What Americans can stand hearing any more news about a sand war!  And that is the point exactly no-one cares to watch the news about a sand war so they end up watching heavily advertised commercial programming instead.  That should not be the choice for the American.  The choice for the American should be do I want to watch a television program or actually use my mind in some other way; not do I want to watch a sand war or watch commercial television.  You have to admit anything is better than watching the news about a sand war.
So how did we end up with so many foreign conflicts in the first place?  We got war mongered into them.
War mongering is the worst way to abuse a leadership position.  And some of you know where it originates from better than others.
I know what you are thinking, that we got attacked in 911.  But here is something else you did not realize.  Many foreign people were college educated in the United States.  What happened when they received that education?  They ended up back in their home lands plotting and thinking of ways to drain the United States of its economy.  We taught them economics and now we have an oil war.  We taught them science and now they are making nuclear weapons.  We taught them business and now they manufacture everything and we don’t.  What else did we teach them?  I won’t ask that question because you don’t want to know the answer.  But I will ask this question; “What should we have taught them?”
1.       To respect the rights of others.
2.       That corporation's should be responsible for their actions.
3.       That crime doesn’t pay.
4.       That religion should not be for profit.
5.       That a country should facilitate the health of its people and not capitalize them.
6.       That all men are created equal.
7.       How to solve problems.
8.       How to think proactively.
9.       How not to create waste.
10.   How not to create future liabilities that pose tremendous risk to a nation and world.
11.   How to take pride in a job well done.
12.   How to work and be proud of your accomplishments.
13.   How to be part of a team rather than a prima Dona.
14.   That personally insulting others is not the way to get ahead in the world.
15.   How to live with integrity.
16.   What it means to do a job correctly.
17.   What it means to get an education of your own.
18.   What it means to have a family.
19.   How to live and raise their own children properly.
20.   How if you do a hard day’s work you should be able to support a wife and children.
21.   How our environment is not a table cloth that can be changed when it is ruined.
22.   How our people should be our greatest asset and not something that should be expensed.
23.   How not to erase a man’s pension with the stroke of a pen in order to use the money to address others costs you incurred.
24.   The difference between earning and taking from others.

We taught them the exact opposite of what we should have and it will come back to us in triplicate.

©Thomas Paul Murphy
Wait and see who will utilize my words as their own and you will get a more clear understanding of the true nature of the problem.
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our God Would Never Have Us Drinking Wine

"Our God Would Never Have Us Drinking Wine; because alcohol is poison."

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Curb Wood Art Thomas Murphy: The Kings Chair

Curb Wood Art Thomas Murphy: The Kings Chair: The Kings Chair is made entirely out of scrap wood.  The inlaid wood symbols are a red cross, fish and a green clover. I designed ...

You Can't Beat a Mower Music Video

The False Payback Argument Regarding Solar Energy

The False Payback Argument Regarding Solar Energy

A political opinion by Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Scott Walker and Advertising Dollars 05 25 2012

A political opinion by Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Greatest skill a detective can have is 05 22 2012

The Greatest skill a detective can have is, "To be able to sense what questions she prevented you from asking."

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The History of the World will be summed up with one phrase

The History of the World will be summed up with one phrase, "It was beneath you to listen."

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Walkers Agenda makes the North the new Confederate South

Walkers Agenda makes the North the new Confederate South

The Satanic race could not compete with the good people of this country after Abraham Lincoln abolished Slavery.  That is why we had the greatly increased incidence of Schizophrenia in this country.  The only way the Satanic could compete with those who are good people was to put them on Zombifying medicine.

What do you think happened in the South when they learned of the Nature of Vondoon?  They embraced it whole heartedly, whites did after slavery.  It is called modern psychiatry.

A Republican can get up there and point his finger all he wants but his agenda and mindset have eroded the tax basis of this country more than any other factor.  Just one Satanic kid in the classroom limits the education and standards of others in the classroom to the point where we are what can only be considered last on the list of level of education when we are compared to other countries.

There is no demonic shortcut in our education system.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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A Sinnable Mission 05 23 2012

A sinnable mission is not telling the whole truth.  And it is a betrayel of public trust and should be immediate grounds for removal from public office.

We need a whole set of statutes to handle our government officers and they should be labeled in a group, "Betrayel of the Public Trust Laws"

If there is even one good and honest lawyer in this country he should be working on this immediatly.  And these types of laws should not need loopholes.

It is a contraction of the spirit of the law that we do not have these Betrayel of the Public Trust laws in place already.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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If I were Mayor of Milwaukee

If I were Mayor of Milwaukee I would not presume to know what the needs of the poor inner city blacks are.  I would ask them what they thought needed to change for the better in their communities.

It is very interesting that Scott Walker, who did not graduate from college, assumes to know what the needs of the State of Wisconsin are and how to address them.

Also, I hate to slight him, but I do not believe that I have ever heard Barrack Obama ask the poor of this country in a speech how their communities can be improved.

We can say jobs, jobs, jobs all you want but the reality is that meaningful and beneficial jobs are only created when positive trends take place in our society. 

And you are going to hate me for this, but I believe that fast food jobs are more a detriment to our society than a benefit, I also believe the same is true with alcohol based jobs and tobocco type jobs, and industrial hazard jobs.  I also can not stand jobs that pollute our environment irresponsibly.  And the worst of all is jobs held by crooked politicinas!!!!!

We need to grow healthy foods and get back to the basics with regard to life.  All men should know how to cook before they graduate from high school.

And one more point.  Yesterday I was at a Sporting Goods Store, a corporation it is.  The price of nylon shorts was $40.00 the price of a summer jacket was $80.00.  There is only about $1 worth of fabric in the shorts and maybe $4 in the $80 dollar jacket.  You cannot tell me that we could not sew those in the United States and still make a good profit margin.  So who should be the one to do the sewing?  Me with a legitimate college education or a dependent minded person who seeks to raise his status in life by stealing the souls of other people and pretending to be them in our country.  It is absolutely rediculous.
Jobs?  Put all those singers who cannot sing at sewing machines in solar air conditioned factories; that is where they belong.  We do not need a crayfish trying to convince us how smart she is in bringing jobs to Wisconsin- she belongs at a solar electric powered air conditioned factory- sitting at a sewing machine!!!!

Okay so I will ask the poor of this country, if you could sit at a sewing machine and make a living would you do it?  Would you take that job or would you find the work beneath you.  Scott Walker and those of his uneducated ilk would find the work beneath them.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Clergy Sex Abuse

I highly doubt that the victims of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church will get one Dollar.  Marquette is a the Catholic Law School in Milwaukee that educates people to be lawyers.  Many lawyers are indeed Satanic minded and do indeed live off the lives and souls of victims of Clergy Sex abuse.

So here is what is likely to happen.  The Church puts that money aside in a seperately managed account.  Whether the number is $35 million or whatever the number is.  Here is what happens next.  Shell financial type companies are created that any financial analyst can already tell are not worth one dime.  The money in that fund ~$35 million is then churned and shorted to zero.  The profits- nearly all of it which will be termed "Trading Profits" will then be funneled back to the church through other sham type financial agreements so that it doesn't look fishy.

There is a definite way to codify and determine how much a company should be valued at when they initially are loaned money in a public offering.  What is my point?  Many companies should have never gone public.  What happens when they fail?  All that money from the public offering is often booked as a trading profit on the books of the investment firm.

When I was a Assistant Financial Analyst at Kemper Securities I was in a closed room board meeting with regard to an Initial Public Offering of Common Stock securities for a company.  One of the big wigs, an arrogant and rude brat type said, "Should we flip it." 

SHOULD WE FLIP IT!  Do you understand what that means?  It means that you know the company is worthless and bring it public anyway.  Why would you do so?  Only if you could short it to Zero and profit when it goes down.  The current financial industry does not serve the good of the American public or democracy in any way!!!!  It only serves to sustain the horror of, I am quoting the Bible, "The miserable ones who are still with us!"  Who are the miserable ones who are left behind?  They are those with dependent minds to one that can only be termed a blessed one.  The word Jewish indeed means the Blessed One, but I am quoting the Bible again in the book of Revelation as I remember it, "Beware of Jews who are not Jews."

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Sodomy is illegal in this country 05 23 2012

Sodomy is illegal in this country.  Therefore if you are a homosexual man and looking to get a marriage license you have admitted that you are a sodmite.

There is a reason that sodomy is illegal and it is very simple and yet many who understand why would not admit it.  It degrades man as being in the image of God.

You want to apply for a marriage license?  I say that instead you pay a tax for the crime you have indeed admitted to.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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We need to make a database of everyone who has a Scott Walker sign on their lawns

We need to make a database of everyone who has a Scott Walker sign on their lawns.  Why?  Because we are likely to find out very soon that they are guilty of something and we will need to keep track of them in our society.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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In the future if you want to drink alcohol or take drugs

In the future if you want to drink alcohol or take drugs you should be required to forfeit your right to publically express an opinion.  It is kind of like, We will let you poison yourself but you aren't going to tell us what to do or control us with the power of money or politics in any way.  (It could last for a year or as long as you decide to be poison dependent. 

We should not have drug users of any kind in politics.  It should be a requirement of serving in public office.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

What I have typed on Zimmerman so far

This is four seperate articles on Zimmerman that I withheld from publishing

The Zimmerman Case
They are getting the people in Florida so riled up that when it comes time to vote in the 2012 election they can institute marshal law and limit voter access again.
The Death Penalty and Zimmerman 03 25 2012

  Zimmerman Continued
Once we start to decide who should live and who should die in our world only the most idolized survive.  Those who are viewed as the most ideal by our culture.
So who is that in the end?  No One!
I believe Zimmerman has the psychological construct whereby he believes that he can put himself forward as a most idolized person by murdering a black person.  Zimmerman himself is of Hispanic physical nationality while his name is German.
Jeb Busch is also a German name and he is Governor of Florida.  Do we see who Zimmerman was trying to appeal to and why?  He was trying to be something that he wasn’t and never could be.
It is very interesting that Jeb Busch has the opportunity to come forward and act like a hero to the population of Florida by asserting his influence.  If he does he gains favor for his future political aspirations.  If he does not it means that…while he started to speak out against Zimmerman but then did not take it further… so if he does not take it the further step he is one who wants to seem supportive of the murdered black boy while he actually isn’t.  It should be either black or white he is with or against Zimmerman.  But he seems against him and yet has not asserted his influence through articulating his position further.  A Governor wields a lot of power in a State.
Or is Jeb Busch waiting for the situation to decay into civil unrest whereby many more exactly like Zimmerman can wield street judicial power just like Zimmerman took it on himself to do
The Zimmerman case reveals a very interesting point with regard to the death penalty and it is this, every uniformed officer of the law can inflict the death penalty under the right circumstances in the field of duty.

Many would argue that a Jury or judge could better decide whether a man should be put to death or not and that is a valid argument.  But my point is very simple we have the death penalty already and law enforcement could not properly function without it; in the most simple means of explanation an officer could not protect his own life and serve the public in the position of law enforcement if he could not shoot someone dead in the line of duty.

So what then happens when a person has been found guilty of committing a crime beyond any doubts that he is not guilty; a judge or jury can inflict the death penalty.  Enough said, but there is one little item of consideration that has been overlooked and that is; what if the person was demonically possessed to commit the crimes that he did?  And I do know for a fact that United States Citizens are targeted for demonic possession.  The demonic possessors are indeed human beings not spirits from some other world.  And indeed we would have absolutely no incidence of Schizophrenia whatsoever if it were not for demonic possession.

 Zimmerman that is a German Hispanic 03 27 2011

Zimmerman that is a German Hispanic.  That is a bad combination- German temper combined with siesta mentality.

Zimmerman brought that on himself.  The police told him in no uncertain words not to follow that man.  We call that looking for trouble.  He had no right to accost that black man.  If you were that black man and were stopped by such a person on the street how would you respond?  Would you let them grab you by the arm and take you to their Dahmner Palace?  I am with the black kid on this one.

I have seen these new vigilantly types and they are always looking for trouble.

So the black kid defended himself?   Anyone who looked like Zimmerman would likely provoke another human being into fear!  Zimmerman is the man who looks like the criminal mug shot not the dead black boy.

That black boy had speed and athleticism and that is all he needed to defend himself.

If you are in a neighborhood watch group and you go after someone against the wishes of the law you can expect to be putting yourself in a deadly situation.  Did Zimmerman know that he might have to kill that black kid in a confrontation?  Did Zimmerman want to kill the black kid?  Do attitudes like this help communities?

I really think that our society has eroded so far that the police can’t regulate crime.  I think this has been caused by a wicked Judea/Roman culture.

And pot does indeed ruin more black people’s lives than anything else does.  And where does it indeed come from?  That Hispanic nation of Mexico right?  Where Zimmerman has to have some roots?

If Zimmerman goes free he should try and use his intellect to change his neighborhood first.  Whatever happened to the 4H?

It is very interesting how the facts as have been presented on the news media have been changing?  What kind of propaganda is this?  The bottom line is that we will really never know the facts.  It is like ex post facto the best defenses are being thought up for each side. 

Very interesting that we get to see Jeb Bush render a liberal opinion in the middle of this.

We have the right to walk our streets and not be accosted by the likes of people who make our hair stand on end!  We have the right to live our lives in freedom.  We do not have the right to follow people and confront or accost them into a deadly situation. 

I see that black kid and I say that is me.  I see Zimmerman and I think I am glad that I am not him.

We need to give black people some role model of success in life other than professional sports.  We need clean manufacturing jobs and free renewable electricity.  We need to provide group activities where young men can learn a sense of achievement.

PS.  What the heck is the Castle Law?  Isn’t it funny that we learn of it so soon after it was secretly enacted after a young black man was shot on a porch?  For those of you who don’t know, many porches have the doorbell inside the porch!  So somebody is knocking on my door and I shoot them?  It’s kind of like, “I am so glad we have that new law today that say’s I can shoot a black kid and drag him in my house, I have been waiting for the longest time to be able to do this!  And I will be able to do it right away before everyone else gets the jump on the law.”  I have to ask what happened to the laws that were broken that we now have these new laws to address resultant problems of not being able to enforce the first laws.
It seems like we have a whole set of wrong solutions that address problems where the clear causes are obfuscated.

Also the President of the United States needs to make the context of his remarks with Russia clear and transparent with the People of the United States of America.  It is our right and Obama’s responsibility.  What is Obama going to do?  Let Russian agents kill Americans?  What was Russia’s concern that Obama was addressing.  Barrack you tell us or face an inquiry.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tom Barret for Governor

I support Tom Barret for Governor because I agree with what he said about Scott Walker and his war on the middle class.  I live in the most affluent neighborhood in Wisconsin; Whitefish Bay.  I have for over 42 years.  I can tell you that there is very little difference in inteligence between the lower class and the upper class.  The only difference that I see between the two of them is that the upper class is better able to extort money from the Middle Class than the lower class.  So what is going to happen?  Scott Walker will likely raise select members of the lower class to the upper class at the expense of the middle class.
It happens time and again. 

Scott Walker cannot create new jobs.  Just look at his television commercials; watch what his eyes are looking at when his is touring factories- he has no insight whatsoever into creating jobs.

As long as I am harping on Scott Walker I would like to mention one pertitent issue that has been bothering me.  On the television I saw a short clip of Scott Walker before he went into politics.  He is youger in the video and is seen being handed something; it looks like drugs to me, but I do not know if it was.  He had a grin on his face like he was getting away with something.

One way the upper class uses the middle class is to ruin their lives by getting them hooked on drugs.  I have to ask myself if Scott Walker has ties to organized crime.  It is a known fact that the mafia controlled the drug trade in this country and that they are Italian.  The Roman Catholic Church is also an Italian based organization but that is beside the point in terms of this article.  Scott Walkers wife is also Italian.  Do not get me wrong there are many great Italians, Marconi might have indeed been a better man than Einstien, but it would take me a month of research to validate that opinion.  What is my point with this paragraph?  It was on the news the other day that there were a tremendous amount of marajuana fields being grown in Wisconsins Northern forests.  Scott Walker was indeed in control of the county parks in Milwaukee; he would know where he could get away with this in other parts of the state because he would have the ability to form the contacts just like he made when he was County Executive.

So Scott has Italian Contacts; what does that mean?  Many of them likely own vacation and rental properties in the North Woods.  So if the pot fields are indeed located in public lands and forests who would indeed be familiar with where those isolated spots were besides people that are familiar with the area- live near it.  People with lots of money.  (I always want to ask the question, "Are the collections in the Catholic Church masses extorted by organized crime?  I remember maybe twenty years ago there were cases of Churches that could not account for all collections to the Vatican.)

Do you want to know the truth about drugs and the middle class?  The satanic class gets your children hooked on them and your childs soul is then stolen.

What is the bottom line?  Those pot fields were located in Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walkers watch.  There is a chain of command in Government when two thugs talk to each other  and it goes something like this, "Don't worry about it we got support from the very top."

The next question I have to ask myself is, "Does or did Scott Walker get money from those affiliated in the drug trade in any way?"

The Department of Justice is starting to crack down in this country.  But here is something they need to know but do not; a Satanic minded person could be just about anyone and they will turn on justice.

Many times I look at Scott Walker and see that his left eye is hazed.  I have said this a long time ago in my blog and I also said that after I published it he would brighten up for commercials.  Is that hazed eye the result of marijuana usage?  Yes that is the exact question that I am asking.

Now how does the Catholic Church play into this?  I mentioned it didn't I?  Scott Walker went to Marquette University but did not graduate because it is stated that he had family problems to attend to?  Did he get his wife knocked up before marriage is the first question I asked myself.  I would really like to know what his excuse is for not graduating.  Did a criminal faction tell him that they were going to streamline him to the top?

There is not one religion on earth that I cannot analyze and pull the strings out of.  The bottom line is that schizophrenics are those whose minds are stolen by the satanic class. And satan is just as Jesus defined him to be in the Bible.

You wouldn't believe Jesus Christ when he spoke of Satan in the Bible unless you were a victim of the Satanic.
You wouldn't believe Priests molested boys until it became widespread news.
You would not believe that schizophrenics are victims of the low class and upper class Satanic unless, and this is very important, unless you were a victim of soul theft by them.  The Satanic race is dependent minded and they have caused more waste and lost lives in our country than any other factor.  But people are people and inpite of what I say about the satanic they are people.  They have a great secret and I do not believe that they have anything to be ashamed about regarding their human condtion.  But when you break the law and plaquerize other peoples minds for money, greed and evil satisfaction we have a problem and a big one.

It is my belief that a society that caters to the rich is doomed to failure because it is not too long before even the rich people can not stand their own human condition, standard of living, environment, in short- the world that they live in.  The Republicans always want you to think that business runs our country it doesn't- the minds of the middle class do.  They want you to believe in tax cuts.  Do you know what all of this pontificating masks?  It masks the true identity of the Satanic in our society; they are dependent minded, they steal the souls of people and label them schizophrenic.  Just about every word a Republican ever says is an insult to humanity.  Do not believe that this country was always this way.  The founding fathers believed all men to be created equal- the satanic do not.  So what went wrong in this country and the history of the world?  I come to ask myself the same question again and again did the influx of Italian immigrants subvert our democracy and freedom.

I have an essay in the works that compares and blames the biblical archetype of Lilith for all the worlds problems.  I also have an essay in the works that exposes the Satanic in the Quaran.  I have to ask myself is Satan in the Quaran not the one "Who won't get out of the way or is he the ones who beleive that someone else is in his way in life."  To be honest when I was very young I used to believe that some older people would not "get out of the way."  I got over this though and developed my own skills in life.  I see a lot of young people today that believe that someone else is "In the way"  Do you know what makes more people like this than anything, drugs and video games.  Drugs are the crutch of the Satanic minded.  They see someone accomplish something great and they say to themselves I could never do that and they then take drugs to ease their mental and emotional pain.  I believe that you can be great in life, all of you.  And I also believe that the key to becoming great is to stop thinking that someone is, "In your way."  In my case I actually seen active denial systems, they are nonlethal weapons, and do you know who uses them?  Those who think that someone is in the way.  Maybe the key to you becoming great is indeed to not try to prevent me from becoming great.  I can honestly say that I do not believe that I am preventing anyone from developing their own ambitions.  This is the difference between myself and the Satanic.  As you read through religion and the Bible always keep these concepts alive in your mind and the religous books will indeed start to make a lot more sense.  There are so many corralaries to the mind of the Satanic in the Bible that I suprised that the United States Government has not banned it yet!!!  It is not athiest that want to remove the phrase God and Country it is the Satanic who disguise themselves as athiest who want to.

Back to Marquette Univeristy.  I first learned how the Satanic learned when I was in the first grade.  The Satanic need a scapegoat in order to learn.

I am starting to ask myself questions about Jesus Christ.  When he said, "If you love me tend my flock."  What did he really mean?  Who considers themselves to have a flock of people?  Do the Satanic indeed consider the schizophrenic to be part of their flock?  Or was this Jesus Christ's way of giving the Satanic a wry insult.  The Satanic are indeed dependent minded.  It is a wry insult to the Satanic to compare the schizophrenic and the Satanic then to say the Satanic are the flock of the Schizophrenic.  That is the point that Jesus the Jew was trying to make.  I have a lot in common with the ancient Hebrews and I have to ask myself this, did the Pharases who were Jews want to stone the whore because they knew that she was the feared Lilith monster of a woman?  I just thought of a wry joke on me.  What a way to get at someone like Jesus Christ other than to get a Lilith type monster to love him!!!!  This is why the Bible says Jesus had to exercise demons.  The Jews got that Lilith monster they wanted to stone sweet to Jesus Christ like a cat sweet to warm milk at that was the end of him. What did he say, "Father why have you foresaken me!"  and "He breathed his last breath."
They fixed him good didn't they.  FYI the archetypal woman of Lilith was known to be a horrible person, so steal babies souls while they were in the womb.  A lot of this was covered in a book that I wrote that everyone who came to the review, all two, said no one would want to read.

The Lilith Woman that the ancient Hebrews feared is as much a reality as the satanic and she is as much of a reality as the Catholic Priests who molested boys.

The question I keep asking myself that gives me relief from the voices is, "How much did you get for ~six million Jews Lillith."  Try asking that one aloud if you have the affliction and see how quiet it gets.
That's it.

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The average Milwaukee person is so stupid

The average Milwaukee person is so stupid they should have a beer label stamped on their forehead.

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Schadenfreude News boys who are going to grow up to be

Schadenfreude News boys who are going to grow up to be men don't want to see a car at the base of the bluff at Concordia University; they want to see exactly how, in detail, you get it out of there.  All it would have taken to show this is a few trimmed movie clips that showed the keys steps.  That would be television news that benefited the American public instead of catering to those in a permanent fugue.

Schadenfreude News = Schadenfreude Society

Schadenfreude News is not the way to be.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Lock up the cr4p you sell in your store behind glass cabinets

Business tactic to thwart the American Consumer;How to sell cheap goods for more than they are worth:
Lock up the cr4p you sell in your store behind glass cabinets to make it seem of higher quality than it is.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Iran can't have a nuclear weapon but China can sell pills made of powdered babies

Iran can't have a nuclear weapon but China our favorite trading partner can sell pills made of powdered babies and other body parts???

Who is running the United States of America behind the scenes?  It is not the good man.  It is people who finds themselves unaccountable to anyone.  Likely to be feeble minded second generation satanic wealth and whom they can buy with their money.

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All Bath Tubs should be 7 feet long it should be the new plumbing code

All Bath Tubs should be 7 feet long it should be the new plumbing code.

This is definitely an evil woman plot and why they do indeed live longer than men, because they can stretch out in the bath tub farther.  A man works a hard day and needs to be able to stretch out and a hot tub that properly fits him is what he needs.  It is not good on a mans back to sit in that tub, the angle is just not right for the back. 

Once there is a new plumbing code it means that all new construction and replacement construction has to indeed follow that code.  The new plumbing code in the United States of America regarding bath tubs should be that all bath tubs have to be 7 feet long!!!!

It might also be a short mans plot so that they live longer than tall men too.

Now plumbers and carpenters don't crow about this one because it is a business opportunity.

I know what you are going to say at the hardware store that we should just put in a hot tub.  A man does not need to waste all that water to fill up a hot tub and nor does he want to.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

No Late Night Coffee Shops in Milwaukee

There are no viable late night coffee shops in Milwaukee.  So if you want to go out and not drink alcohol you have no place to go.  This only supports an unhealthy lifestyle and a beer industry that does the city or the workforce absoulty no good.

There are also no viable dance bars like their used to be downtown.

What happened to Milwaukee?

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Claiming ignorance and the inability to understand

"Claiming ignorance and the inability to understand someone when you do is not a valid defense."

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Home Made Musky Bait it floats high above the surface

For instructions on how to make one pay $5 to the link on the left to Thomas Paul Murphy

This is indeed Curbwood Art as it was made from the trunk of a discarded Christmas Tree.

Rush Lake Tadpoles 05 21 2012.wmv

When China State Sponsored Companies Defraud American Investors

When China State Sponsored Companies Defraud American Investors isn't that an act of War?

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A Fault of Capitalism 05 21 2012

A Fault of Capitalism 05 21 2012
One fault of capitalism is that solders go to work in order to protect what amounts to capitalism and capitalist interests and yet they are not even equipped with the best military gear?  Do you get it?  They, our military that spends trillions of dollars cannot afford even the simplest high tech equipment for each solder.  The solution is not to increase the budget to the military because they have enough already.  And those who are the greatest proponents of capitalism do not want to increase taxes to fund the issue.  I agree that we should not increase taxes to further fund the military.  It is also interesting that those who would send us to war are also the ones who do not want to pay for it.
So what is this problem telling us?  In Capitalism the talent is supposed to rise to the top but it doesn’t.  Also in capitalism those who are making the money allocation decisions are supposed to be the most capable and intelligent.  This is indeed the flaw today because they are not.  The flaw is that the oversight to allocate money is with those who are irresponsible soul thieves.  This is unsustainable.
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Inventions Needed Exterior counter rifled gun barrels 05 21 2012

Inventions Needed: Exterior counter rifled gun barrels.
Background:  The trend in firearms today both military issue and hunting is to have barrels that are thin walled at the end.  The other extreme to this is the bull barrel that does not taper to the end of it and remains thick walled.  Solders and hunters need light barrels when they are in the field because it increases endurance and therefore the distance one can travel.  Why?  You are carrying less weight.

What is the problem with light barrels?  They are not as accurate because that tapered end is not as stable and tends to “Wobble” as the bullet leaves the muzzle.

One simple solution that should be standard issue for all AR-15 and M-16 rifles would be a barrel that has a rifling ridge pattern on its exterior that is the opposite direction to the internal rifling that spins the bullet.  The exterior rifling would indeed provide a balancing force to the bullet as force is created when it is pushed through the internal rifling and forced to spin.   Internal rifling increases accuracy but is also creates a back-force inside the barrel.  This back-force or pressure is what creates wobble on the thin barrel end and is therefore more stable.
A exterior counter rifled gun barrel would increase accuracy without adding the weight of the bull barrel.  Why because the back pressure created by what can be termed partial obstruction of the internal rifling is counterbalanced by the exterior ridged rifling pattern.  What we might indeed find out is that a barrel such as this would be more accurate than a heavier bull barrel with a uniform cylinder.
They might indeed become the new standard and should be.
You wont want a foreign country to get these first.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ten Came Through the Door

Miss Mud Hole Skipper Music Video

So you chose an apprentice 05 20 2012

So you chose an apprentice then make that person your actual apprentice.  I don't think that he would make any of them an apprentice and I have not seen who he chose.

What is my point?  It makes a mockery of the United States workforce.

Okay so I am being too critical, that is what everyone always say's about me when I complain.

When complaining does no good where are we headed?

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Dakota Flats Music Video

The Hardware Store that Isnt 05 20 2012

The Hardware Store that Isn't 05 20 2012

How many people wold keep their yards in better shape if those garden hose tools lasted longer?

You complain about poor quality and they tell you taht you can return it any time; a contradiction.

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Pagan Beliefs 05 20 2012

Pagan Beliefs

A Pagan would rather kill someone than be forced to find a reason to believe in himself.  Why? A Pagan believes in the concept of the Alpha male.  Pagans believe that God gives them everything and therefore is also responsible for all of their problems.  As such a Pagan never develops its own soul, instead it ends up being the product of a witch woman- in effect a witches son.  As such a Pagan lives off the disseminated soul of someone else.

What happens when an actual Alpha male disseminates in his sleep?  The Pagan mind is happy again.  What happens when Alpha male disseminates in the night during his sleep and the next day there is a storm.  The Pagan blames the Alpha male for it, when in reality it was really the barometric pressure that caused the dissemination and also was an indication of the storm.  But the Pagan is locked to the mind of the Alpha male and would rather blame the Alpha male.  Why?  It makes life easy for the Pagan.  The motto of this country is, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal.”  The Pagan does not believe this, the Pagan has a chip on his shoulder and lives with that chip all his life.  Perhaps the Pagan was conceived by parents whose metabolisms were oxygen deprived from Alcohol, we will never know and we will never put forth the science to try and figure it out because the Pagan will never admit what it is.  Because the Pagan will not admit what it is we cannot help the Pagan and the Pagan will indeed drive the world into a state of destruction.

Because the Pagan does not have its own mind or soul it is very superstitious; that is another way of calling them non-analytical, irresponsible or stupid.

If you do not believe in God it is highly likely that you also do not believe in your father.  And it is likely that you do not believe in your father because he is the exact same as you; a Pagan who never became a man.  Up until the 40’s the term girl used to mean both boys and girls.  Is it fair for us to say that a Pagan who never became a man with his own soul is still a girl?

If you do not believe that all men are created equal you do not believe in the United States of America and all that it means; you should leave this country.

Many cultures had a test of Manhood.  Something a brave had to do so they stopped calling him a girl.  The United States needs an independent mind test of manhood.  War is often that for many men and when the majority of men fail the test in a country it often finds itself in war.

So we can’t send you to war when there is no legitimate conflict.  And it is not right to cause a conflict to support a nation of Pagans who do not represent what the country was founded to be.  So how about this; a draft for the overweight.  That is right every fat gas motorcycle rider goes to an exercise camp in order to lose weight and feel good about themselves again.  And yes there will be a drill sergeant and he might just drive your obese body so far that you drop dead.  The rule would be that you can quit at any time but if you quit you have to leave the country- we don’t want any born quitters who could not test the responsibility test of manhood in this country.  By the way I believe a local manufacturer needs to design and electric motorcycle right away.  Gas motorcycles are highly polluting, as are diesel cars and trucks and should be banned.  Let me put it this way, what if you breathed in exhaust fumes and instead of being to the point where you turned blue in the face your son was conceived the oxygen deprived traits of a mongoloid?  You get the idea of why it is wrong.  But for you to abandon your Gas cycles you would have to admit it is true and pagan will not do that because nothing is there fault in this world.  Electric motors are said to produce ozone.  Someday, if we get back to being as mature as we once were and should be we will have all electric cars, motorcycles and trucks.  And we will make the world a better place for the future.  Indeed many of the problems you blame others for will start to disappear and the ozone layer will be restored.  A thinned atmosphere that does not provide a halo to diffuse the power of light from the sun does also cause genetic damage to genes.

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Health Inspector 05 20 2012

Health Inspector 05 20 2012

If a health inspector finds an old smelly kitchen rag is being used at a restaurant that restaurant should lose its license.

Also in the future it should be required that all restaurants have a closed circuit television monitor that the patrons can view and it monitors and records the kitchen activities.  When a restaurant receives a license to do business this live camera footage should also be recorded at the National health inspector database.

This would indeed prevent a lot of food borne illnesses.  It is more of a serious problem than you would think and it leads to decreased national productivity and a lower standard of living as well as new bacterial and viral strains that we will not have a defense for.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

I believe that electrically conductive shoes should be the standard for shoes

I believe that electrically conductive shoes should be the standard for shoes.
Why? Because they get one in touch with earth and we are far out of touch with earth.  They are essentially the same thing as walking barefoot in that they make a connection with the earth.

But you do not want to wear them in electrical hazard areas, wet floors with poor wiring.  But if you were raised with common sense you wouldn't walk barefoot there either.  And also if you were raised with common sense you would have installed ground fault and arc fault circuits in your home per code.

Converse makes some for fireworks factory type workers and you can also buy the stocking strap over shoe type but basically there are not enough of these types of shoes on the market.  We need more of these shoes on the market and this would bring the price down.

And sure someone will get electrocuted for walking barefoot or with these types of shoes and ruin the whole idea of walking barefoot?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Bunny

It should be a crime to attempt to corrupt a statistician

It should be a crime, "Attempting to corrupt a statistician."

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What happens when the Middle Class is gone 05 16 2012

Both the upper class and the lower class victimize and live off the soul of the middle class.  The upper class is the exact same as the lower class except they were much better able to take advantage of the souls they they steal from the middle class and transform it into wealth and money.  It is a known fact that the middle class is dissapearing.  So what happens when the middle class dissapears?

Do you think the upper class will indeed invite the lower class to their homes for tea?  No instead you will have civil unrest leading to a civil war.

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The News is about 05 16 2012

The news is about 05 16 2012

So you see a black woman on television and say to someone, “Doesn’t she have rabbit teeth?”  Then you say, “We could throw some lettuce in front of her and take pictures.”
The next thing you notice is that she is crying on television!!!
What do you do or say next?
Initially you are tempted to have empathy but your experience tells you that this will lead to repercussions for you.  Why?  Those that are thought imprinted by other human beings hate it when you identify their weakness.
So instead you think very sternly in non-verbalized thought, “The news is not about you honey!”
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The Satanic will never work in government for a good man

The Satanic will never work in government for a good man.  Why not?  Becuase they resent everything about him.

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Politicians Yearly reportable income

Politicians yearly reportable income is neither justified in terms of their intelligence nor service.

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Why isn't Walker being prosecuted like John Edwards is 05 16 2012

I can not understand why Walker is not being prosecuted like John Edwards is.

Why the Republicans Hate Unions 05 16 2012

The Republicans hate unions because they are constitutional representations of workers rights.

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Thrid Quote of the Day 05 16 2012

"There were always a few old guys in that group who chased after Benjamin Hill too."

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Habitat for Humanity needs to give every building solar roofing panel based electricty

Habitat for Humanity needs to give every building that they construct solar based electricity with an amorphous photovoltaic panel on the roof.

Background:  Many inner city houses do indeed become vacant and ;are used for illegal purposes and should be torn down.  Why not build one that has a better chance of being cared for and therefore less likely to be vacated?  One that has its own electricity supply. 

Cost is an issue you say?  Instead of putting up four traditional style houses put up three with solar panel roofs.

Once you become proficient at this you will develop economies of scale and make it the leadership standard.

Also: It should be a national law that no-one can be prevented by a zoning issue to install them on their homes rooftops.  We need to write this bill.

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