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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Fault of Capitalism 05 21 2012

A Fault of Capitalism 05 21 2012
One fault of capitalism is that solders go to work in order to protect what amounts to capitalism and capitalist interests and yet they are not even equipped with the best military gear?  Do you get it?  They, our military that spends trillions of dollars cannot afford even the simplest high tech equipment for each solder.  The solution is not to increase the budget to the military because they have enough already.  And those who are the greatest proponents of capitalism do not want to increase taxes to fund the issue.  I agree that we should not increase taxes to further fund the military.  It is also interesting that those who would send us to war are also the ones who do not want to pay for it.
So what is this problem telling us?  In Capitalism the talent is supposed to rise to the top but it doesn’t.  Also in capitalism those who are making the money allocation decisions are supposed to be the most capable and intelligent.  This is indeed the flaw today because they are not.  The flaw is that the oversight to allocate money is with those who are irresponsible soul thieves.  This is unsustainable.
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