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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If I were Mayor of Milwaukee

If I were Mayor of Milwaukee I would not presume to know what the needs of the poor inner city blacks are.  I would ask them what they thought needed to change for the better in their communities.

It is very interesting that Scott Walker, who did not graduate from college, assumes to know what the needs of the State of Wisconsin are and how to address them.

Also, I hate to slight him, but I do not believe that I have ever heard Barrack Obama ask the poor of this country in a speech how their communities can be improved.

We can say jobs, jobs, jobs all you want but the reality is that meaningful and beneficial jobs are only created when positive trends take place in our society. 

And you are going to hate me for this, but I believe that fast food jobs are more a detriment to our society than a benefit, I also believe the same is true with alcohol based jobs and tobocco type jobs, and industrial hazard jobs.  I also can not stand jobs that pollute our environment irresponsibly.  And the worst of all is jobs held by crooked politicinas!!!!!

We need to grow healthy foods and get back to the basics with regard to life.  All men should know how to cook before they graduate from high school.

And one more point.  Yesterday I was at a Sporting Goods Store, a corporation it is.  The price of nylon shorts was $40.00 the price of a summer jacket was $80.00.  There is only about $1 worth of fabric in the shorts and maybe $4 in the $80 dollar jacket.  You cannot tell me that we could not sew those in the United States and still make a good profit margin.  So who should be the one to do the sewing?  Me with a legitimate college education or a dependent minded person who seeks to raise his status in life by stealing the souls of other people and pretending to be them in our country.  It is absolutely rediculous.
Jobs?  Put all those singers who cannot sing at sewing machines in solar air conditioned factories; that is where they belong.  We do not need a crayfish trying to convince us how smart she is in bringing jobs to Wisconsin- she belongs at a solar electric powered air conditioned factory- sitting at a sewing machine!!!!

Okay so I will ask the poor of this country, if you could sit at a sewing machine and make a living would you do it?  Would you take that job or would you find the work beneath you.  Scott Walker and those of his uneducated ilk would find the work beneath them.

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